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   Like many types of Terriers, the Border Terrier is extremely skilled at hunting small game!
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sharon - 2010-09-24
Hi, my english bull terrier has just had a litter of 6, sadly the runt died. Four of them are normal sized pups who are piling on the weight but one (the first born) is very small, he is ok healthwise but is just very much smaller than the rest, I was wondering if there is any chance that he is a miniature and if so how would I tell?

tina - 2010-06-16
I've given my bull terrier cabbage. I also read they like beef, but is it safe to give him raw beef? I'd be afraid it could be contaminated. What is the best way to give him wheat and beef? Thanks, TH

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  • ed - 2010-09-03
    To be honest, a good quality kibble/biscuit has got to be the best way to go. In the uk, most other owners, myself included, try and steer clear of ANY red meats. We feed our 3 year old boy on just turkey n rice kibble and he weighs just over 70lbs! He has no skin problems and is a very laid back bullie. Speak to your vet and get some advice from them
Sandra - 2010-05-06
At what age is it ok to neutralize my Pig dog (english Bull Terrier)? I'm afraid if we do it too early, that he will not be as "manly" as he should.
He is 1yr and 4 months now and is chasing and grinning at the other females (not b.terriers) when they come on heat.

em - 2009-10-13
Your Puppy may have Demedex, it's a form of mange that is genetic and can be very tough to get rid of. My pitbull terrier had it and it was terrible!
My vet here in the USA actually told me to use Promeris flea treatment which studies had found had a side effect of curing the demedex. It goes on once a month on the back of the neck like Frontline and it cured my dogs problem.

Hope maybe this helps!

jackie daniels - 2009-08-26

Have you tried a raw food diet? One of my dogs had sever allergies. When I put him on a raw food diet, his allergies subsided

mitch - 2009-08-17
How awful for you and your dog to have to go through this for 2 years. Have you discussed the problem with Bullies in Need, the British rescue group? They are incredibly experienced with the breed and I recently read something on their website about a bullie who was saved from an almost terminal allergy problem, much as you're describing. Has to be worth a look at their site, bulliesinneed. org. uk or dropping them an email. Hope you get through this and good luck.

Anonymous - 2009-03-14
He might just have a skin complaint, what has the vet said about it? Another thing, albino animals have red eyes not green, this is because they have a thin layer of blood vessels on their eye, which just shows up at red. Hope everyting turns out ok!