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  The Chug is an attentive and active companion, and though it has a short history it is one of the most sought after hybrids around.
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rose85 - 2012-05-31
3 week old bulldog babies;very active and in good health

Taylor - 2010-10-22
I have had "Hooch" for 3 years as I inherited him from an older family member who could not take proper care of him. He was so upset about the move he would not eat so I made him Meatloaf! It took a while for us to warm up to one another but he started sleeping with me under the covers and that was it! Now....... we are attached at the hip! He is so smart and a one woman dog! He only gets "barky" when someone comes to the door or approaches us on a walk. He is SOOOOOO affectionate & always by my side! I love him dearly and can't imagine life without my little red man with the floppy ears! ;-)

debbie - 2009-08-23
I bought a Chug about 4 weeks ago and she is absoloutley adorable. She is so friendly with everyone and everyone stops me, asks what she is and want to take her home. She is very clean and has had only a couple of "accidents", which was when we first got her. But even then she always used to go on puppy pads virtually all of the time but, now lets us know when she needs to go out so seems to be virtually house trained already (at 12 weeks).
All in all I think she is a very intelligent dog and seems to know what is acceptable and what is not in relation to biting and chewing. She has learned that chewing her toys is ok but she must not chew and bite people. She loves company and her walks and has such a great little personality.
I can highly recommend this hybrid breed as they seem to have the best of both dogs but without the individual breed problems.
A small full of charcter dog and I am so pleased I bought her.

Erin Moore - 2012-02-23
My husband and I just adopted our 7 week old Chug last night. We've named him Emrys. He's the smallest dog I've ever had, but my husband has had a pug before. Little Emrys is joining our family of another dog, a Chow-Pei, and a Tortie cat.

Kjerstun Prybycien - 2011-10-10
i have a female chihuahua and a male pug that we discovered 'breeding' lol so looks like I'll get puppies in dec :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-10
    You're going to have fun...
  • Ann Quillen - 2011-12-19
    So, how are the puppies? do you have pictures?
tresa swiger - 2011-12-24
We got our first pugwawa and she is awesome

ms wilson - 2011-12-13
I have a beautiful female CHUG that weighs 18lbs. She is full size and runs and play, very energetic. She is located in Cleveland OHIO area and I am looking for a good home for her. She is up to date on all shots and comes with collar, cage, vet papers, tags and all documents. Please contact if interested and asking a rehoming fee. Ms Wilson at 216/965-1980

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  • Ann Quillen - 2011-12-19
    Wanted to see if this pup was still available.

    Is she housetrained? Why are you giving her up?
lori - 2011-10-09
I am looking for a female chug in PA or very close driving distance. Please contact me if you can help me find one...thanks.

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  • ms wilson - 2011-12-13
    I have a lovely female chug in cleveland ohio
SHARON C. - 2011-02-12
I have a chug that will be 3 n october, his name is jack. He is the light of our lives! However he does have quite a temper at times! Is this common in chugs? Just curious if this is common.

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  • Pamela Curran - 2011-08-05
    I have 2 chugs that just turned 3 in July, a boy, and a girl. My Barney, goes crazy every time someone comes to the front door. It's as though, he's a completely different dog. His temper changes and he growls, barks, and won't let you come near him until he sees who it is, then he calms down. But as far as temper towards us and our friends, he's a sweet heart, and has never turned on me.
Patty - 2011-07-20
I have a 1 1/2 year old Chug and he eats like he is starving.. WHY? Is he lacking something..He is overweight..

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-20
    You would be able to tell if he is overweight. This pup is a little guy and I don't know if he would require being fed twice a day or not. You might want to have him checked for worms - just in case. Little dogs frequently eat like they are starving and this is a little pup.
    Ask your vet about feeding twice a day - and also check for worms.