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  The tiny Chorkie is a sharp alert little dog, and to preserve its hybrid vigor it is usually not bred beyond the first generation.
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Charlotte Boeker-Burris - 2013-12-16
I live outside of Fort Worth. I have  chorkies, one a year old and three 2 years old. The older ones both parents were registered but I did not register them because I couldn't find papers on the dad. Mom was a blue deer leg chihuahua-very rare in color, dad was silver and black yorkie. I need to find homes for them because I now have too many. The younger one was sired by one of my males and is very unusual looking...he somehow came out with blue eyes.

Lori - 2013-03-12
We have a 5lb Chorky and would like to breed him so we can have two of them does anyone know who I can get a hold of?

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  • Charlotte Boeker-Burris - 2013-12-16
    Where are you located? I have two male chorkies, 2 years old. Their parents were registered but they are not. Mother was a blue deer legged chihuahua...and father black and silver yorkie...
Linda - 2013-06-19
My Chorky or YoWawa as a friend calls him is named Chippy. He is 4 lbs. ,black with tan markings on his face, legs, chest and underside of his tail. He is almost 12 years old. He is smart, playful and my Buddy! Got him as a puppy from a neighbor who had a Chihuahua who was unintentionally bred with the other neighbors Yorky! She had 3 pups . I never knew there was such a breed until I found the info online!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-21
    Sounds like a really cute little dog! The amazing thing is that all dog breeds are the same species, so all those incredible types of dogs we see, they are all the result of interbreeding:)
Cathy - 2013-06-02
My chorkie is about 7 lbs. and tan with dark highlights on her midlenghth coat, her ears and tail are dark brown. We recently adopted her and she warmed up to us instantly, though we think she must have been abused or traumatized in the past cause she doesn't bark at all. Giving her the love ,care and proper nutrition, i m hoping she 'll live and love us for a long time as she is the sweetetest and cutest creature i have ever cared for.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-03
    She's lucky to have you too, you're giving her an awesome home and I'm sure you'll both be rewarded with great companionship:)
Bree - 2012-03-19
My chorkie looks nothing like the one in the picture and she does not look like either breeds but she is tan and so cute and her name is dutches

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-20
    Sometimes offspring just don't look like either parent. It is that you love her and she has a great personality that counts.
Anonymous - 2012-10-21
My little chorkie is the cutest. Her name is Kahlua and she weighs about 7 lbs.

traci - 2012-11-20
My Chorkie looks exactly like this one! He even has the same green eyes!

HEATHER - 2012-06-24
My female chorkie Princess Gracey is the sweetest most loving pet I have ever had. She is also the most loyal dog ever. We have a large family and she loves us all, but, she has always been a mamma's girl from day one. These dogs make wonderful pets but mine is extremely small at barely 3lbs at 16 months. We have to watch her like a hawk.

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  • Robin - 2012-07-19
    I want a Chorkie that small! I love my and would love a teeny one, which was my original intent. How can you predict the adult weight?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-19
    It pretty much depends on the size of the parents.  Some are quite a bit larger than others.  You can get the largest one in the litter or the smallest.  If both parents are tiny - chances are the off spring will be.
  • Charlie\'s mama - 2012-07-21
    My Charlie looks exactly like this but he is much bigger. He is probably 15 inches tall and weighs 21 pounds. He isn't fat, but very muscular. The breed description is dead on.
Tracey - 2012-03-18
My Chorky looks just like a yorkie with short wild hair.
She's adorable about 3lbs.

Linda Maddison - 2012-03-04
My chorky looks nothing like others have seen online. He looks like a 4lb with real short hair gold chauhau.The only thing you see is the chau. Other then his ears flop they are not as big as a chau.