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margaret mott - 2011-12-12
Give baby food with no onion or salt

Mary Greene - 2011-06-12
I have a 4yr old long hair chi (Cody). He was a stray. It was love at first sight! He is very skittish when going outside to do his "business". He, sometimes, walks with a limp. Our vet says his kneecap slips out of place and he has to stretch it back into place. He says this is common to chi's. We have not gotten a second opinion, yet. Has anyone else had this problem? I hate seeing Cody in any discomfort.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
    I haven't heard of this which doesn't mean it is not true. However, I would try a different vet. I would get a second opinion.
  • Danita - 2011-06-15
    I have a two year old long hair Chi, and yes my dog has this problem. I was told that it was common in small dogs. My vet told me to make sure he doesn't jump from high places. The sofa is fine but my bed is not.
  • KittyandChichi - 2011-08-28
    Yes, absolutely a common issue with chihuahuas and many small breeds. It is known as luxating patella. Sometimes a surgical procedure can help, other times it is enough to watch your small dogs activity and be sure they do not do anything that will aggravate the situation. (Jumping off of high surfaces, running on unstable ground, etc.) I have a five-ish year old purebred longcoat chi and he LOVES trying to be airborne off of the back of the sofa or a patio table. So far his strong genes have preserved his patellas but I still have to keep a close eye on how high he goes.
  • shelley - 2011-12-01
    Is he over weight? This will make it slip and if not try a product called NUpro find in pet- co or pet stores
nancy cassidy - 2009-02-04
I do too! My dog is supposed to be a pom, as well. How can I tell the difference between a pom and a long hair chihuahua?

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  • Pamela Mize - 2011-06-15
    I rescued Titus from going to the pound. The vet says he is most likely a long-haired chihuahua or may have some Pomeranian in him. He is for sure the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't believe how he came into my life. I've never had an inside dog before but he is the bomb! In looking at pictures of both breeds I think my Titus looks more like a long-haired chihuahua but he seems to be larger than the breed typically is. Although he was skinny and malnourished when I got him, he still weighed 12 lbs. Only had him 1 month and he is 13 lbs. I know this isn't answering your question because I too would like to know how you tell the difference.
  • KittyandChichi - 2011-08-28
    Sometimes you can tell by the ear size and definition. Or by the muzzle or chest cavity definition. I see many pom-chi combo dogs that their owners identify as one or the other but someone familiar with either or both breeds will know is a combo. My five year old longcoat chihuahua is DNA certified as a purebred but people often think he is a pom. (Including a highly reputed chihuahua breeder in my state!) If you are really determined to find out, you can get the DNA testing kit off the web for about $70. It's fun to do and I only did it to prove the all-knowing breeder she didn't know as much as she thinks.
    Also, longcoat chis are the result of breeding strategy which means somewhere back up the dogs genetic line a different breed was introduced in order to get that long hair effect. More than any other long coated breed the pomeranian has been used for this purpose. (Likely because Poms and Chis are so similar in many ways.)
  • shelley - 2011-12-01
    Poms have a much thicker coat where as a chihuahua has a much thinner long coat and chihuahua have feathers which poms don't. Best bet look on internet for breed info
Sara Higbee - 2011-06-25
I have two Golden retrievers and I've been looking in to getting a Long haired chihuahua and I am also trying for a Baby right now. Anyway what I would like to knos is are they good with other dogs and are they good around babies? I've always been a skeptic about getting little dogs cause I've heard so many mixed things about them. Can someone clear this up for me and help me out? thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-27
    Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs and make excellent family pets. They are eager to please and love their humans and are relatively easy to train - because they are eager to please. They are calm. A Chihauhau is for fun. They are high energy, love to get into stuff, somewhat territorial and believe they are the boss. A baby is a very demanding lovable needy creature and it will take all your time. It will take all your time because you love it.
    I think it would be better to wait until the baby is older before considering a Chihahua just because of the Chihauhau territorial behavior and high energy. Best to have the baby first and then the home is the babies territory prior to brining in a Chihauhau. Retrivers will just accept and love.
  • JKH - 2011-06-29
    I currently have a long-haired chihuahua and she is incredibly lovable and playful with my husband and me. However, she is very aggressive with other dogs and with strangers. When my baby nephew comes by, she fortunately just avoids him altogether, but if pressed I can easily imagine her taking a nip at him. Use caution if considering this dog and a baby at the same time.
  • Amy - 2011-08-14
    I don't agree with the other posters - I have a long haired Chi that loves kids and other dogs - I think it all depends on how the dog is socialized. On all the websites I have visited, they say that a properly socialized one should be fine with other dogs and with children who are taught to be careful because they are so small and can be injured.
  • melissa - 2011-10-12
    I agree with Amy, I have 2 chis and they are wonderful with children of all ages. My older one(2 1/2) barks when people first enter my house but its only her way of saying 'hi, pet me, pet me'. The younger one is quite, she is still just a puppy-3 months, she does not care for other dogs, the bigger they are, the more scared she seems. I think its because she is still a puppy. But my older one loves when my brother comes with his pit bull, they are the best of friends. So it just depends on the dog.
  • Minnie - 2011-10-16
    I have 2 long haired chihuahuas. A light brown very small female- Foxxy and a reddish brown male - Koyote.

