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  The Chug is an attentive and active companion, and though it has a short history it is one of the most sought after hybrids around.
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Courtney Burrows - 2010-03-16
I have a female chug named twiggy, she's 8 months old now and a real character. Everyone adores her even people who don't like small dogs because she doesn't look like a rat. She is very sociable with cats and dogs of any size. However when she was a puppy she was extremely playful and a bit much for my sisters jack russell. She doesn't bark a lot, but sometimes puts a little growl on when people knock on the door or anyone approaches me while I'm holding onto her that she feels threatened by. She's very easy to train and an awesome companion. very loyal. would definately consider getting the same breed again! My chug is still small, taking the chihuahua body shape as opposed to pug. love her to pieces!

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  • Larry Pines - 2010-05-26
    Hello. I too have a female chug, she's about 9 months old, her name is Tequila. You described my girl in what you wrote. Her favorite thing in life is when I throw the tennis ball and she gets to go chase it down, picks it up in her mouth, and runs back to me to do it again, and again, and again. She does get distracted so easily. her bottom teeth show and it looks like she is always smiling. Lets talk, I'll send you pics of Tequila.
Beth - 2010-03-29
I adopted a Chug about 3 months ago when she was about 3 months old. I was surprised at how much energy she has. I have a 5 year old chihuahua that loves to snuggle and my Chug, Lola can be a little too rough for my Chihuahua, Tia. She learns very quickly and did not take long to get used to the new surroundings as far as potty training goes. The only problem I have is I have to put her on a tie-out because she is easily distracted and will run off to try to play with people walking. This breed is beautiful and can easily be found for adoption! is an awesome resource...Save a life of a puppy instead of supporting puppy mills!

Ronald - 2010-03-28
When I first went to the pet store this dog was biting me and making a lot of attention but when I brought him home he was not biting anyone, but make sure they have toys to chew on. Also they're good with small dogs but not big dogs. When strangers come to the door he will create alot of attention in a good way. These breeds are adorable!!!!! Mine is mostly chuiugh and loves to sit on your lap and cuddle next to you when your sleeping. These dogs are very very easy to potty train.

amber - 2010-03-16
I just got my chug about a month ago and he is so cute. His name is monster and it fits him perfect. He loves cats and small dogs any dog bigger he tries to fight. He is very protective of me and my one month old daughter. It seems like he doesn't like many men. I'm having trouble house training him but when we go outside I don't even need a leash. He learned by himself not to chew on cords and only chews on my slippers and his toys. I would recommend this breed for anyone.

Rosemary - 2010-02-09
I have two dogs, one is pure breed pitt bull, and the other one is mutt. He looks German Pinscher and dachund, he is adorable! Charming and playful, he loves sitting on my lap! He listen very well, my poor Snoopy! When I got this dog for the first time he was tramatized. Whoever had this dog was very mean and abused him, he is so scared of a belt or leash. I never walk him because he gets so nerveous when I put the leash on! Beside this temperament he has about the leash and the belt, he is so handsome, just picture a dachund and a german pinscher. He is beautiful to me and I love this dog! He found a good home with me! My cousin is the one who founded him on a hwy when cars runs so fast! Snoopy is blessed in my home!

Karen - 2010-01-11
I have a female chug, Roxy, she loves everyone and wants attention from you no matter who you are. She doesn't like other dogs smaller and bigger than her and she will definitely let you know if someone is coming up to the house. If I leave her at home for too long she will find something in my room to take out and let me know she is mad. All in all she is by far the cutiest dog I've ever had and the smartest one at that too.

hannah w. - 2010-01-07
My chug is "Bella". I just turned 13 and for my birthday I got a chug. She is definitely the sweetest dog you could ever imagine. She doesn't bark whenever somebody comes up to her, which is very good considering how often people do to ask what kind of breed she is, and to compliment how cute she is. She loves to go for walks, especially on the beach and play with other dogs, and gets along with them just fine. Our only problem so far is her potty training, but every day she gets better. I would highly recommend this breed. I know I would never get rid of my Bella.

Bridget - 2009-05-20
I have a chug, female, 4 yrs old now. She is a lovable dog. Does not get along with kids or dogs bigger than her. She definitely has Napoleon syndrome. She loves her walks and just being on the couch with whoever is home. If she is left alone too long she gets back at the family somehow. She is the highest maintenace dog of the 3 I have. But I would not trade her for anything.

Tampa - 2009-04-06
I love Jupiter, my little chug! At 5 months old, he is sooo adorable and very friendly. He is also a most definite ham. Whereever we go, people always stop to talk about/to him. We've even had cars stop to ask what kind of dog he is. I cannot believe the attention he attracts... people literally fall in love with him at first sight.

He absolutely loves attention. All day while I work at the computer at home, he sits on my lap. If we have company and he feels "neglected" he'll start acting up to get attention which is always good for a laugh. He's an absolute fantastic dog and I would highly recommend this breed. Although the AKC does not recognize the Chug, everyone agrees they should!!

Judy - 2009-02-15
I have a male Chug--he is the smartest boy I have ever seen. He does not have any bad habits and he loves the whole family. He's very sweet and if you ask him to stay he will sit there until you tell him it's ok to move. His name is Hobie. He never barks at animals or family members, but if a stranger pulls in our driveway he definitely lets you know about it. I have had all types of breeds, this one is the best mannered and loving pet I have ever had. He loves bed time and he will let you know that he wants to go to bed. He does seem to have a breathing problem sometimes and it's like he sneezes backwards. What can we do to help him with this. MRS LAMBDIN