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Sylvia - 2012-11-24
I have a 3 1/2 month old blue apple head chihuahua. Her name is Maggie and she is awesome. We are still working on potty training, does anyone have any good potty training tips?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-24
    My daughter has a 2 1/2 pound mixed pup and she swears by the wee wee pads.  I have always had good luck with hanging the leash on the door knob.  When the pup has to go to the potty, they would play with the leash.  People say remove water and food after 8.  If they look like they are looking for  place to go - get them out quickly.  1/2 hour after eating and when they wake up.  All will work out - but sure takes patience.
  • david - 2012-11-26
    I HAAATE the wee wee pads. That teaches them to go inside. Its also a sure sign of someone who is too lazy to do the work of taking them out regularly when you're traing them. Small dogs are quick learners and they don't usually like to go anywhere near their home. That's why they usually like to go into a neighbors yard. there's my 2 cents. dave
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Robin - 2012-09-16
I saw an ad for has a Labradoodle-Shih Tzu mix puppy that is available for adoption. The puppy is adorable! Still, I have concerns about the cross breeding of cross breeds and wonder if this puppy has a hardy life ahead of her. Thoughts?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-16
    Better a cross breed than an in bred.  Genetically each individual pup comes with whatever it has.  Some breeds are more prone to certain behaviors and or diseases.  When you cross breed species the likelihood of both breeds having genes for hip displasia or ear infections or skin infections are minimized - unless you cross breed two dogs that have similar genetic material - you should be just fine. 
  • Alaa - 2012-11-28
    Consistency is the most important thing. Decide which metohd you want to use, and do it over and over again. When I was house breaking my puppy, I took her outside at regular intervals. When I was not home, she was in her crate. I also kept her on a leash inside the house for the first few months, so she was always near me. As she got better, I gave her more freedom. Don't be to worried if your dog has an occasional accident, just be consistent.References :
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Daniel Boudreau - 2012-09-09
We have a apple head chiuhauha.She is white and has black spots on her back,and one eye is brown and black.She is the smartest dog we have ever owned. She is so possesive of us.Some people who visit us at our home she is warm to,some she barks and growls at. She is such a joy to have in our house.She is such a joy to have in our home.

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Anna - 2012-11-26
My 14 weeks Chinese crested powder puff is already 7.27lbs; I can't find any growth chart for this breed. Is this weight is normal for his age? He supposed to be a pure breed. His mother is a powder puff as well and her weight is 12lbs while the father is hairless and he is much smaller (around 8.15lbs). Is it possible that this breed stop growing in an early age?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-26
    Her mom was a pretty large powder puff as they normally don't go over 10 pounds.  They grow quite fast from 1 week to 3 months and then the growth slows.  I would think another couple pounds and you have the size. 
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pete walsh - 2012-11-15
I just rescued 'cutie pie' and my life has been changed. She is a long haired cutie who is now the love of my life. She is always happy to see me and is very affectionate. I have had her for 6 days and can't imagine my house without her

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-15
    Good for you - glad
  • Jim - 2012-11-21
    Sounds like everyone LOVES the outcome and each other. GLAD for you and the dog is very glad, too.
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willow - 2012-01-28
I love Pomeranians to bits, but I am greiving as I have had to make the hardest choice I or any of you will ever have to make and that is to put your best mate to sleep when their time comes. Our girl was 20 yrs old.And we still miss her and will for a while yet. Leuka passed away Dec 21 2011.
Now she is at peace.

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  • Lori - 2012-02-19
    How wonderful you had 20 years with your girl! That is a wonderful long life and you and she were blessed to have eachother all those years. She is in a beautiful place in heaven. We have a girl Pom that is eight and I hope we are blessed like you were to have her for 20 years. Her name is Piper. We had collie whose name was Willow. I hope you find a new Pom to share with what you had with your Willow and give another Pom a long happy life with you too!
  • John Guysinger - 2012-05-28
    I know how you feel , I lost my Pom 4 weeks ago, she was killed. I had her for 14 years, she was my best friend , my traveling buddy .i miss her so much. Does the pain ever go away! I would like to get another , but will it be the same or am I just trying to hang on to her memory
  • Pat - 2012-11-20
    Hi Willow, google 'rainbow bridge. It's a poem that always makes me cry and feel better at the same time. Your Leuka will be there when you get there. Take care
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Anonymous - 2012-07-16
Hi there, I might be late but my daughter loves shih tzus and she was wanting one for her birthday possibely a female puppy so could you email me and tell me is you still have any please

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  • samantha steeden - 2012-11-20
    i ;love you
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greg t. - 2012-03-02
I have a yorkie mix named Peoples that is the best thing in my life! He is getting heavy and his diet is chicken and rice and veg. I know that that is not a good diet to have but I spoil him. What can I do to reduce weight?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-02
    There are adult dog foods which contain lower calories - As they mature their matabolism slows and a yorkie just isn't very big. Treats???? Are you giving him what you consider a small amount of treats - just a little piece of toast or maybe a chip? Might want to think about a different treat too.
  • chelsey - 2012-11-19
    i would like to buy a mixed dog that is taen plesse
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Becky Burnett - 2011-01-11
We have a mini dachshund and he has a gagging and mucus problem. He is always coughing and acting like he is going to throw up. Is there anyway to treat this problem?

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  • ron - 2012-02-23
    Our minis would do the same thing when they would eat or drink try raising the dish off the ground some
  • dukieball - 2012-11-17
    My doxie had this issue his whole life. He lived a full 12 or so years but he died with lung disease I think. He panted a lot and breathed really rapidly during the last few months it got better then worse I think he had fluid in his lungs. Check hs lungs keep an eye on his heart rate and breathing. Mine lived a full life but I always wonder if it could have been longer... if I had known I wouldn't have waited as long as I did to get him cheked out. I would get a loan or something for even just 1 more month with my lil dookie
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Nicholas - 2012-09-02
Hi, Im 14 years old and planning to buy a Bull Terrier. I study from 7:45 and get home 3:15. I have a huge yard and other dogs which don't fight to other dogs. Should I buy a male, female? Should I buy a Bull Terrier or it is a bad idea, considering I study a lot of time and I would walk him about 1 or 2 hours?  Please respond me ASAP, thanks

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  • Charlie - 2012-09-02
    No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't do. My daughter has 3 Bull Terriers and she is 28 and she - regardless of the training - has no control over them at all. They are all 3 - 5 years old now and extremely difficult to do anything with. Me personally, would be concerned about the other pups - when all is going well - maybe leave it alone. How firm a trainor will you be as they require firm training - not hitting or beating just a firm voice that is consistent and is a good solid dog trainer. How much time do you have to socialize this pup to other people, places etc. How many activites for school are you going to want to be a part of and not be home for the pup? You are going in to middle school and then highschool and do you want to be walking and training or do you want to play basketball, go to friends homes, go to the dances, date - so how much time will you have left for a pup that is extrmemly pack orientated, requires firm and consistent discipline and training.
  • Megan - 2012-11-15
    I have an 8 year old bull terrier that I have had since I was 12 years old. Females tend to be less aggressive towards other dogs. Males are very territorial, and may try to fight another male. My bull terrier is the best companion that I could ask for, and she is currently living with me in an apartment as a college dog and she has never been happier. I do go to school, and work but when I get home she is always waiting for me to lay on the couch with her. On my days off, I do take her for car rides and to go walking. I highly recommend the breed to younger people bc bull terriers love human attention. Just remember they are terriers so they are very stubborn, and hard to train but they will learn tricks with a lot of patience.

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