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  The Red-Nosed Pit Bull is known for its gameness and pleasant disposition.
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Tricia Carter - 2011-08-29
We adopted a dog through the Cell Dogs program at a prison and she is listed as a lab/terrier mix. She resembles the red nose pit pictures I have been looking at. Anyone willing to view her pictures via email and let me know?

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  • Tricia Carter - 2011-08-30
    Ok thanks..I will try and find a breeder around here and see if they are willing to check her out for me. Yes the Humane Society that runs the Cell Dog program was afraid no one would adopt her, so they listed her as lab/terrier mix. She is 16 months olds, very intelligent..she is crate trained and also hand command trained...We love her to death!!
  • cathy rice - 2014-03-29
    I also adopted a female red nose pit from our humane society about 2 years ago, best dog I ever had. Would love to look at yours. My baby is my profile on facebook.
Terrell - 2013-09-03
I have a 16 months year old red nose pitbull. What is the best time to mate him, now or should I wait another year? Last, is he a truly sneak red nose potbelly cause he has a white and red body?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-04
    It is said that pit bulls shouldn't be bred until they are two years old. I would talk to the breeder you got yours from to find out about its actual type. If you don't know who the breeder is, or much about your pet, it's  not a good idea to breed it. You won't be able to produce the breed type and essentially the offspring will be mutts and there's so many in shelters right now that need good homes.
  • Jamie - 2014-01-07
    The best time to mate him is never. Millions of Pit Bulls are euthanized every year for being homeless so you would only be contributing to an already huge problem.
  • Eddie - 2014-02-02
    I have 2 rescues, don't breed.
cyndy - 2014-01-26
my red nose pit does not pee or poop when being walked around the school path he waits till he get home and uses the back yard. Is this usual? If we travel with him is there going to be a problem?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-26
    Sound like you have a very well behaved Red-nosed Pit Bull! I imagine he will travel just fine, but do let us know how he behaves when you travel with him.
david hunter - 2013-08-06
I've had this full blooded real red nose pit since 3 months old. Now 2 years old female full ears tail. And fertile are you telling me this breed is that rare? Biggest baby on the planet have plenty of pictures to prove it.

ADRIENNE - 2012-10-03
I am confused. A reputable breeder I trust told me there is no such thing as a red-nose pit bull strain and that byb are selling them as 'rare' to just make money. She said many red-nose pitbulls are born and they are not rare, just have noses of a different color...and that they do not descend from the the old family reds.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-04
    Going back about 100 years there was a red nose pitt bull and they were being actively bred.  Because of the rarity, it was hard to find mates to assure that the line continued and now many say the line (breed) is probably extinct.  However, there are still some around.  As to whether they are directly descended from the Red Nose Pitt Bull being actively bred 100 years ago - I don't know.  However, they do exist, they are around and it is difficult to find a mate for them to insure the coloring.  Can someone just by chance come up with the coloring and the pup not be from the original breed - that is possible.  These are images of red nosed pitt bulls but as to whether they are from the original line - I have no idea
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-04
    It isn't just the nose that was red in the orignal breed it is 'The lips, nose, face, eyes, legs and toe nails are all red in color that can give a very exquisite and captivating look.'  Hope this helps.  So there is what there was 100 years back and what there is.
yheresa - 2013-05-07
I have a female red nose who is 11 weeks old n she is the most amazin baby, sweet as can be. very hyper around strangers but also very protective around the house which is what i want. i had her since she was a week old. all dogs r unpredictable but i have no fear of her at all. im still in the process of training her but she knows basic commands; sit, stay, shake, down. she is also well potty trained. i had her in the kennel since she was a month n she is doin very well. She goes to the door n sits then walks to me n barks, lettin me kno she has to go out. she is super smart n learns quickly. i have no regrets in my decision on ownin a red nose pitbull.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-09
    They have a bad rap, due to the protective purpose they were bred for. But those that are kept as pets really shouldn't as they are wonderful, loving and loyal. Glad to hear your story, it's inspiring.
Reply - 2012-12-24
One family member got a full breed rednose pit Terier and her mum is a a mellowed fab dog

Michelle Bielawski - 2012-12-04
Hey I need to know if there is such a thing as a long snout full blooded red nosed pitt

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-05
    What I believe you are referring to is back in the 1800's there used to be what is known as the Red nosed Pitt Bull - brought about specicifcally as a result of inbreeding.  Today what is called a red nose pitt bull is a coloring - not an actual breed.  Obviously, there should be some descendents of the original red nosed pitt bull but as to who is actually descended from that group of pups vs who just has the coloring - I don't know how you can know.  Some say they do exist and some say they do not.
GLORIA CAMERON - 2010-02-22
Hi, I just became an owner of a 2. 5 month old rednose. He is so cute. I have a one month old, a 2 year old and 4 year old gd. Children who live with me as well as a 93 year old mother. Will this dog be okay with them? Also, how do I potty train this dog? I do know somethings about training ie. Have hand signals to go with words like 'no', 'sit' and I know they need excercise so I have a yard to play with him in.

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  • angela - 2010-07-12
    I have two red nosed. They were adults when our first child arrived and it was a source of anxiety for me also. We had a bitch and one of her first puppies. They were 10 and 6 years old...The mother, used to sleep under the cot and if she wasn't inside, she slept at the bottom of the window. Take him to obedience and train him to listen to commands as they can be excitable and they sometimes forget that they are not a maltese! Get your children involved in this training as the dog will then listen to all the family members, not just you.
    Potty training....persistence, take him outside often and tell him to go just like any other dog. We had our girl trained to walk to the door, sit and speak if she wanted to go outside. It is all repetition...and that takes time.
Taynna - 2012-04-12
So I have a Red nose pit I don't think she is the American Terrier but when I first got her she was so loving and kind I noticed however when I gave her a bath she nearly flipped she was shaking and trying to flee anywhere she could she also wouldn't come near her water bowl if I were filling it or standing near it while it was full. After a while she lets me bathe and water her but only me I want my boyfriend to be able to do this for her too but even after month of trying she still doesn't trust him, any advice?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-12
    Have your boyfriend reward with treats and play before he tries to bathe or discipline.