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   The German Shepherd is a well-balanced dog in both temperament and physical appearance.
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riley - 2009-04-16
I have a german shepherd/border collie/labrodor puppie, very fun and active, and pretty

Shavauna - 2008-07-23
My male German Shepherd is so smart, when he was a puppy, I had to work at keeping one step ahead of him. He is always waiting for a command, like, c'mon, let me know what you want me to do already, laugh! High energery, physically and mentally. When we play ball, I purposely will throw it in an area where he really has to work to find it, he loves it! It may take awhile for him to find it, but his tail is constantly wagging, and of course he always gets his ball!

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  • Madison - 2010-03-24
    maybe you should enter him in an agility course like i did with my lab pup
lance - 2008-06-19
My German Shepherd came to me from a humane shelter which I helped out at. I found him scared of people, which turned anyone away from this beautiful dog. I worked with him as much as I could. I had to sit in his kennell and talk for days with my back to him. He finally came around to me but still wouldn't go to anyone else. I had to adopt him or he'd have to go down. I adopted him and he's finally forgiven people for what was done to him. Now he's the most loving, friendly and playful dog anyone has ever met. I would encourage anyone wanting a great family pet to get a German Shepherd. My sister loves it when he herds my little nephew.

Anonymous - 2008-05-28
Very intelligent dog

Anonymous - 2008-05-14
I have one!