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  The Dalmatian is a very old breed which became best known for its unique spotted coat, and as a mascot for firemen.
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randi - 2009-01-04
This breed is incredibly lovable but be warned they are highly territorial and they shed ALOT. In my opinion these setbacks are totally worth it, they love unconditionally and seem to have the most unique personality found within the non-sporting breed.

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  • john archibald - 2010-05-21
    After a life time with other breeds my wife got us a Dally. At 70 I felt it was a bit much for me to handle. All I can say is 3 years later we've just got another one. They need time and exercise, but it's time well invested.
  • Steven J. Schmoll - 2011-01-29
    Not only are they extremely loving (unconditional) and territorial, they are more intelligent than any breed that I've owned. I currently have my third "Dal" in a row now and don't have plans on getting any different breed in the future. Something to strongly consider when thinking about getting one is that they are highly energetic and often take about 5 years before they calm down and become an "ideal lay around" family dog. They require lots of exercise daily and you should have a nice fenced in area where they can play and run.

    They are wonderful around children and are very protective of their families.

    If you have the time, patience, love, and space to offer this dog.....I can't recommend this dog enough. I'd glad talk to anyone considering one.

    Steve S. ><