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Brenda Boles - 2010-09-21
I have what is supposed to be a Havanese, looks and acts like a Havanese, is very sweet, etc., etc. One thing though -- he is 25 pounds now! When I got him, he was a rescue dog and weighed 22.5 pounds and was thin. Everything I've read says they weigh a lot less. Height to his withers is 11.25". I think he needs to lose about 2 pounds. Is he a Havanese? I also thought maybe he was a Tibetan Terrier, however, his legs are short like a Havanese.

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  • Tammy - 2010-11-20
    I have a purebread Havanese and he is 3 1/2 now and 24 lbs. He is at his healthiest when he is 22 lbs. Havanese can get this big! I have a second 1 1/2 yr. old and he is only 9 lbs. Really, it all depends on the parents, but there is quite a range! They are sweet, funny dogs though, aren't they?
  • Heike Kaden - 2011-08-06
    Hallo Brenda,
    Your maxi-Havanese is just darling! Maybe a little bearded Collie a couple of generations back. Surely there is some other dog beside Havanese in him.
    I have a Havanese, pedigree dates back to Pillowtalk`s, she weighs 5 kg.
    Well, unusual situations, require an unusual handling - Your Maxi-Havanese is a very special one, this kind can not be bought anywhere. How about this?
    He looks a little like my other dog, I brought him to Germany from Turkey, a big big darling.
    All the best for you and Maxi-Havanese,
    best regards from Germany
    (Mrs.) Heike Kaden
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Emel - 2010-02-26
I want to buy a pomeranian but I'm not sure that it would be happy in a hot climate (Turkey)

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  • sarwan - 2011-08-02
    Yeah, it's hard to keep in hot envirnoment but no problem you can keet it with some extra attention.
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Brandy - 2011-07-22
I actually use a q-tip to clean my pugs wrinkles. They work much better than anything else. They are very lovable dogs and love to snuggle. :D

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-23
    They are cute -
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Tara Dactyl - 2011-07-17
Your dawg is sooooo cute! I am glad you rescued her thank you for sharing. She made my day!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-18
    They are cute - and busy.
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veronica - 2010-07-26
I want a yorkie but I have a baby brother that is 1 and little siblings ages of 4, 6, and 8 should I get one?

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  • anna - 2011-07-17
    You should get a yorkie just keep it away from the one year old and you could train it
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Eileen - 2011-07-09
Hi. I own Shih Tzu female dog was bred from her mom was pure-bred Shih Tzu and her dad was half Shih Tzu and half Pekingese. She's such a sweetheart and I really truly love her even though she can be sneaky and mischief at times. I call her my teddy bear because of her size and the colors of her fur. She's almost 2 and she is my best friend even though I do own four animals including this one. :-)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-09
    I have a bird that is my best friend and mate. It is a good thing. Glad you enjoy.
    What's the other 3 animals?
  • Eileen - 2011-07-09
    I have two female dogs (golden retriever and shih tzu) and two rabbits (dutch male rabbit and mini rex female). All of them live in one house and my husband said that our house is like a zoo.
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diamond - 2011-07-02
How old is a long haired chihuahua when they loose there first tooth????

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-02
    They are approximately 6 months old.
deborah - 2011-06-25
i have a 4 month little boy was longhaired when born and brought him, but now he has lost his longcoat but still long fur round neck and ears. The breeder told me it will take a year for his coat to come properly! Is this correct ????

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-25
    This is normal. It is called blowing the coat - sounds nuts but long haired chihauhaus shed (blow) their coat somewhat totally between the ages of 5 - 6 months. It is essentially their baby coat or baby fur. It does grow back and what your breeder was saying it can take up to a year before a complete adult coat is grown in. The pup will have long hair before then but it will take up to a year before an entire adult coat is achieved. They blow their coat as they are going from being a baby into puberty and it is hormonal. Females will also do this frequently after nursing a litter of pups. It is strange but it is normal. Now there are conditions when your pup should be checked by a vet and those conditions can be a result of food allergies or mange, etc. However, based on what your breeder told you (not real clearly) and the age of your pup, I'd say he is blowing his coat and going from a baby into puberty. His coat should start to grow out right after the "blow" but it takes awhile for his length and thickness of his adult coat to grow. His fur takes time to grow just like our hair. Good luck and enjoy.
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Sandy - 2011-03-04
Our Chinese Crested Powder Puff continually gets mats close to the skin despite daily brushing. The only way to overcome them is to cut them out. Has anyone found a product that can keep that super fine undercoat from getting all tangled?

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  • Adam Short - 2011-03-16
    I had the same trouble, but if you get some regular conditioner and put 1 - 2 teaspoons into a 100ml of water and spray this onto the coat before brushing, remember brushing the coat when it is dry can damage it and increase the mats. I believe this should work, but if it doesn't try doing this along with grooming twice daily, ie, morning and night.
  • Karen - 2011-06-13
    I had the same problem, was told to rinse him with a detangler after bathing and it has really helped. In fact, I have not had any problems with matting since then although that has only been a couple of weeks ago.
    I have heard using a little deluted detangler and spraying it on the matted area prior to brushing helps also.
    I switched from a brush to a comb and that works better too.
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laura conner - 2011-02-19
My daughter has a toy pom and it is getting where he doesn't listen when she wants him to come inside and he snaps at her and doesn't listen to her commands. What is the best advice you can give?

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  • Yvonne Eland - 2011-06-12
    This sounds like a case of not having done your homework when your Pom was a puppy. Early socialization with other dogs and people is very essential. I suggest that you start to assert yourself as the pack leader as well as your daughter, do not back off, take him for walks to get a closer bond and do not let him do the leading. When you call him have a treat ready and never chase him rather go the other way and the chances are he will follow you. Please let me know how this works and I will do my utmost to help. I also have a Pom but he is well aware of who the boss is! Best wishes Yvonne Dog Trainer

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