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Marissa and Paige - 2009-07-31
This puupy is cute!! I want to buy one but my mom and dad won't let me, sorry.

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Taylor - 2009-04-27
My son had a beagle and it cam from a poodle family, which was weird. So it would hurt a lot of people, so we sold it.

Denni Wentzell - 2008-10-28
One should also check for hernia. My son had a beautiful little Beagle and the family loved her dearly. She began showing some indications of severe pain in her little belly and when the vet checked her, she had a hernia that was very aggressive. It had to be removed; then, it grew back. The poor little thing had to be put down as hers was the type of hernia that would come back over and over and wrap around her intestine. According to the people that sold the dog to my son, this was not something that was known to be on either side of her parents.


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