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Anonymous - 2011-04-27
I adopted a puppy almost 3 months ago. Her mother was a blue heeler and the vet thinks her father to have been an australian shepherd. This dog is very sweet and loving and loves my family. I have two small children, ages 2 1/2 and 5 and she is great with them except when she sees them running and decides to run after them and "herd" and nip them. This dog is very bright and learns tricks very quickly. But she is extremely energetic. She must be crated while I work for about 4 1/2 hours a day. I exercise her for 30 min. 1 hour in the afternoon, which is all I can do. Before she gets her exercise she is digging my yard, grabbing things off counters and tables, and chewing anything she can get. I can't leave her unsupervised for more than a few minutes at a time. She has tons of chew toys and my older Golden Retriever to play with, but gets into constant trouble. When I crate her to keep her out of trouble for a few minutes she makes so much noise that she wakes up my children and drives everyone nuts. So my question is when-if ever-is this dog going to calm down? I don't think I can take a full year of this behavior and I already give her all the time I have to exercise her and train her. My husband is done with her and wants her to go. Should I find her a home in the country or wait it out and risk losing my sanity?
Thanks for any advice.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-27
    I have included an article on the Australian Cattle Dog for you to read. Just click on it. It doesn't sound like this pup will calm down. It is a herding dog and high energy. It is the nature of the dog. It is a hard decision to make but you have to look at what you believe to be best for the children, the pup and you and hubby.
  • Clarice Brough - 2011-04-30
    What a darling pup! You got a high energy breed topped with being still a puppy. Just like a litte 2 year old always on the go. Even as she gets older she'll still be an active dog, but I think that puppy behavior should calm down.
  • Ann - 2011-05-29
    Try teaching the pup how to chase a frisbee. I too have a high energy herding dog and just adopted a cattle dog. Frisbee really helps take the energy out of them. I believe they claim that playing frisbee for 20 minutes burns the about the same as an hour of walking. You can download a free book from Hyperflite that tells about getting your dog started playing frisbee.
  • lauren - 2011-07-05
    Find a dog trainer.
  • Bridget - 2012-12-12
    We have a Corgi/Blue Heeler mix who is very energetic. I have taken her on a 6 mile run, and 30 minutes later she is up wanting to play again. The quickest way to tire her out is to do mental tasks with her. She loves to play hide and seek with her toys. We also do lots of training with her, and will go lay down and sleep for several hours after a hard 15 minute training session. You have to understand the task-oriented mentality of the herding dog. As well, our dog is crated when we are gone (she is 1 year old, and eventually will have the run of the house), but when we first started crating her, we had a lot of issues with her anxiety. We used positive reinforcement with her to correct this issue. So we put her in the kennel, and used a clicker. Every time she calmed down, even if it was for a split second, we clicked and treated her. After 4 sessions, she learned that she was required to be quiet in her kennel. If your dog is very food motivated, clicker training and reward are a very effective method with very smart dogs like the heeler.
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Mariana - 2013-05-10
I just got a labradoodle last week and she has tried to escape, when she is in her leash. We have been gaining her trust, but we want to be sure that she will not get out of her harness, what should we do to help train her?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-10
    Firm but positive training works best. Labradoodles are one of my favorite mixed breeds. They have all the great attitude characteristics of the labrador, and the darling (non-shedding!) coat of the poodle. These dogs are intelligent, playful, and sometimes mischievous, but always seeking human connection. There are lots of good resources; books, magazines, websites and others, that can give you indepth info on training. One good method is to find a dog trainer that can offer suggestions or coaching.
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Val - 2011-09-27
English Setters are wonderful dogs but they are dreadful puppies! If you can survive the first 18 months with one, you are home-free. You will need an ample supply of bitter-apple products to protect your wooden furniture (particularly chair legs) and I would strongly advise obedience training. But they really are fantastic dogs once they mature - loving, loyal, sweet-natured and cuddly.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-27
    Sounds like you were busy ---- they are excellent pets though. Puppies can be a pain at times but they are cute.
  • erin - 2012-12-30
    You are SO right about them being dreadful puppies! Ours wasn't a chewer but was always into or up to something. He's such a good boy now at two that you'd never know he was such a little hellion for the first few months!
  • mk baker - 2013-05-07
    Stop...don't believe everything you read (on the internet in particular.)I've had many dogs of all breeds - 'drop-out' seeing eye dogs, dogs from'Pet,' - etc. My only 'pure' dog was kind of pushed upon me by my youngest daughter. Her first great love was the son of a family who, for generations, has bred and trained champion fied trial and bird hunting, English setters. I have to admit that my Grouse Ridge English Setter is the greatest, loving addition to our family. That INCLUDES from her puppy-hood. GROUSE RIDGE ENGLISH SETTERS are supreme Englisg Setters!
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Peter - 2013-04-23
my powder puff has been itching his eye alot but when ever we try to make him stop he will try to bite me? and under his eye is a penny sized red soar...PLEASE help i dont want my baby to go blind!

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Anonymous - 2013-04-16
I had a Wonderful Airedahl.The prettiest one I've ever seen. Mannerly and healthy. I would love a soft,young wavy to curly headed undercoated protective Airedahl bred to guard. Heals my Rainbow-adoring Heart of Mercy. Anyone in Texas-near Galveston? Hint.hint! I am now puppy love sick.

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Bryon Jones - 2013-04-13
I am just curious as to why people buy mixed breed mutts and pay huge money for them? At the end of the day, they are still just a mutt and the pounds are overflowing with them. Legitimate breeders try to better a breed, not mix them for profit with another breed to weaken characteristics

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Anonymous - 2013-03-28
there is a comment on here about the Chins' diet containing corn. I was told when I purchased my Japanese chin that the breed is allergic to corn. After my dog accidently ate some cat food containing corn I found this to be true. DO NOT feed your Japanese chin anything containing corn if you value their health!

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Dee - 2013-03-26
My papillon female is pregnant, my male chocolate chihuahua is the daddy she is due a week today :D cant wait for the little bundles to arrive :D

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    Anonymous - 2013-03-18
    Can you please tell me who this dog is in the photo. I'd like to contact the owner

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    • Clarice Brough - 2013-03-18
      It sure is a cute Chocolate Labrador! As you can see by the credits, the picture originated from Wiki Commons as a public domain photo. Perhaps they can help you find the owner. Good luck!
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    german rottweilers - 2013-03-06
    Rottweilers are mostly not scary and dangerous if treated properly. I have a female rottie who is about 3 years old. Rottweilers are good pets when treated properly.


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