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Tampa - 2009-04-06
I love Jupiter, my little chug! At 5 months old, he is sooo adorable and very friendly. He is also a most definite ham. Whereever we go, people always stop to talk about/to him. We've even had cars stop to ask what kind of dog he is. I cannot believe the attention he attracts... people literally fall in love with him at first sight.

He absolutely loves attention. All day while I work at the computer at home, he sits on my lap. If we have company and he feels "neglected" he'll start acting up to get attention which is always good for a laugh. He's an absolute fantastic dog and I would highly recommend this breed. Although the AKC does not recognize the Chug, everyone agrees they should!!

Judy - 2009-02-15
I have a male Chug--he is the smartest boy I have ever seen. He does not have any bad habits and he loves the whole family. He's very sweet and if you ask him to stay he will sit there until you tell him it's ok to move. His name is Hobie. He never barks at animals or family members, but if a stranger pulls in our driveway he definitely lets you know about it. I have had all types of breeds, this one is the best mannered and loving pet I have ever had. He loves bed time and he will let you know that he wants to go to bed. He does seem to have a breathing problem sometimes and it's like he sneezes backwards. What can we do to help him with this. MRS LAMBDIN

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Sharon - 2008-12-07
I had never heard of a schnoodle until I got one for my husband for valentines day. He is adorable and everyone that sees him falls in love and wants one. Ollie loves walks, riding in the car, and running in the yard. A bundle of energy but listens well to our commands. He is truly part of the family.

tublubfubnub - 2008-09-22
That is so cute, great job.


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