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  The Chug is an attentive and active companion, and though it has a short history it is one of the most sought after hybrids around.
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ms wilson - 2011-12-13
I have a beautiful female CHUG that weighs 18lbs. She is full size and runs and play, very energetic. She is located in Cleveland OHIO area and I am looking for a good home for her. She is up to date on all shots and comes with collar, cage, vet papers, tags and all documents. Please contact if interested and asking a rehoming fee. Ms Wilson at 216/965-1980

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  • Ann Quillen - 2011-12-19
    Wanted to see if this pup was still available.

    Is she housetrained? Why are you giving her up?
lori - 2011-10-09
I am looking for a female chug in PA or very close driving distance. Please contact me if you can help me find one...thanks.

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  • ms wilson - 2011-12-13
    I have a lovely female chug in cleveland ohio
SHARON C. - 2011-02-12
I have a chug that will be 3 n october, his name is jack. He is the light of our lives! However he does have quite a temper at times! Is this common in chugs? Just curious if this is common.

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  • Pamela Curran - 2011-08-05
    I have 2 chugs that just turned 3 in July, a boy, and a girl. My Barney, goes crazy every time someone comes to the front door. It's as though, he's a completely different dog. His temper changes and he growls, barks, and won't let you come near him until he sees who it is, then he calms down. But as far as temper towards us and our friends, he's a sweet heart, and has never turned on me.
Patty - 2011-07-20
I have a 1 1/2 year old Chug and he eats like he is starving.. WHY? Is he lacking something..He is overweight..

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-20
    You would be able to tell if he is overweight. This pup is a little guy and I don't know if he would require being fed twice a day or not. You might want to have him checked for worms - just in case. Little dogs frequently eat like they are starving and this is a little pup.
    Ask your vet about feeding twice a day - and also check for worms.
Velma Waddell - 2011-05-06
My little chugs name is Snicker Doodle. I got her at 3 months old. Her mother was a pug and the father was a chihuahua. They were both show dogs when the puppies were born. Snickers was the runt they did not think she would live. I work at a hotel and when groups would come with their show dogs I fell so in love with them. One lady told me they had a new dog called chug pugs. I had to go on the internet to find out what they looked like and fell so in love with the dog. I told her I would buy one from her. I thought she forgot about it when she left hotel but a month or two later she called and said she was on her way back and did I still want one. I was so pleased. Then she said it's a girl. They have named her because they did not think she would live but she's fine and she was litter box trained before I got her and the owner gave her to me free. Snickers is so smart she's now 8 yrs old and still great. She got a little over weight but has been corrected. Health problems.... Snickers has three lumps on her body the doctor has checked them there is no pain. She's very frisky and loves everyone she meets Chugs are great but if the Chihuahua has long hair it can be alot of shedding.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-06
    They are cute. Seems to combine the best of both breeds.
  • june - 2011-07-19
    I have a chug and I know what you are talking about but do not no why so if any one knows why thay always feel hot or warm to the touch??
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-20
    A dogs body temperature is noramlyy 105 degrees and outs is only 98.6. The Chug is going to feel warm because of that. Also, the fur is extremely short and close to the body, so he feels sorta like a heating pad on low as there is no fur to insulate the body temperature from our hand. Strange though.
jess - 2011-06-22
i bought a chug about 3 weeks ago. His names Simba and he's 11 weeks. For such a little dog he isn't half wild lol. He's such a loving dog when he's tired but so hyper active when he's awake. Does anyone know if I should be worried becuase he seems to shake and jump alot in his sleep? Thankyou.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-22
    I think many pups do this. They are dreaming - probably chasing bears or something.
cori - 2010-10-08
Our chug is just the sweetest thing in the world. Won't sit or sleep alone so be prepared. He was very difficult to potty train tho, but finally got it! We wouldn't trade him for anything!

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  • Lynne Lankford - 2011-05-24
    Hello, We have a 9 month old chug. I noticed in your comments you said your chug was hard to potty train. Any suggestions??? Carly doesn't like to go outside and when she does she is so distracted with what is going on that it takes her forever to go!
katrinia - 2011-03-24
I have a beautiful Chug that I got when she was 7 weeks old. She is now 12 weeks old. I love my Chug very much. I notice ever since I have gotten her, she is always very warm. There are times when I pick her up, her body feels very warm or hot. Does anybody know if this is normal for my Chug? Please let me know. Thank you.

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  • nikki - 2011-03-26
    Yes this is normal. Toy breeds used to be used as foot warmers back in ancient times and they still run at a pretty warm temperature now!
jon - 2010-11-27
Hello I need to find a good place in pennsylvania to get a chug for free or on a payment plan and as soon as possible my fiancee is deeply saddened tonight. We have a minature pincher with some terrier mix and he turns one tomorrow, him and his sister so my fiancee had a dog party for them well we have a 8 week old chug a runt well sad story short the sister bit our chug in the head and his head swelled and the vet had us put him down it was a Christmas early present for her and now she is distraught and so is the brother pincher he played and loved our chug so much he keeps sniffing the chugs area and whining and I really want her to be happy again it won't replace the wonderful one we had but it's a start to happiness again please anyone help me. Sincerely jon

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  • peyton - 2010-12-30
    Good choice for a chug. What would you call him or her? You are lucky that you might get another dog.
    I have a puppy too. It's a spoodle called beckham. He's new and almost one! I hope you have fun with your dog(s).
  • rebecca - 2011-02-05
    You have to remember, that if there's any chance the new pup could get bit it would almost definitely be deadly, most people don't know that chives have a soft spot on their head their whole life, it comes from the chi side, we breed chugs but our first litter, my other dog bit one of the puppies in the head and pierced his brain, the vet said to put him down, but I felt guilty, and we found a doc at Cornell that performed a brain operation, it took week but he healed 100% with just a scar left. I just wanted to let you know, it will always be a risk. But good luck and I'm sorry for your loss.
Laura - 2011-01-12
Hi, I'm sorry about your dog. I adopted my Chugs @ the Humane Society. JZ is tan. Lyzy is blk/wht. They both very energetic, playful,& cute. When I got them they were 2 mos. old. Now, they're 8 mos. old. They're stubborn @ time but patience also helps. I learned how to train them from the internet. I let them play in the back yard and walk them almost every day. It's fun to watch them play with each other, hide 'n' seek, chasing the ball or toy... I think you can check it out @ the Humane Society in your area.