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Makica - 2013-03-02
This is my Maltipoo . Her name is Sasha, she is now 1 year old this picture was taken when she was 3 months old. I really love designer puppies. They are always the best of the two breeds, in my case Maltese and French Poodle.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-03-02
    The picture above actually is a Shih Tzu, which is a very old dog breed, and not one of the recent designer dogs. The photo was taken in 2006 at the 'Family Pet Show' in Pomona, California. But I bet I your designer dog is really cute, being a cross between two such adorable dogs as the Maltese and French Poodle!
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Jada Stevenson - 2011-12-14
I love this dog honestly, But i think it is expensive for really know reason. All dogs prices are unbelieveable to me and probably some other people too. Like I would really go to the store and by a 1,000 dollar dog please you must be crazy. But that is my opinion. All dogs gave they own special things about them and some just are plain. The ones that are plain prices should be lowered.

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Odalys - 2013-02-26
I also have a long haired Chihuahua. she is blonde and white and they are smart dogs. She is very obedience and understand a lot of things you tell her. The thing I want to know is there something to make her hair grow because she got a few fleas and from scratching she has some bold spots and also sleeps with me. They are very protective.

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ROSEMARY DIAZ - 2013-02-18
I found my little chihuahua after 5 years .in her absence she had broken her leg and was not treated. Now she limps,the vet says she need surgery,but I cant afford it.I s there somewhere I can go for some help for her?

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tolkien - 2009-08-29
What is the name of the chow chow from the foto?

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  • shane n. benlato - 2013-02-13
    chingklong is the name of tha dog chow chow (above) i know it because it is my own dog it is a boy and it is so not cheap in price because it is so very very pennyfull and am ahhhh !!!! thats all thank you !!!
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carolyn - 2012-02-05
Hi I bought my dog Roscoe 2 years ago..breader said it was a pekingese ..but I starting to think he is a Jap. chin ..I can't tell the differnce ..I have a picture if anyone could help

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-16
    I would suggest you check with your breeder. Possibly it didn't demonstrate enough of the show qualities of a perfect Pekingese, so was sold as a pet. That could account for some of the variability in its traits.
  • robin - 2013-02-06
    I know that you posted awhile ago, but I can help you. send me a picture and I will help
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Zachary Wulf - 2013-02-04
These are truly the best dogs in the world. At 11 months my little guy Wally was trained enough to walk without a leash. Taking care of him has even inspired me to start my own pet supply company named after him. It is called The Wallyboy Company and can be found at

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Renee Dickinson - 2013-01-28
My family and I inherited a chion last year from one of my husbands friend who could no longer keep her. What a blessing! She has been an absolute joy to have and is just the sweetest little thing ever. She loves everyone, including children. She adjusted really well to our home with three animals already living here....two cats and a lab/beagle mix. She wasn't fond of them at first, but it only took her a short while to get used to them and she adores her canine sister. I would reccommend softer food for this breed though, because they have such small teeth and they tend to have issues with their teeth and gums. She happens to love snuggling under blankets too, so you need to make sure before you sit doen on a crumpled up blanket, she isn't all hunkered down taking a nap.

Bob - 2013-01-28
We have a 4 year old female that is the sweetest little dog that thinks everyone is here to be her friend. She ignores other animals on our walks but wants to meet everyone, especially children. She is a little barky even at noises she should know. All in all she is 4.5 pounds of happiness.

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kelvin izuogu - 2012-01-13
i have 11 months female rott,i want to know when it can be mate with a male.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-13
    I have been told fairly consistently to not breed a female dog until it's second heat - which is usually around a year old.
  • k. lott - 2013-01-26
    You should until she is at least 2 years of age, to be fully developed and mature enough (mentally also)for motherhood. Of course, she shall only be bred after passing hip and elbow exam. Not to mention if she has correct temperament and only to a sire that has the same and compliments her look.

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