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   Like many types of Terriers, the Border Terrier is extremely skilled at hunting small game!
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jennie - 2011-06-24
I have an english bull terrier got him about 9 wks old, goes through the night without any mess. He hates plants in pots!!! Loves the kids. The best choice we have ever made. He is now about 15 wks old, loves going for walks. He is just so funny, (smokey jokey is a blokey).

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-24
    Glad you are enjoying him - sounds great for your family.
EVE - 2011-04-20
We had adopted a wonderful Bully. Soon we saw that he had skin allergies .
We took him to the vet , she determined that he had yeast infection , along with allergies. She prescribed antibiotics and anti fungal meds. he was on them for 4 weeks. We also wiped his paws with vinegar water when entering the house. Also special medicated shampoo twice a week.
The meds made him nauseous at times and he lost some of his appetite.
Now he is free of problems and give him a table spoon plain yogurt to replenish his good bacteria. His appetite returned as well.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-20
    Glad all worked out OK. Somehow we get more attached to our pets when a few things go wrong and we work through them. I am glad for you. Good luck.
Anonymous - 2011-04-12
I have an 8 month old female bull terrier who is constantly chewing the furniture and carpet. We have tried teething bones, hooves, kongs, etc, to keep her busy to no avail.
Any tips?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-12
    I had a doberman pup that would eat anything and everything. I tried everything I could think of to no avail. I took her to a trainer and my pup, Tara, was returned home to me in 2 days and no chewing ANYTHING. The trainor took Tara into her home and used car keys. Everytime Tara went to chew on something, the trainor would throw the keys somewhere close to the dog. She never threw the keys at the dog and certainly never hit the dog. She just threw the keys close to where the dog was going to chew. She told me to just get some old keys and put them on a chain and when Tara went to get at something not allowed - shake the keys. I just carried the keys around on my belt and when Tara went to eat my sofa, or my shoes etc, I shook the keys. Tara would stop cold. Tara actually ate the linoleum off the floor. I have heard a soda can with pennies in it will accomplish the same thing but soda cans are big to carry around. No harm in trying it. But you do not want to hit the dog. Throw the keys at the sofa or at a wall but not the pup. Hope it works for you - let us know.
ed - 2011-01-19
I have a 10 year old white male - for the last 48 hours - he won't eat, will try to drink water but throws up. Can still urinate but he's getting a little weak. This happens at least once a year. We got him from the rescue. Is there anything I can do?

wayne bolton - 2010-10-19
Got a 5yr old english all white
diagnosed with heart murmur
always hangs back on walks
brings up bile flem foam constantly when walking
trouble breathing during walks coughing cant eat treats
this is getting worse
anyone any ideas?

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  • cindy - 2010-10-28
    my sons dog was doing the same thing 1400.00 dollars later we found out his food was making him throw up. went to pet store and got wild meat in vegies bone mixture.(they come in pattie form) the throwing up has stopped he is gaining his weight back try this it worked for us.
Nicola - 2010-06-24
What is the best way of training my English bull terrier pup to stop nipping and biting he is 10 wks old.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    Constant telling, make sure you show him it's not right, a friend told me that nipping the ear back will also help when they are really young, I can't say as I haven't tried, keep to short sentences like a no, or gentle I use, it works like a charm but each are different, I really think the main thing is tho just to keep on top, some people say a teething toy, I personally think no, I think its more of an affection and play when they are very young, look at the way puppy bulls plays, the chance is that they are just doing what has been normal to them whilst in the litter.
Jessica - 2010-09-09
My 1 y/o Female Bull Terrier is very jealous of my husband and I. We can't even hug without her going crazy. She used to listen very well and lately she is getting bad. And just recently she has been very aggressive towards me? PLEASE HELP! what can I do?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    Up the dose of cuddling in front of her, it sounds like she is the boss of the house or thinks she is, you have to show her its not all her time its also you are your partners time to, give her fuss then, you and your partners fuss then involve her, when she plays up put her out of the room for 5 mins, with a telling off, keep repeating this, she will learn to stop, its easy to submit to them cos they are so lovely but the truth is the more she is left to get away with this behavior the more she will push, if you put a stop to it she will respect you both more, I know I sound cold hearted but I'm not.
sharon - 2010-09-24
Hi, my english bull terrier has just had a litter of 6, sadly the runt died. Four of them are normal sized pups who are piling on the weight but one (the first born) is very small, he is ok healthwise but is just very much smaller than the rest, I was wondering if there is any chance that he is a miniature and if so how would I tell?

tina - 2010-06-16
I've given my bull terrier cabbage. I also read they like beef, but is it safe to give him raw beef? I'd be afraid it could be contaminated. What is the best way to give him wheat and beef? Thanks, TH

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  • ed - 2010-09-03
    To be honest, a good quality kibble/biscuit has got to be the best way to go. In the uk, most other owners, myself included, try and steer clear of ANY red meats. We feed our 3 year old boy on just turkey n rice kibble and he weighs just over 70lbs! He has no skin problems and is a very laid back bullie. Speak to your vet and get some advice from them
Sandra - 2010-05-06
At what age is it ok to neutralize my Pig dog (english Bull Terrier)? I'm afraid if we do it too early, that he will not be as "manly" as he should.
He is 1yr and 4 months now and is chasing and grinning at the other females (not b.terriers) when they come on heat.