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Chant - 2012-05-24
How to feed a 2 week old

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janice - 2012-05-22
I own a keeshond. I got him as a baby at 12 weeks old as a gift from my daughter He is my constant companion. He also is the love of my life. He is every thing a keeshond should be

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misty - 2012-05-16
My lil one is 3 yrs old. She had 4 pups in October, I was worried as well about the same thing. Me and my husband sat up with her until 3 a.m. , helped her have the babies. She did an awesome job, being it was her first litter. My husband only had to help her with one, guessing she just got tired, being it was her last one, which is what we thought. We woke up the next morning to find she had 4..

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liz - 2012-05-16
I have a beautiful female,one year old pom. And the problem is she has a mind of her own and very fussy about everything.
I have a couple of questions:
My mum and bro feeds her a lot of fish as she isn't interested in anything else either including dog food or chicken. Is too much fish safe?
Also, she doesn't obey any commands.. And get ferocious sometimes and if I try to make her obey she will bark continously..
Please help!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-16
    Fish isn't a good mainstay diet for a pup, just not enough nutrition, too watery and too much oil. Try feeding her a healthy food (I like Eukanuba) and use the fish as a treat for obedience training. Don't give her so much fish in training she doesn't eat her food. ou can also put a little juice from fish over her food and eventually eliminate that or try and little yogurt.
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aroha adkisson - 2012-05-09
I have a chion but even though i have read that they are very sociable. She growls at my husband everytime he tries to touch her. One day she bit him on the lip when he was just trying to kiss her by her nose. But when i do it she doesn't bite or growl, shes use to me im aroudn more often but when it omes to my husband she is very protective but on the other hand she also protects him when he is around people. Intersting. How do I get my chion to be comfortable with my husband.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-11
    WOW difficult one. Sounds like she is most protective of you and then protective of the family. Have your hubby give the chion little treats with commands. Sit, Stay, Pet, Hug etc -- I like to use turkey hotdogs sliced and then quartered and just in a bag in my pocket. Your hubby without realizing it may have done something that scared the pup - so he maybe just has to get the pup used to him and you might as welll use it as training time also,.
  • Dawn - 2012-05-12
    Hi, I also have a female chion. She growls and bites anyone who tries to move her if she is resting, she snaps at children who try to stroke her. She is remorseful afterwards and knows she has done something wrong. She is very loveable and playful but when she doesn't want to be bothered, she makes it known. When she does attack, she is very quick and quite aggressive. She is very protective of me but she will even snarl at me if she doesn't want touching.
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Linda Wilson/Zippys Mom - 2012-02-28
My Chi is 1 yr today. I worry so much about two things; the awful whooping sound in his throat, I've heard its a backward sneeze--- and the second is that he is kinda skinny. He eats great. I feed him Royal canine for chis. He is very active, plays with his toys and does not act sick. He is a long haired, we love him so much and he is so very potty trained, never in the house. One last thing are there any shampoos that fleas don't like??

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-29
    Many write in about their Chihauhau having sneezes or odd sounds and most reply that they have allergies - a lot of them. Your little guy sounds fine with the playing, eating and activity so I'd just assume allergies. Many suggest a different food but you are already on food for Chis - but possibly.....
  • Kokomos Mom - 2012-04-04
    My chi has a softer trachea that tends to flatten and it makes a sound like that, especially if she's been sleeping on it. Just be sure you are sensitive with the throat, only put him in a harness. And dont give him rawhide, just nylon bones. As for food, I feed my dog Rachel Rays Chicken and Rice and my dog is def healthy looking. And as for fleas, I would say daily use of a flea comb is better than any shampoo for fleas. Chis really shouldn't have any chemicals around them at all.
  • Ria - 2012-04-29
    My vet confirmed the backward sneezing. Sometimes my lil girl gets freaked out by it so I just talk to her and stroke her fur til she's done. Also if she starts to do it frequently I will give her a 1/4 teaspoon of clear children's benadryl. This will clear up the sneezing for a while.
  • Ronnie Mathers - 2012-04-30
    I have four long hair chis. Mom, pop, and two cute little babies. I rescued the mom and dad from a home where the man had over 20 dogs. They were in very bad shape when I first saw them. The fleas were everywhere and they had been scratching so much that they had sores all over them. I brought them home and ran them into the tub where I used Dawn dish soap on them. It killed every single flea on contact and didn't harm the dogs at all. I have had them two years now and this past January the female gave birth to three puppies. One only lived for four days; not sure what happened. I think she smothered it one night. The other two have had their full round of shots and are doing great. We are crate training them. It is a little tough but I think they are getting the hang of it. We have an accident every now and then. The male, Dodger, is black with tan marks on his face and white paws. He is my boy. He loves going for rides in the car and barks at everything. He is always by my side and is very loyal. The mom, Sissy, has a mind and attitude all her own. She is a sweet girl but strangers beware. We don't have company come over much anymore because she rules the house. They are very playful but they do not like it when my 10 year old runs through the house. She will go after him yapping the whole way. They both hate the door bell. We have to sprint to get to them and put them away when someone comes over. We are attempting to socialize the puppies though. When people come over we bring them out and put mom and dad away. We let other people pet and hold them. They, especially Dodger, are like babies. He always wants to be right on my lap or laying right next to me. He is my buddy.
  • tootie - 2012-05-09
    I took my long haired chihuahua to the vet for this same problem, because I too was worried. He assured me it was due to a soft trachea. He checked her and said it was not a problem at this point, and he would check her each year.
craig - 2012-05-08
My 3 year old is pregnant. Getting worried about the birth with the take that the birth sometimes needs assistance from vet. What would I do if cannot get to vet and it looks like she is having trouble.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-08
    I would sure take her to the vet before she is ready to give birth and talk to the vet. Many times little chis need assistance - actually surgery as they are so small they can not deliver naturally. You and your vet can discuss what options there are.
Ange - 2012-05-04
So I have a 1yr old long haired chi and I was wondering if trimming his hair( with clippers) just on his body and leave his head and tail alone; if it would grow back? So could you give me advice because summer is coming and we go camping alot. Thank you so much for your time and help:):)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-04
    Yes, the fur will grow back. People clip their chis allthe time.
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Sarah - 2009-03-06
I have a St. Bernard Shepperd mix. She is such a cute sweet heart. We got her as a puppy. She was a little bit of a dog, then she turned a lighter brown and was named bitsy.

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  • Missy - 2012-05-03
    I just recently got a saint shepard mix... just wondering how large yours got to be? Bernice is 8 1/2 weeks and is weighing in at 19 lbs
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Cynthia McCulley - 2012-05-03
We have 2 Giant Schnauzers and one mini-schnauzer. Our male giant just had his second toe removed and we are waiting for biopsy results, but expect it is skin cancer, the same thing that caused the removal of his first toe six months ago. Never knew black dogs were more susceptible to skin cancer. We hope this will be his last bout with cancer.


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