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Peter - 2013-04-23
my powder puff has been itching his eye alot but when ever we try to make him stop he will try to bite me? and under his eye is a penny sized red soar...PLEASE help i dont want my baby to go blind!

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Anonymous - 2013-04-16
I had a Wonderful Airedahl.The prettiest one I've ever seen. Mannerly and healthy. I would love a soft,young wavy to curly headed undercoated protective Airedahl bred to guard. Heals my Rainbow-adoring Heart of Mercy. Anyone in Texas-near Galveston? Hint.hint! I am now puppy love sick.

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Bryon Jones - 2013-04-13
I am just curious as to why people buy mixed breed mutts and pay huge money for them? At the end of the day, they are still just a mutt and the pounds are overflowing with them. Legitimate breeders try to better a breed, not mix them for profit with another breed to weaken characteristics

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Anonymous - 2013-03-28
there is a comment on here about the Chins' diet containing corn. I was told when I purchased my Japanese chin that the breed is allergic to corn. After my dog accidently ate some cat food containing corn I found this to be true. DO NOT feed your Japanese chin anything containing corn if you value their health!

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Dee - 2013-03-26
My papillon female is pregnant, my male chocolate chihuahua is the daddy she is due a week today :D cant wait for the little bundles to arrive :D

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    Anonymous - 2013-03-18
    Can you please tell me who this dog is in the photo. I'd like to contact the owner

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    • Clarice Brough - 2013-03-18
      It sure is a cute Chocolate Labrador! As you can see by the credits, the picture originated from Wiki Commons as a public domain photo. Perhaps they can help you find the owner. Good luck!
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    german rottweilers - 2013-03-06
    Rottweilers are mostly not scary and dangerous if treated properly. I have a female rottie who is about 3 years old. Rottweilers are good pets when treated properly.

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    Michelle Logan - 2013-03-04
    I have a longed haired chihuahua. His name's Fluffy. He's a fireball. He's so full of energy all day long. It's really difficult to train him. My mom has another dog. A toy puddle. Her name's Audi and she is very old. She is 16 years old. Fluffy's not 1 yet. But he still tries to play with her like she is a puppy. Fluffy does not like any of our neighbors and hates cars. He tries to chase them on our daily walks. I don't know how to calm him down.

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    • Jim - 2013-03-04
      Our dog goes berserk over the mail lady. When we have the windows open and she hears him she says 'HI KILLER!!'
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    Rosa Boca Raton Fl - 2013-01-19
    My son and I rescued a male EBT when he was 10 weeks old, we were told he had dermatitis, it turned out to be yeast, wich has gotten worse in the last 3 months. We tried oral antibiotics, oral antifungal meds, nothing is helping. We bathe him with selsum blue shampoo, nothing. Any sugestions? Please help, he is chewing his paws raw!

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    • Anonymous - 2013-01-20
      Try giving a raw diet, glueten and carb free. Find one with no potatoes! Give a tea tree oil based shampoo bath. My sister in laws pekinese has yeast infections she put him on stellas dog food wich is pre packaged raw food but with an English bull terrier there expensive to feed. Find a holistic vet my ebt has skin issues and I resolved them with diet change, I'm a firm believer in not over medicating my dog because it actually will rob there bodies of the good bacteria as well as the bad. Good luck! There are many websites on feeding raw and a good holistic vet can help as well. Most non holistic vets are given commission for the foods they sell and they aren't always the best choice for your situation, vets also don't go go to school for nutrition thhey spend about three weeks learning about companies like science diet.
    • Guy St. James - 2013-02-11
      Our Bull Terrier had a skin problem when we got him, at 5 months old. We were stumped as to helping him. The 'Vet' made suggestions and treatment, but the advice didn't seem to help that much. Since this is our 4th Bull Terrier in 32 years, I thought no way am I going to let this condition beat our new friend[pet] up. Long story short, did my homework on the computer and connections[clubs] ete. Turned out to be 'MITES'yes 'MITES'. Dirty little %$&*. It was confirmed by the Vet finally. These pests are virtually microscopic and tough to identify and often go overlooked and undiagnosed. Check your 'Bull' for these little devils. They wrecked havoc on our boy. Treated with 'Revolution' drops. Vet will tell you the process. Our 'Bull Terrier' hasn't had a problem since. All his fur grew back and his feet[paws] are beautiful. Hope this will help. It's awful to see them suffer. Good luck.
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    Ellie - 2013-02-10
    I've got a grand basset griffon vonde.

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    • Ellie - 2013-02-10
      He's called brioche!

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