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christine - 2009-07-07
i was enterested in your puppy.
i am diabectic type one, i just want a puppy to love on cause its hard for me.
if you would give me information about the puppy and the price.
thank you! and god bless you!!

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jess - 2012-03-14
I had a chion named Betsy for about two, three years. Had a nasty break up and she went with the ex. She was a very social dog that loved everybody. Very rarely did she ever growl at somebody or snip at them. She played well with my daughter, even when Emma would pull her tail or play too rough. She was long haired everywhere. Adorable and loving. She was easy to train and easy to spoil. She weighed maybe eight pounds max. Kinda hard to take care of during the summer but didnt matter to me .

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  • tam - 2012-03-30
    What sort of training did you use? Crate, apartment style, litterbox.?
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richard - 2009-10-11
were trying to breed our shitzu with a bichon.about how many puppies will they have.

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  • Angie - 2010-08-15
    3 or 4. My aunt had a male shih tzu and a female bichon frise and they had 4 puppies. One died.
  • Anonymous - 2010-12-21
    Seriously? Come on now intertwining breeds is very very wrong!
    They are a breed in their own for a reason. Breeding these animals like that is against all us shih tzu lovers policies.
  • jordy - 2011-06-30
    They will have 3-5 puppys.
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Holly - 2012-03-26
We just got a little black and white long haired apple head last Tuesday! He is the love of our lives - well, our cats are too - but he is such a sweetie! He is now 9 weeks old and is very smart! He learned his name (Zero - partly because he weighs next to nothing, and also after the ghost dog on 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' in just a few days. He came pee pad trained from the breeder, and is doing well with eliminating on the pads as well as outside when we take him. He's currently 1.5 lbs. His mom is 4 lbs and his dad is 9 lbs. He takes after his mom in colouring, coat and bone structure, so we think he will be small. We've seen 2 of his siblings and they are twice his size already - although, he's not the runt. Great little dog! Wonderful in the car, wonderful with other dogs and cats and super with other people - although he's become very attached to me since I've been off work for a few days. He's warming up to my husband quite nicely. :D

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-26
    Cute - glad you are enjoying.
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St.Clair Labradoodle Kennels - 2012-03-26
We have many families with cats and our doodles get along very well with them. As stated above,early socialization is the key.

St.Clait labradoodle Kennels

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Sandy - 2012-03-25
I have had Chihuahuas all my life---I only have one now Bambi, she is long haired, just turned 6 years old, she loves everyone and all animals, she keeps me entertained all of the time, she was housebroken in a week, she gives me far more than I could ever give her----I will always have a Chihauaha. I had three at one time, Popeye, Deno and Pebbles, I lost Popeye in 12-05 at 17 and Pebbles at 10 14 weeks later that is when I got Bambi, I had to put Deno to sleep in 2010, he lacked one month turning 20.

Chihuahuas are special, loving, entertaining, always giving more than you could ever give to them. I will always have a Chihuahua

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MICHA - 2012-03-25

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Tracey - 2012-03-18
My Chorky looks just like a yorkie with short wild hair.
She's adorable about 3lbs.

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trish - 2012-03-18
I agree. My italian greys love anything that don't get them first. I have 3 adults and 2, 4 month olds that I have the mom and pop too. I also have 1 rescue grey off the track. It is great to see my big male think he is their mama and hold them down to clean their ears. I have great fun with all my greys and they are the best dogs I have ever had. The 2 pups are a hand full at the present time but, will get better, would not trade them for anything.

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karen - 2012-03-15
I have a chow-chow she is the best dog I have ever had. Her name is Princess and boy does she think she is the princess. I just love her she has given me a lot of joy.


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