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Linda Maddison - 2012-03-04
My chorky looks nothing like others have seen online. He looks like a 4lb with real short hair gold chauhau.The only thing you see is the chau. Other then his ears flop they are not as big as a chau.

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tamcouse - 2012-03-04
How long will it take for my nine month old pup to get her long coat?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-04
    Around 6 - 9 months old, they shed (blow) their coat - baby fur and coat. Then the fur grows in and the process takes about 1 1/2 years before they have their adult long coat.
    Their coat will be long before this time but it will take awhile for your little guy to achieve his full long coat.
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Cris - 2010-07-15
Dr. jungle, can you please put an article about fox terrier?

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J9 Colorado - 2011-03-20
I love this breed. My resued Blue Heeler/Mix, Jesse Girl, is the BEST. She is a loving and extremely faithful dog. She is so smart, hardly ever barks, and is great with small children. Her bad qualities (don't we all have them!) are burying our socks and gloves in the yard. It is amazing what we find after the snow melts. She loves to go camping, hiking and is an awesome fishing dog. She needs a walk EVERYDAY ...but I think all dogs need to be walked everyday. She is more mellow than some ACD's, but is beautiful and looks 100% like a blue girl should, expect for being a little tall (she is 47-50lbs). I think this breed is excellent! I just think you have to be the right person for the breed and realize they need exercise and like being given direction. If you want an intelligent, loving dog with a personality...not a typical dog personality.. this is it!

Teesa Lilly - 2010-03-18
My red heeler's name is Zee. She is 10 and the best dog anyone could ever have. Today my Vet confirmed what I already knew.........she is going blind. My heart is breaking. I lost my father 3 months ago. My mother has altimzers. Six weeks ago she had to leave her home of 45 years to move into assisted living without my Dad to help her. Why does my Zee have to be going blind now? She has been my constant "rock" through all of this. I can't stand to see something happen to her, too. I'm sorry I sound like a cry baby, but I had to tell someone. Thank-You.

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  • Kristy - 2010-03-24
    Hi Teesa Lilly...I'm very sorry about your mother and the loss of your father ...and about Zee. My 10 year old dog Rebel a red-heeler is also going blind. He's still very happy though, and it seems that he really only has 1 eye he can see out of now. I'm just giving him lots of love... as always. I think it's harder on us than them since they already depend on us so much as it is. Hang in there you are not alone.
  • Kelly - 2010-06-27
    I have a red heeler and his name is Zip. He is my buddy and rock! The last couple of weeks I have noticed he was bumping into things when it was dark. At first I thought he was being a goof, but then when he did it again I knew something was wrong. So I searched on the internet and have learned this breed does go blind. He will be 8 in October. He can still see during the day but not at night. Did Zee first have night blindness and if so what is her progress on becoming completely blind? Sorry for all your bad news.
  • Angela - 2010-09-30
    I had a Red Heeler many years ago he had diabetes and went blind, just wanted to let you know he did great, he could still smell and hear and was a great companion even though he was I got him a lighted ball and for a long time he could see well enough to play with it. Good Luck to you and Zee!
  • rebecca pearson - 2010-10-23
    Hi my name is rebecca and I have a red heeler named cane, he just turned 6 and we just found out that he is going blind. He already is blind at night and in about 9 mths he will be totally blind. I have realixed that I am the one that will need to adjust and he will be fine. But it has just broken my heart he came into my life after my 4yr old son thomas died, and then when cane turned one I gave birth to my son quinten so they share the same birthday. Thanks for listening.
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jahayra - 2011-10-15
If anyone knows an apartment place that accepts american red nose pit bull terriers in greeley,co please let me me at you

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debbie - 2009-08-23
I bought a Chug about 4 weeks ago and she is absoloutley adorable. She is so friendly with everyone and everyone stops me, asks what she is and want to take her home. She is very clean and has had only a couple of "accidents", which was when we first got her. But even then she always used to go on puppy pads virtually all of the time but, now lets us know when she needs to go out so seems to be virtually house trained already (at 12 weeks).
All in all I think she is a very intelligent dog and seems to know what is acceptable and what is not in relation to biting and chewing. She has learned that chewing her toys is ok but she must not chew and bite people. She loves company and her walks and has such a great little personality.
I can highly recommend this hybrid breed as they seem to have the best of both dogs but without the individual breed problems.
A small full of charcter dog and I am so pleased I bought her.

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Perry - 2010-01-21
We just got a 1.5 year old female Boston Terrier and we couldn't ask for a more loving playful dog, although she does have issues being in a crate or being left alone. She poops in her crate as soon as she is left alone, even if she just went prior to being left alone. Anyone with any advice feel free to advise. She is not going anywhere, it would just be nice to fix these issues.

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  • millie - 2010-09-26
    Maybe this will work get a smaller crate.....the one you have may be too large, dogs generally do not go in their sleep area.
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Eileen - 2011-07-09
I have a female Golden Retriever and she's almost 4 years old. She is loved by everyone in the family and she even loves her small companion the female Shih Tzu. They always play together and often compete for their attentions, but they do get along. We give both of them same amount of attentions. One thing about her is that now I own two rabbits and I have the dog gate to keep them (both dogs and rabbits) apart and she always put her nose through the gate to watch my rabbits. Silly girl. :-)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-09
    They would probablyjust play. My daughter had 9 bunnies and 2 dogs and now just 2 bunnies and 2 dogs but she lets the bunnies and the dogs play. I guess the fenced in yard gets to be fun when she has to round them all up. She has a large dog and a real tiny one and all do well. Supervise --- or sure. Retrievers are gorgeous and always so friendly. Shsh Tzu seem to run th home though I think - NO?
  • Eileen - 2011-07-09
    I did allow my golden retriever to be near my rabbits, but she did accidentally step on one of them so I took her out. My shih tzu did chase one of my rabbits and he did butt head with her which he showed that he's not afraid of her. He did seem he had bitten her so I couldn't let that continue. So, I have kept both of my dogs and my rabbits apart since that happened. Maybe will try again after both of my rabbits are potty trained, I will allow both to roam inside the house like I did with my male Dutch rabbit did roam vefore I got my female Mini Rex rabbit.
  • Jada Stevenson - 2011-12-14
    Aww That is so cute . I always wanted a puppy golden retiever so bad. But I come to think it is a lot of money , and my mom said Not right now. When is the right time then lol.

    God Bless , Jada :-)
  • Nina - 2011-12-14
    I love this dogs they are so beautiful. I have six of them on my farm.

    Peace and Blessings.
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BRENDA MORRIS - 2012-03-06
I recently got an applehead male. He rarely want's to eat and when he doe's eat later on he will vomit is there something I can do to get this to stop?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-07
    I would switch food as possibility the food doesn't agree with him. I'd watch him eat as sometimes the eat so fast - the wind up throwing up. Feed him a little amount at a time and put a little yogurt on it to help settle stomach. If this doesn't work, I'd take him to the vet as I would be concerned about an obstruction. If he is active, playing and poop is normal then I would just think he is eating the food way too fast. Possibly holding off eating to make sure he is not going to get something better like toast or a cookie and if he doesn't get his little treats, he just wolfs down the food which causes him to throw up.
    Good luck - little yogurt on the food - or broth might be a good thing.

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