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  The versatile West Highland White Terrier is fun and adaptable for all sorts of lifestyles!
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Joy - 2011-02-22
Is that beautiful dog for sale? How old is he or she? The dog looks pretty young and I was wondering if it was still a puppy or was a miniature sized Westie? I live in CO and need some advice on where to get a Westie and a Scottie? Please advise!

linda speer luck - 2010-09-06
I recently bought a westie for my son. The dog is male, about 12 weeks old. He is in good health, but his head seems small relative to his body. Does the head normally develop more slowly than the body, or is this something we should be concerned about?
Thank you very much.

Holly - 2009-04-23
You are so so cute. I would love to have you.