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JD - 2009-07-20
~Cos Life is merrier with an Airedale Terrier..!~

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Anonymous - 2009-04-20
I love these dogs. They are the smartest dog I've ever seen. They are also extremely active. They will try to herd everything and everyone. Mine herd everything from our ducks and chickens to my thoroughbreds. I couldn't imagine a better dog breed.

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alberto barrera - 2009-12-05
how long does a dog's menstrual cycle last? and how often do they occur?

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lindsey e. - 2012-08-02
You know what always pisses me off, when people start saying that pitbulls or rottwielers (sorry dont know how to spell that) ect. are mean and aggresive dogs, because the truth is any dog can be aggresive. It's all based on the owner. I mean you don't see people bad-mouthing wiener dogs or yorkies when they bite someone. Anyway didn't mean to yell at anyone just wanted to express myself

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-03
    Some dogs are easier to train than others.  Some humans take the necessary time to train their pups and some don't.  Different breeds of dogs are know to have different dispositions and maybe because they are hunters, or fighters, or just larger - they need a human that is able to provide quality training.  Many humans can train a poddle for example as they are eager to please where possibly a pitttbull needs a firmer or more experienced trainor.  Parrots have different personalities and some are just so easy to have as pets and require no training to speak of.  Some are a little stubborn.  So yes, it is based on the owner and it is also based on the personality of the breed or species. 
  • Tabitha Boggs - 2012-11-23
    You are right when you say any dog can be aggressive. But what a lot of 'pitbull' owners don't understand is that terriors are naturally dog aggressive. It does have a lot to do with how the dog is raised. But 'pitbull' owners need to always be aware of the terrior in them and understand their dogs body language to hopefully prevent any negative reactions from their dog.
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vicky - 2011-02-08
Hello I am looking to give a forever home to a old english sheep dog free to good home. He/she would have lots of walks love and attention.

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  • Tracey Walsh - 2011-03-10
    I was curious if you were still looking for a home for your Old English Sheep dog. I have a 6 year old OES and would love to add another to our family.
    Thank you,
    Tracey Walsh
  • Jennifer Elliott - 2011-06-24
    Where do you live? Jenny
  • Jodie - 2011-08-15
    Where do you live? We are breeders and often rehome dogs in which we are retiring from breeding, or have decided not to breed. We may have a 3 year old female available.
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EB - 2011-06-24
Thank you for all of the infomation you gave me about this pet.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-24
    You are very welcome - thank you for being with us.
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Anonymous - 2012-08-05
We have a one that is over a year old, and have had him since he could be weened from his mother. He is so sweet, but at the same time, he is a nightmare. He isn't grasping anything we have/are trying to teach him. If he get's past the kitchen door, he is running to rooms to pee and poop on the beds. He won't listen, doesn't sit, and if you tell him to stay, he stops until you turn around, then follows. I don't know what to do. Our other dog, a Shepard, is fine and we taught him the same way. Does anyone else have problems with this breed seeming 'dumb?' It is getting SO frustrating that we have seriously contemplated getting rid of him. Any suggestions?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-06
    Chugs have a independent nature, although they love their humans, but it canmake training them more difficult.  Shepoherds love to please their humans and are so smart and they listen.  Chugs are the typical two year old human.  I would try and crate train him.  He is right withyou next to you where you can grab him or he is in the crate.  What you would be doing is preventing him from making any errors.  He is next to you and then you pick him up and take him outside and walk him (don't forget heel) and then he goes in his crate.  You take him out of his crate and take him back outside and he goes to the bathroom and then he comes back in - directly again right by you or where you can see him.  Get the housebreaking part down and then worry about stay.  You can use 'Stay'  'Sit' etc but just initially worry about getting him housebroken.  I would wash all the bedding or have it dry cleaned as his scent is on those items and you want to remove that sccent. 
  • Gigi - 2012-08-20
    I have a year and a half year old chug. He is very independent and intelligent. He practically potty trained himself and it could be because he hates dirt, and the smell of pee and poop. When he goes outside to potty, he tells me by barking and stops when I acknowledge that he did his business and follows me to pick it up. Your chug needs to learn that pee or poop on beds is wrong. Because they hate the smell, make sure you make them smell and say NO. Wash out all evidence of their pee and poop and they won't go back. Save a piece of paper towel with a tiny bit of pee and place it where you want your chug to do its business. Sometimes when I command my chug to do simple things like SIT, he conveniently turns DUMB like yours. I have to stand up and be above him and say in a stern voice to SIT then he follows. They are very sensitive to your tone of voice. Be it a stern command or a sweet I love you. My chug learns a trick with just one session. But I have to keep asking to see that trick or command. He really gets it and when he gets a petting, he will use his paw to show me where he wants to be scratched. Sometimes I feel like he will speak in human words one day. Extremely smart and independent dogs can be very difficult but also very rewarding. Chugs need a lot of excercise. Make sure yours gets a lot. You will notice that their chihuahua personality takes over and they are hyper then once the energy is expended, they 'pug out' like a light. Be patient. Your dog loves you and needs a lot of attention. I mean A LOT of attention.
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Jen - 2012-09-22
Vaccinations do not cover Heartworm - they only cover the Parvo virus, Hepititis, Distemper & Kennel Cough (aka Canine Cough). For protection against Heartworm you would have needed a monthly chew eg Interceptor or Sentinel, Topical Treatment eg Advocate or a yearly injection called 'Proheart' your Vet should have explained all this information to you. Sorry for your loss.

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Blair Dixon - 2011-11-26
I had a beagle as a boy (Freckles. RIP) now at 39 my partner and I have adopted a 3 year old beagle and love (Buddy) to death he is our baby boy. He has a very strong peronality that is his alone. He is my everything.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-28
    That is what happens when you have another companion in your life. Love it.
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Anonymous - 2009-11-16
They are loyal and make awesome pets!


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