    They are very loving and smart; but are not very good with children. Ours require a lot of attention and hate being left alone. Their coats are just beautiful; we never have them shaved down; they lose the look of the Long Haired breed. We adore them.
  • shelley - 2011-12-01
    All on how you socialize any dog just bring them a round a lot of kids when young
Amber Cecilia - 2011-11-09
I have a long haired Chihuahua and I just rescued him 3 months ago I came to find out he is kinda old and he has 2 loose teeth that seem to be bothering him. He has a vet appt. in 2 weeks but he won't eat and he is skinny because of his teeth. Does anyone know what type of dog food I can feed him to fatten him up? Oh and he won't eat hard dog food or anything hard. Only soft.

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  • shelley - 2011-12-01
    Try baby food
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Gucci Oma - 2011-10-27
Hello. We have a 6 month old Japanese chon girl and we are looking for boyfriend for breeding. Pls help us

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-27
    Ought to tell folks where you live. Just a thought.
  • rita - 2011-11-21
    I am in Flordia. I have two great males for breeding. Miso is akc reg. He is black and white then we have Edward and he is not reg but he is a pure breed chin. He is black and white also. They both are super chins in all ways. If your interested e mail us and we will send pictures and answer any thing you want to know thank you
  • Pam - 2011-11-24
    I have a boy looking for a girl friend, where do you live?
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debbie - 2011-11-23
I am fostering a powder puff mom and her pups. She's from a puppy mill and was never walked. She's about 2 years old and is still nursing. She doesn't like to go for walks, but when she does walk, she stops and starts so often that it's torturous. Albeit, it snowed and so it's cold, I can't figure out this odd walking habit. Does anyone have advice on how to get her to walk?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
    I would take her to the vet. There could be something wrong with her hips.
  • debbie - 2011-11-24
    Thanks for responding. She walks well in the house and when she does walk outside, she walks fine. It's a stubbornness or unwillingness to walk outside. I've tried coaxing with a treat, but to no avail. (The treat worked well to teach her to climb stairs.) I need to break this negative mindset. Before I call in a trainer, I thought I'd start here! :)
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-24
    OK got that part. If she is walking just fine in the house and not outside then it is behavioral. Can't say for sure if this will work but I use very tiny pieces of turkey hotdogs (cut a slice and 1/4 it) and put it in your pocket. As the pup is walking good, give her pieces. If she stops - don't give her pieces. As she walks better on the leash outside then make her walk a little farther each time to get the piece of hotdog. In other words, reward her at first every 10 feet she walks, then every 15 feet, then every 30 feet etc. She should repond and then finally you can take her for a walk and give her the little piece of hot dog when you get back home. Hot dogs are not a staple diet for a little pup like this and you will probably initially be feeding her all the calories she needs for the day but within a couple of weeks she should be walking and moving without problems. Then you have to bury the hotdog in the food so she starts eating what she is supposed to. Good luck and I am glad it is not a bone problem.
  • debbie - 2011-11-24
    Thanks! I will try it.
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Rusty - 2011-11-17
I have an Applehaead Chihuahua mix Terrier and she`s a little over six months old. She is so friendly with all kids, adults, other dogs. she`s very energetic. and so cute cause her ears still flop over at the tips. she was easy to train like sitting, hand shake, dancing around, lying down, but the hardest was training her to go potty outside and to also do her thing on the paper consistantly. I watch Ceasar Millano he is awesome.

Justin - 2009-02-24
awww how cute adorable!!!!:)

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  • DeeAnne Hedrick - 2011-11-06
    Yes they are. I got a deerhead puppy when he was 13 weeks old. One parent was applehead and one was deerhead. I got lucky and got one of the deerhead puppies. I'm looking for someone that has a registered applehead female they want to breed and must be disease free. I just want one of the pups.
Susan - 2009-12-31
I have a long haired and short haired chihuahua. Two totally different personalities. The long haired (Matrix) is "soooooo cuuuute" as my daughter puts it. The short haired (Max) is the strong willed, independent stubborn one. Matrix is companionable and will roll over to have his belly scratched. Max will come by you only if he can crawl in between your legs or under the covers or sit on your chest. They really don't seem to like each other and constantly fight over toys and bones. Being a large dog owner all my life I didn't think I would be able to cope with small dogs, but they are great and grow on you and if you like to cuddle, they are the dog for you.

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  • Mardi Brown - 2010-11-28
    I also have a long haired and a short haired chihuahua. Your comments sound exactly like my two dogs! The short haired is stubborn and jealous of the long haired one, and is always stealing bones and toys from the long haired one. The short haired one is 8 and the long haired one is 2. I don't think they will ever be buddies.
  • Oleg - 2011-10-29
    I am interested in a long haired chihuahua.
    Could you please send me photos of it.


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