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  The Red-Nosed Pit Bull is known for its gameness and pleasant disposition.
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jahayra - 2011-10-15
If anyone knows an apartment place that accepts american red nose pit bull terriers in greeley,co please let me me at you

Edgar Fernandez - 2011-10-11
Hi today my red nose pitbull died after 12 years sharing with my kids. I am very sad but I know that God needs more security on the heaven and then calling my 'Nannie' thanks me dog 4 this service with my family love you 4ever....DADDY EDGAR

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-12
    I am sorry. I know it is hard.
Chris Holloway - 2009-07-09
Pit Bulls are not dangerous animals. They are a reflection of their owner. If the owner is aggressive then the dog is mean. It's like the old saying, "The gun doesnt kill people, people kill people". Its not the dogs fault if it's trained to kill, it's the person that trained it. Chris H.

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  • Todd O\'Hara - 2010-09-18
    i couldnt have put that statement any better myself! you truly r a dog lover, on ya! Todd O'Hara of Auckland New Zealand.
  • Alexis - 2011-07-25
    Well I totaly agree. I have a red-nose pit and his name is Tank. He loves to be around people and he is nice to everyone well except to people that treat him wrong and that never happened before, when we leave him at home when we go on trips is that normal?
  • sara - 2011-09-07
    I disagree. I had a Pit Bull. I got him at 6 weeks old. He was the sweetest thing ever. I had him for 4 yrs. He was always handled gently. I only gave him possitive reinforcment. He would roll over for a belly rub any time a child came around. One day totally unprovoked he bit a family friend. OK so he tore him apart and the man needed plastic surgury. The man was well known to the dog. The dog liked him. I had to put my sweet baby down. Anyone who says its not the dog its the owner....has just been lucky so far. Pit bulls are totally unpredictable!
  • A.Good - 2011-09-16
    What dogs are predictable? I was bitten by a chow. He belong to a dear friend. I had been around and interacted with the dog several times prior to the incident. Just that day, I went to answer the phone and he attacked. I believe it was the quick movement on my part. At the time I had a chow myself when the incident occurred. Are all chows bad? NO! You are stating that all pit bulls are bad because of your situation. The way it sounds to me, you did not have control over your dog. The same as my friend, she loves her dog, but her dog lack obedience and she lacked controlling him. You as a dog owner should know your dogs temperment, likes and dislike and their body language. The dog most likely gave some sign that something was not right, you and the person who was bit did not notice it. Plus you have to remember they are not human they are still dogs not people. You can love your dog, but you have to maintain control over your dog especially around people. It's best to make sure your dog is properly trained and socialized.
Trixie - 2011-08-28
My dog is 11yo - I got him as a rescue at 7yo. He bit someone recently with no provocation and he has always been very nervous. I was told by the rescue foundation that he was definitely not a pitbull (the concern was over how he may have been raised as I had no control over his first 7 years) and other than being twitchy he hasn't been a problem in the past. I believe now that he is in fact a red-nosed pit bull so would like any breed-specific suggestions you could give? I am considering muzzling in public - I certainly don't want this to happen again and the no provocation thing scares me more than a little. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    regina - 2010-05-28
    I have a red nose pit. I got her about 6 months ago. I don't know much about the people who had her but she starts shaking every time a man gets around her. It took my husband babying her nonstop for her to trust him enough to let him be around her. But with me and my daughter and granddaughter she is fine. Does this mean that a man has abused her in the past and what can I do for her so she isn't so scared all the time?

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    • Brett Jeffares - 2010-07-24
      Hey regina my wife and I have a 2 1/2 yr rescue red nose and when she first came home to us pretty much any time I looked at her she cower between my wife's feet and pee on the floor, and that told me right away that she had been abused by a man. Your girl sounds like she was abused too and that's very sad. I have found that when it is just myself and our rescue "Brandy" at home she is very loving and caring towards me but when my wife and son are home she tends to be rather timid towards me. I have been talking to several breeders of both reds and blues, and they all keep telling the same thing if one of these beautiful animals has been abused by either a male or female they will always remember that, and be very cautious around them. The only other thing I can say is encourage your husband and any other close male friends or family to give your girl all the love and attention in the world and to never ever raise their voice in an aggressive manner towards her or any of the children in the household. Say "NO TO BSL" "BAN THE DEED NOT THE BREED" LOVE YOUR PITTIES AND HUG THEM EVERYDAY!
    • Jasmine - 2011-07-03
      I am sorry this happened to your dog, but yes it does mean she was abused by a man in the past. Your husband should give her treats and toys every time he wants to be with her, so she associates good things happen when a man comes near her. This may take a while, but she should start feeling more comfortable around your husband, or any other man.
      Hope this helped,
    kelsey - 2010-07-26
    Ok so me and my boyfriend just recently adopted a four year old red nose pit, he is very friendly but not in the right shape a pit should be in, what is the proper diet and exercise to bulk him up a little and get him into shape?

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    • Leona - 2010-08-01
      First of all what kind of shape is he in. Is he overweight or underweight. Was he a fighting dog a bait dog. What is his history. For overweight dogs you need to get it off him and start working him at least 3 times a day walks, runs, tug of war anything that will make him work. Also go to your local feed store and find some food that fits your wallet and that's going to be great for him. Taste of the wild is awesome food. Nurto is also good. If you have a costco in your state get their food. 40 pounds for $20. No fillers and has everything you want to give him. Or you can do the all raw diet. Either way you need to work him out in order for him to get in the shape you want him to be. Also try going to your vet and asking if there is anything that they would say to do. Google it also. I hope something that i had to say works. Oh and also get him a backpack and put empty water bottles in it then after a week start to add more weight. Walk him an hour a day 2 times a day once in the morning once at night. If you really want him to become a great healthy dog do that and you will have a wonderful dog. Happy bullying :)
    Brenda - 2010-05-20
    I bought a 9 week akc red-nose pit bull and he has a little bit of a long coat why is that? Is that normal? I have a 5 yr old female pit and she has short hair but shes not a red nosed and I got her when she was 8 months old reg. tan an white.

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    • ak - 2010-06-19
      You have a red nose with a little bit of a long coat because the crossed pits
      with chocolate labs a few years ago to get the red nose and a real red nose is hard to find.
    leona - 2010-05-18
    You can get them fixed at any age but it will cost more once they start to go up in age. It's best to get them fixed at a young age so they can recover faster and you can have a happy puppy back. Second old family red nose pitbulls are not hard to find they are not rare. If they were half of my friend would not be breeding them. They are so easy like any other blood out there to find. I have camelot pits and they're my babies I love them. People need to do research before they start to talk crap about the breed.

    Diane Merendo - 2010-01-24
    Looking for information on how old they should be when you have them altered. My son was told 41/2 months. His is currently 15 weeks and is a red nose male. He rescued him in Oregon at 4 weeks old. Thank You..

    victoria - 2009-02-12
    I am in desperate need to contact the american red nose terrier rescue in or around austin, texas as soon as possible... please advise to thank you!!!