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vicky - 2010-03-22
Zoey is cute I have a question...Does she have a mate? We have this beautiful dog named TUBY hes 1yr and 3 months hes a pomeranian mixed with terrier.

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amber - 2010-03-16
I just got my chug about a month ago and he is so cute. His name is monster and it fits him perfect. He loves cats and small dogs any dog bigger he tries to fight. He is very protective of me and my one month old daughter. It seems like he doesn't like many men. I'm having trouble house training him but when we go outside I don't even need a leash. He learned by himself not to chew on cords and only chews on my slippers and his toys. I would recommend this breed for anyone.

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Nancy - 2010-03-12
I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are very different in
temperment. Both great dogs. This is a breed that loves attention , and
non aggressive. Very well behaved. Such a joy to have these animals in my
home as we are going on 7 and 8 yrs. old.

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Tashlin - 2010-03-10
Hi i love how small and cute this dog is, i have always wanted one for myself.

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Becky Brendle - 2010-03-09
I have a Blue Heeler, and she will be 2 years old in April. Her name is Sassy, and I love her very much.She has been herding since she was 8 weeks old. She is very smart,, and always wants to please me but here recently she has become more aggresive with the smaller goats. She wants them to stay in a certain area, and will not allow them to be with the herd. Should I be alarmed about this behavior.

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  • Em - 2010-04-27
    Unless she's showing actual aggression toward the smaller goats in a predatory fashion, I wouldn't worry about it. These dogs are smart and it's not all that rare to see them take a preference for sorting things into groups, whether it's people, their toys, or other animals. The big ones are different than the smaller ones. Keep an eye on her, but I've had dogs do this. One dog had such a drive to sort things that she would even pull rocks out of a river and sort them into large piles based on color.
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Dennis Jensen - 2010-03-07
Is there a Giant Schnauzer Dog Club?

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Joshua.M.V - 2010-03-07
We have a German Shephered Dog, male. We are on a look out for a short haired female dog. If anyone has for sale, pls inform.

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cheryl Fitton - 2010-03-03
I have a 1 yr old boy, long haired and is the captain of my other 4 dogs. @ labradors, ridgeback x and a kelpie/staffie x. He is the smallest and youngest. First time I'v had a small dog. He's the star of the show. He loves them all and enjoys his walk. Recommend to anyone who has the time as they love attention.

Joe Saylor - 2010-02-21
I have a long hair. BUT he licks his front legs for about 10 minuted at a time during the day. Is this normal? Buddy is very important to me.

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  • Bev - 2010-04-19
    I have a little dog, not a chihuahua but, he had allergies to chicken and licking can be one thing they do if they have an allergy. I hope this helps in some little way.
  • janella - 2010-05-24
    I have a long hair. He is solid white with dark brown eyes. He is so frisky. When I bought him I knew the was the one for us. He was very hyper and loved attention. I named him spunky, he is 2 years old now. I raised him from a small puppy. He is very protective of me. He loves to be outdoors and run around with my cat. Him and my cat are best pals. They never fight.
Tiffany - 2009-11-16
I've had a long haired chihuahua for five years, and she's an absolutely great companion. We've traveled everywhere together and she's always been happy and healthy. But she can't stand other dogs either, no matter how friendly they are. The best thing I've found for that is to have a high place that she can get away to and they can't reach her. Usually she just runs up to the back of the couch if she needs a break from the sniffing and grooming. Though your dog will probably get used to dogs a bit easier since they'll be raised together, it probably would help if he could be a little higher up once in a while.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-02-18

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