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   Like many types of Terriers, the Border Terrier is extremely skilled at hunting small game!
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TK - 2009-02-11
I have a white male english bull terrier, I think he's albino because he has green eyes and a pink nose. My issue is with his skin, it's pink, hot, inflamed, smells, and is mostly on his belly, back of ears, and paws. I've tried everything to clear it up: regular vet, homeopathic vet, benadryl, tea tree oil, different lotions and shampoos, mange dips. Please help, considering putting him down so he doesn't have to suffer with the discomfort any longer. He's only 2 yrs old, we've been dealing with this his whole life, and I Love him so much! Thanks TK

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  • Annelise Kruger-Liptrot - 2010-09-02
    Firstly you can have is pink nose tattooed black. Try to keep him out of the sun as much as possible. Get your Vet to prescribe and ongoing course of Zinplex or some other Zinc supplement which will assist with his skin problem. Do not feed him Wheat, maize, bread bones or bone meal. Feed him on rice and chicken and animal fats, omega 3 and 6 oils (which is also present in fish oily fish). Introduce him to fruit and vegetables.

    Sponge him down with an infusion of "Rooibos Tea" South African Bush Red bush tea, available at most super markets in the UK and America these days.

    Apply the zinc ointment which the cricketers use in hot climes to his nose and the pinna of his ears, if you have to take him out in the sun.

    You might also try using Fissan Paste to the itchy places on his coat.

    Good luck and please let me know how you are getting on. Regard Annelise from Sunny South Africa
  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    Ok, my bindgle male had it and so did my mums white bitch, she had to have steroid injections. What I did was take him to the vet for antibiotics, don't use flee lotions on him, smear sudacream on the areas that are irritated, leave on for 24 hrs, it doesn't look nice and it rubs off every where, use cotton wool with luke warm water to remove what you can then re apply a few hrs later, do this for a week along side the antibiotics, make sure to keep clean bedding and if his bed is near a radiator then move it as heat can flare this up as well, after a week give him a bath, use baby shampoo on him, I know they say not to use human products on animals but its bull, as long as you make sure that all the soap is it by using a shower head or fill the sick and using that water then its fine, I have had a few dogs and done the same with all of them. Just leave him then for a week or so, it may have to be repeated if his skin is really bad, it may be a pain but it's worth it, it's not nice for them, bulls are known to have skin allergies. I hope it works for you.
  • Dozeydozer - 2010-12-02
    Try burgess supadog sensitive dry last white bull terrier had these exact symptoms...I tried all the expensive foods and his skin just got worse....with Burgess supadog sensitive it cleared up within two to three weeks.
  • Anonymous - 2011-05-23
    Take lamb out of his diet. I had the same thing and got rid of the lamb and problem disappeared also.
  • Jason Dudley - 2011-08-08
    Hello TK,I have had the same problem with my white bull terrier puppy. She is 7 months old and has had the problem since I got her.I have gone all those routes too.I heard that they give dogs allergy shots,but my dog is younger and its not good to do.I went with holistic route and that didnt work at first either.I keep deducting each thing in all the foods I tried,and what I found was that it was grain/bread items that where doing it,and most holistic has grain too.I cut out everything I redd had bread/grain/flour/yeast items from the food.It worked..I feed my dog Wellness,and it works good,and has a good balance of omegas..but any food should work,as long as u make sure it doesnt have the bread and grain items in it..Try it out..What else do u have to loose...My baby was almost bald,and it was tearing me up,and it seemed like i was just blowing all my money on stuff that was not curing it,i even tried this stuff called new stock,which is some kinda miracle cure for all animals the end it was something simple..Pease try for a month,and let me know what happens..Good Luck.. Jay
  • Sarah Kennedy - 2011-09-06
    My 12 month old black and white EBT had terrible red itchy skin on his tum and testicles. I tried tea tree ointment from Johnsons which seemed to at least cool it for him, you could see him relaxing as it went on. Rash gone. I think I beat it for him. Then a couple of days later, back came the red itch. Poor boy was going insane. All seemed to reduce when he was castrated. He still has itchy times and we go back to the ointment and I also wash his itchy sections with that pink antibacterial handwash like they use in the doctors, diluted in lots of water. Seems to work for us.
    He also now eats food with no dairy, wheat, gluten and eats fresh apples, carrots etc daily. I hope your baby boy feels better soon. Let us know. Sarah and Ozzy
Natasha - 2010-10-25
I got my english bull terrier about 3 months ago, his coat was in good condition but he has gone very flakey with a few scabby lumps, he also has terrible wind is this normal? I spoke to 1 person and they said theirs was the same, what is the best food to give them?

