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   Like many types of Terriers, the Border Terrier is extremely skilled at hunting small game!
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jackie daniels - 2009-08-26

Have you tried a raw food diet? One of my dogs had sever allergies. When I put him on a raw food diet, his allergies subsided

mitch - 2009-08-17
How awful for you and your dog to have to go through this for 2 years. Have you discussed the problem with Bullies in Need, the British rescue group? They are incredibly experienced with the breed and I recently read something on their website about a bullie who was saved from an almost terminal allergy problem, much as you're describing. Has to be worth a look at their site, bulliesinneed. org. uk or dropping them an email. Hope you get through this and good luck.

Anonymous - 2009-03-14
He might just have a skin complaint, what has the vet said about it? Another thing, albino animals have red eyes not green, this is because they have a thin layer of blood vessels on their eye, which just shows up at red. Hope everyting turns out ok!