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dlady - 2011-08-15
I have a red heeler/husky mix. He's a little over a year. But He is a great dog to have. Before getting him when he was 3 months old I was so scared of dogs. But he's like my best friend now. He follows me around all day, and when I give my kids or my husband hugs he's right there trying to get a hug or rub to (it's so funny). But he loves to chew bones and his toys (I got him a new toy the other day and he destroyed it within 5 hours. My husband walks/runs him in the morning and I walk him in the evenings. He likes to play fetch on the stairs ( I throw his toy over the top of the stairs and he runs down and brings it back, he does it like 10-15 times before he gets tired). He loves people and thinks that when we have company they are supposed to rub and love him too.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-16
    My compliments to you for getting a pup when you were afraid of dogs. So many are afraid of things and don't ever get the enjoyment because of fear. You overcame yours. Hats off to you
TDS - 2011-01-22
I could use some help with an emerging problem with my 9 month old blue heeler mix. Scrabbles is a rescue dog I have had for 4 months. She was fearful of everything when I first got her, especially men. Once she learned to return to me when called, I began to take her to the park every day and let her run about or chase a ball for about an hour. She is great with dogs and is growing increasingly comfortable with people, letting them pet her on occasion without pulling away. Kids have been at the park before but she usually avoids them or barks once or twice then goes the opposite
direction. Recently she has been getting more vocal with the barking and I
usually call her away to another part of the park. Then one day, shortly
after I let her off the leash, she suddenly began chasing a little boy,
circling him, and barking ferociously. I gather from the circling that she
was attempting to herd him but it was uncomfortably aggressive and she
attempted to nip him when she was close. The boy, thankfully, was
remarkably calm. I eventually leashed Scrabbles and he offered to walk her so I let him walk next to me while I walked her. Scrabbles seemed ok but after a couple of minutes stopped walking straight ahead and headed toward the boy again and not in a friendly way. So I just took her home. What can we do to reverse this emerging pattern of behavior, especially if I don't have or know kids who can interact with her? Is her behavior leading to biting a child?

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Gary - 2010-10-29
Have you ever seen the fabled mix of Great Pyrenees and Smooth Haired Collie?

Very rare. But the smartest, most mischievous and outstandingly unique combinations of herding/explorer dogs (with unique brown diamonds around the eyes and a body nearly that of the normally pointy-faced Short-Haired Collie).

Any gimmicky combo-names come to mind?

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Susan Mays - 2010-10-27
When you mean trained, do you mean house trained, he doesn't jump on people when they come to visit, he walks without pulling on a leash, and he likes to be groomed, can be taken to a dog park and run and play with other dogs?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-10-30
    Dogs need some training and house training is the one area that is most important for pet owners. For well tempered dogs kept as pets, that is often all that is needed. It sounds like your dog easily adapted to the leash, and is well behaved. Yet there are a variety of other types of training, like teaching him to heel, to poise in a show position, and so forth, depending on what you want to do with him.
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justin - 2010-07-10
Look up:I hate Shelties. People say that cockers are better! All cockers must LEAVE this planet! Shelties rule, cockers druel!

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  • Some Chum - 2010-07-13
    That is so mean justin! Why would you hate shelties?
Anonymous - 2010-05-31
I love shelties. I have 1 medium sized dog.I am so happy I have one. It is May 31, 2010, and I got my Shetland Sheepdog on October 24, 2009. I'm loving him.{If you like shelties, you will be horrified. Someone wrote selties instead of shelties.

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  • brandon - 2010-07-10
    I'm horrified! Why would some one write selties! It sounds like some one hates Shetland Sheepdogs! It sounds like your selling them! Sell-ties! How terrible!
Kimberly - 2010-01-17
I have one shetland sheepdog and he is very loyal. My sheltie isn't always perfect,
but he is very calm. My sheltie is 7 and he is very cute.His name is Murphy.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-04-18
    I love Shelties. They're so cool and loving. Best dog ever. Buying a dog...."A Sheltie!"
  • ????? - 2010-05-31
    Cool. I'd like to see him.I'm sooooo jealous.{In a good way.} Tell Murphy I said hi.
  • Kristy - 2010-07-10
    I am so jealous{In a good way.}! I can't believe you have a Sheltie Kimberly! You are the most luckiest person EVER!
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Anonymous - 2010-07-04
I just adopted a Blue Heeler/Husky mix. I live in an apartment and she does just fine. I provide two long walks a day and she has toys. She is a VERY good girl. Doesn't chew up content to rest around the apt until she is walked. All around a fabulous dog. My first dog in 20 years!

steve - 2010-06-19
We have two "Heelers", named Jondy and Jake. We got them from a rescue in Fresno, CA>, as 10 week old pups. Both were easy to house train, and except for the constant need to chew bones, shoes, plants, ETC. We sure love our cattle dogs! Both are VERY protective of the yard, and my wife and I. They also LOVE to go running with us when we ride our horses, but have never bothered the horses. If I could trust other folks horses we would take them on group rides as well.

Steve, Palmdale, CA.

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  • Veronica - 2010-06-28
    I was interested to read your post. My husband and I recently got a new puppy. She has Heeler in her. She also has Border Collie, lab and Scotch Collie. The BC is unmistakable in her, for she has the colouring and the patchy markings. She has the spotting of the blue heeler. Interested to learn more about any behavioural things you may have encountered with your Heelers. So far, ours is five months and training is coming along well. She loves everyone. She loves her older brother (a ten year-old American Eskimo), but tries to heard him. He doesn't seem to mind. But her ankle nipping is crazy. She doesn't really do it anymore with my husband, but for my seven year old son and I, she tends to go wild.

    We really love this dog and see that she's making a great family pet.
Robin Yaro - 2010-06-12
We have 4 Heelers which we have had since they were all puppies. Pepper (13) is going selectivly deaf. Banshee and Ghost (10) and Rocky (3). They are the best dogs we have ever had. We got Banshee and Ghost as littermates and didn't find out until Ghost was about 4 that she had either been stepped on or kicked by a horse and had her pelvis fractured. Other than having problems getting up and down now, she is still active even with her handicap which is a testament to how resilient these dogs are. They are very protective even to the point of taking on a Rottwieler to protect my husband after his back surgery. I would not recommend a Heeler as a family pet. If they grow up with the children it might be different but they are a bit aloof and do not like to be handled unless it is on their terms. They can also be aggressive with people. We recently took on my daughters 2 dogs, both mixes (not heeler), and they integrated pretty well although Rocky is a bit agressive towards the other male.


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