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  • \"fido\'s mom\" - 2011-02-14
    My bull terrier had flaky coat and scabby lumps. I took her to the vet and it was a thyroid condition. Two pills a day for the rest of her life but it cleared up her skin and coat within a month.
Venessa van Deventer - 2011-07-20
We have a lovely tempered pair of Bull terriers, a white male named Hitler (3y) and Eva(2y), a brindle female. She had 2 puppies a week ago and only 1 survived. Do you think a small number of puppies like this is normal? They are both healthy dogs with more than enough energy, is it possible that something went wrong during the pregnancy? Her first batch was 5 puppies and only 2 survived, this is making me worry a bit.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-21
    Have you talked to the vet? Do you know why the babies died? If not you might want to have the best determine the cause of death. The average litter for the bull is 5 but it is far from being unusal that they oinly have 1 pup. Is mom feeding the babies?
jennie - 2011-06-24
I have an english bull terrier got him about 9 wks old, goes through the night without any mess. He hates plants in pots!!! Loves the kids. The best choice we have ever made. He is now about 15 wks old, loves going for walks. He is just so funny, (smokey jokey is a blokey).

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-24
    Glad you are enjoying him - sounds great for your family.
EVE - 2011-04-20
We had adopted a wonderful Bully. Soon we saw that he had skin allergies .
We took him to the vet , she determined that he had yeast infection , along with allergies. She prescribed antibiotics and anti fungal meds. he was on them for 4 weeks. We also wiped his paws with vinegar water when entering the house. Also special medicated shampoo twice a week.
The meds made him nauseous at times and he lost some of his appetite.
Now he is free of problems and give him a table spoon plain yogurt to replenish his good bacteria. His appetite returned as well.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-20
    Glad all worked out OK. Somehow we get more attached to our pets when a few things go wrong and we work through them. I am glad for you. Good luck.
Anonymous - 2011-04-12
I have an 8 month old female bull terrier who is constantly chewing the furniture and carpet. We have tried teething bones, hooves, kongs, etc, to keep her busy to no avail.
Any tips?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-12
    I had a doberman pup that would eat anything and everything. I tried everything I could think of to no avail. I took her to a trainer and my pup, Tara, was returned home to me in 2 days and no chewing ANYTHING. The trainor took Tara into her home and used car keys. Everytime Tara went to chew on something, the trainor would throw the keys somewhere close to the dog. She never threw the keys at the dog and certainly never hit the dog. She just threw the keys close to where the dog was going to chew. She told me to just get some old keys and put them on a chain and when Tara went to get at something not allowed - shake the keys. I just carried the keys around on my belt and when Tara went to eat my sofa, or my shoes etc, I shook the keys. Tara would stop cold. Tara actually ate the linoleum off the floor. I have heard a soda can with pennies in it will accomplish the same thing but soda cans are big to carry around. No harm in trying it. But you do not want to hit the dog. Throw the keys at the sofa or at a wall but not the pup. Hope it works for you - let us know.
ed - 2011-01-19
I have a 10 year old white male - for the last 48 hours - he won't eat, will try to drink water but throws up. Can still urinate but he's getting a little weak. This happens at least once a year. We got him from the rescue. Is there anything I can do?

wayne bolton - 2010-10-19
Got a 5yr old english all white
diagnosed with heart murmur
always hangs back on walks
brings up bile flem foam constantly when walking
trouble breathing during walks coughing cant eat treats
this is getting worse
anyone any ideas?

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  • cindy - 2010-10-28
    my sons dog was doing the same thing 1400.00 dollars later we found out his food was making him throw up. went to pet store and got wild meat in vegies bone mixture.(they come in pattie form) the throwing up has stopped he is gaining his weight back try this it worked for us.
Nicola - 2010-06-24
What is the best way of training my English bull terrier pup to stop nipping and biting he is 10 wks old.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    Constant telling, make sure you show him it's not right, a friend told me that nipping the ear back will also help when they are really young, I can't say as I haven't tried, keep to short sentences like a no, or gentle I use, it works like a charm but each are different, I really think the main thing is tho just to keep on top, some people say a teething toy, I personally think no, I think its more of an affection and play when they are very young, look at the way puppy bulls plays, the chance is that they are just doing what has been normal to them whilst in the litter.
Jessica - 2010-09-09
My 1 y/o Female Bull Terrier is very jealous of my husband and I. We can't even hug without her going crazy. She used to listen very well and lately she is getting bad. And just recently she has been very aggressive towards me? PLEASE HELP! what can I do?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    Up the dose of cuddling in front of her, it sounds like she is the boss of the house or thinks she is, you have to show her its not all her time its also you are your partners time to, give her fuss then, you and your partners fuss then involve her, when she plays up put her out of the room for 5 mins, with a telling off, keep repeating this, she will learn to stop, its easy to submit to them cos they are so lovely but the truth is the more she is left to get away with this behavior the more she will push, if you put a stop to it she will respect you both more, I know I sound cold hearted but I'm not.