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   The Shetland Sheepdog or the Sheltie, has all of the desirable qualities of the Rough Collie, but in a smaller package.
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someone - 2009-12-15
I have 3 shetland sheepdogs and they are my life. One is 3 and his name is chance, one is 5 and his name blazer, and one is 5 months and her name is flicka. They are all so smart and I show them in obedince and agility. They are the best dogs I ever had, I will always have shelties...

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  • Diego - 2010-07-13
    Hi . . . . Um. . . . those are like really cool dogs. LOL! Party like . . . Shetland style! Like justin said. . . Boo cockers!
  • angel - 2014-04-24
    OML SUCH A CUTE DOG !!!!!! I want one sooo bad.
Jack - 2010-08-04
I have a Sheltie named Butch. He and his friend Double the Bubble are pals forever lasting. DTB {Double the Bubble} is a Doberman Pinscher, Sheltie, German Shepard, and Cocker Spaniel mix. How could you hate cockers?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-20
    A couple of darling dogs for sure, and I love the names, especially 'double the bubbles'
Kiersten Gaylord - 2011-09-20
I have a 6 year old Shetland Sheepdog named Bosley. When I got him(from my dads friend), he didn't even know how to sit! But now, he knows how to sit, stay, lie down, roll over, play dead, wave shake and high five, and a whole bunch of other things! He is also a trained guard dog and he has saved my life four times already. I used to love German Shepherds and that used to be the only dog that I ever wanted. Well, now that I have a Sheltie, that's the only dog that I'm happy with and I would probably never want any other breed. The Sheltie is the best pet to own and I love Bosley sooo much! (:

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-21
    They are neat - that is what my dad had and gee that pup loved my dad.
Kimberly - 2011-07-18
Hello! It is me again! I have a picture of Murphy!


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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-18
    It's a pretty puppy...
  • Kiersten Gaylord - 2011-09-20
    ohh he's so cute(:
lucky99 - 2012-04-25
Shelties are top awesome! They are the BEST dogs you can ever have!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-25
    They are smart for sure and so gentle.
justin - 2010-07-10
Look up:I hate Shelties. People say that cockers are better! All cockers must LEAVE this planet! Shelties rule, cockers druel!

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  • Some Chum - 2010-07-13
    That is so mean justin! Why would you hate shelties?
Anonymous - 2010-05-31
I love shelties. I have 1 medium sized dog.I am so happy I have one. It is May 31, 2010, and I got my Shetland Sheepdog on October 24, 2009. I'm loving him.{If you like shelties, you will be horrified. Someone wrote selties instead of shelties.

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  • brandon - 2010-07-10
    I'm horrified! Why would some one write selties! It sounds like some one hates Shetland Sheepdogs! It sounds like your selling them! Sell-ties! How terrible!
Kimberly - 2010-01-17
I have one shetland sheepdog and he is very loyal. My sheltie isn't always perfect,
but he is very calm. My sheltie is 7 and he is very cute.His name is Murphy.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-04-18
    I love Shelties. They're so cool and loving. Best dog ever. Buying a dog...."A Sheltie!"
  • ????? - 2010-05-31
    Cool. I'd like to see him.I'm sooooo jealous.{In a good way.} Tell Murphy I said hi.
  • Kristy - 2010-07-10
    I am so jealous{In a good way.}! I can't believe you have a Sheltie Kimberly! You are the most luckiest person EVER!
Kristina - 2009-11-24
I had a shetland sheepdog and she was so wonderful! She could bring a smile to anyones face, that's what I love about her. Most of the stories I hear about shelties is that they are so playful but mine is actually really calm. Her favorite time of the year was winter because she got to play in the snow. :) Whenever I saw her, her face was covered in snow. The sad thing is that 2 days ago she died. I'm not sure what happened to her but she is no longer with us. I will never forget her, she meant everthing to me. I am hoping that soon I can either get another sheltie or an astralian shepherd

Maureen - 2009-01-26
I live with 2 adorable shelties. They love to catch a frisbee, chase a ball and do tricks. If I get busy and don't give them something to do for a few days then they'll let me know by chewing my shoes. They are a great dog to play with, they like to be silly and do tricks, anything for food!! Wonderful begging eyes that you have to be careful of otherwise you'll be treating them all day. They love their food and their people!