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  An ancient and rare breed, the Chinese Shar Pei originated from the Guangdong province of China.
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Steve Warner - 2014-02-10
I just adopted a 6 yr. old char pei/ pit bull mix. She is doing well in our household but we can't eliminate her odor even with a bath once a week, we even spray her coat once a day but that is only temporary. Have tried different dog food, now my wife thinks it was a mistake to bring this dog home. Any ideas to remedy this, the dog is very loving but if I can't solve this she will have to go back to keep peace at home!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-12
    Vacuuming regulary is one suggestion, and there are lots of products to help with pet odors and their elimination. Also sometimes extreme odor is allergy related. Keep researching,  reading, and learning... cuz yeah, having pets comes with its own set of adjustments... And be sure to tell us your story when you get it sorted out. Good luck to you and your sweet pup!
vernon wallace - 2010-04-23
Can you breed your regular size male shar-pei of about 45 pd with a mimi female shar-pei of about 25-28pd and healthy puppies?

ps maybe dumb ?

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  • Dean - 2011-12-17
    Off course. You can breed any dog to any other dog. Giving that they are opposite sexes off course. I suppose you could even breed a male dashound to a female great dane using arificial insemination.
LA Ross - 2010-09-27
I would like to point out that not all Shar pei hate water. I have had four Shar pei all of which were introduced to water and swimming early. I think this is a behavior that can be modified if introduced early.

The Shar pei is a great breed...

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  • Natalie - 2010-10-18
    I have both a male and a female shar pei. Both are rescue dogs. When I first got them, they wouldn't go near the water. As time went on, with daily walks down to the water, the boy has developed a love of the water - going deeper and deeper and finally swimming (with me at his side). The girl will still only get her paws wet.
  • kathy - 2011-10-20
    I like dog.
  • Dean - 2011-12-17
    I have a litter of 9. When I gave them a wash in the sink, 3 or 4 of them actually enjoyed it. The others sounded like they were in pain, and were shaking in fear. So I guess it's on the individual dog.
Georgia - 2008-08-25
I would like some information on the Bull-mouth sharpei. I can't find anything on them or what they are about. My dog is a bullmouth and I would liek to learn more about him and his skin conditions..

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  • Anonymous - 2011-11-13
    No such thing do you mean a meat mouth?
  • Dean - 2011-12-17
    I think you may be referring to what the chinese call 'bullfrog' or 'toad' mouth. These are just different names for what we call 'meat mouth'.