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Anonymous - 2013-07-18
'LUIGI' got lost on the Mass pike....we never saw him again ran 35 miles an hour under a guardrail under a 53 foot trailer, made it to the other side and was gone. In the woods. Please contact me, we have his sister, 'PRINCESS POOCHANELLA'..I never gave up the search... Kim @(413)433-5701 or Bob @(413)433-5732.

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jacob cummings - 2009-03-22
Our Mastiff is a gentle giant and I highly recommend it for a pet. He is 10 years old and is getting to be very old. If you get an english Mastiff I suggest You have a vet take a look at his eyes and hips for cataracts and hip dysplasia. If my Mastiff gets sores on his legs what do you recommend we do to take care of his legs.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-26
    WOW  hard to know.  Why sores - I think I  would just ask the vet.  Is something itching him so he is chewing on his legs?  Does he have a dry skin or any skin condition?  Could he possibly be allergic to something?  It is like if one of us humans gets a sore - what caused it and then you can treat it.  Possibly (and i hope) that yours never does get sores. 
  • jenny - 2013-06-15
    my mastiff is 7 and he also has a sore on his back leg that will not heal. I have been putting Vaseline and antibiotic ointment on it with no luck. he is also chewing on his paws and legs and is losing hair. I think he is allergic to the carpet freshener I used to help with the odor he leaves in living room.
  • Brenda - 2013-07-14
    We use Desitin (a baby cream with fish oil) for human and animal sores. It's about the best product I know about for sores. I think that if an animal can reach to lick it, you should try to cover it.
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Nan'c Hedge - 2013-06-09
  Scooter was adopted from Saving Grace in Wake Forest Raleigh NC on / or about April 2008.  Scooter was found wandering down the highway near Wake Forest.  If this is your dog, you are definitely missing her.  She has been the smartest dog we have ever had.  We believe she is part Beauceron/ Shepherd.

She already had lots of training or she was extremely smart.  Best guard dog and friend we have ever had.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-09
    What a cutie!... Scooter's not my dog, but I sure with he was, he looks so great and sounds like a very cool dog to have.
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Linda - 2013-06-19
My Chorky or YoWawa as a friend calls him is named Chippy. He is 4 lbs. ,black with tan markings on his face, legs, chest and underside of his tail. He is almost 12 years old. He is smart, playful and my Buddy! Got him as a puppy from a neighbor who had a Chihuahua who was unintentionally bred with the other neighbors Yorky! She had 3 pups . I never knew there was such a breed until I found the info online!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-21
    Sounds like a really cute little dog! The amazing thing is that all dog breeds are the same species, so all those incredible types of dogs we see, they are all the result of interbreeding:)
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anna - 2013-02-13
You are going to love your vizsla puppy! Vizslas are sensitive, very smart dogs. Loves people and company! They do need a lots of walk! Please, lazy people do not buy them, they are going to go nuts inside a small apartment! Running, hunting, investigating is in their blood, they need to burn the energy like a 5 year old toddler!:) If you see your vizsla's rib, please, give some REAL food!:) of course, who else then a hungarian vizsla lover!:)

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  • senga - 2013-06-18
    Hi I have just got a viszla. The first 2 days she was great, now she doesn't want to go out and walk, can u help me, whats up with her.
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Benjamin Aunger - 2012-12-05
I want to get a Rottweiler but I am afraid of how much it sheds and if I train it as a guard dog will it attack non bad people?!?!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-06
    A Rottweiller really doesn't shed a lot and its hair is very very short.  Easy to keep clean without odor.  However, they are a little stubborn when it comes to training.  Treats are great and  playing/training is good.  Example you are both running inthe yard and you yell 'STOP' and you both 'STOP' or 'SIT' and you both 'SIT' because as pups they have a big amount of energy.  You don't have to train a Rottweiller to be a guard.  The Rottweiller will love you, your family, people you allow in your home etc.  They should be well socialized to be around all people with you.  Take them to town and walk around, let people pet him etc.  The more socialized the better.  As for guard - anyone who does not know your pup - is not going to go near your pup just cuz Rottweiller so automatically a guard dog.  They also know what is their territory and will stand guard.  But socialize him well to as many people as possible.
  • Anonymous - 2012-12-06
    Thank you so much!!!
  • jun morano - 2013-06-17
    I have a 5 months old male rottweiler with certificate, but his hair is somewhat thick and curly, base from what i read, their hair should be short and straight.. any comments on this? what should be the average height of male puppy at 5 months, mine is 17 kgs now. Thanks
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-18
    I think their coat can be 'wavy' looking, also  on size and height at 5 months, here's a  Rottweiler Growth Chart, enjoy:)
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F.D.Maloney - 2013-06-15
Your comments concerning breed standard height/weight for German Shepherds is a colossal joke.Show people,breeders have ruined the breed...period. Furthermore, using policemen,of all groups, as knowing anything or having a bond with their dogs is a poor example of dunderheads understanding such highly intelligent creatures. Sending their partners into harms way, the epitome of cowardice. I have owned one German Shepherd Dog at a time for 50 years and each of them were my constant companions[pink papered]between 28 and 31 at the withers and weighing a lean 100 to 120..straight backed and gorgeous'best friends'several had movie roles and did tv commercials.God's Creatures.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-17
    Dog 'breed standards' refer to what the various breed clubs have set as their guidelines for specific externally observable qualities in a dog, such as appearance, movement, and temperament. The standards vary from one club to another and many dogs are also outside these standards, so won't be used to show or for judging. Theses standards also have little bearing on the quality or ability of any individual dog being kept as pet or for working. Although some people do enjoy sharing info about standards here (most likely for a particular club), the article doesn't list standards for any  particular clubs. If you want that  info your best bet is to get it directly from the breed club your interested in, for example, here's a link to the German Shepard breed standards set by the American Kennel Club,
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luv GRs! - 2013-06-12
My uncle had 35 dogs before (ya I know wayy too much dogs)in his house. One of them is golden retrievers and I think they're great! They love to stick by me, really welcoming! My uncle is going to get me a golden retriever baby soon.

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laurie - 2013-01-05
I love the feisty demeanor of this breed. They are very smart. Some are couchpotatoes, some Need lots of play time. They are very entertaining. Mine is long haired & often confused with Papillions. It took 2 years to housebreak him. He knew better but was stubborn. Thank you to the family who rescued the pups. I'm sickened by human behavior.

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  • Jim - 2013-06-11
    It took our dog about a month or two after we got him. At the time we got him he was 4 weeks old. He goes on his 'puppy pad' all the time. One thing.....sometimes he will miss but don't we all miss once in a while? He's very good at sleeping at night. he will go into his cage when he's tired(10-11pm) and won't wake up until 8:30am. My wife walks him twice a day and if he had his way he'd live outside(nice weather).
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Cathy - 2013-06-02
My chorkie is about 7 lbs. and tan with dark highlights on her midlenghth coat, her ears and tail are dark brown. We recently adopted her and she warmed up to us instantly, though we think she must have been abused or traumatized in the past cause she doesn't bark at all. Giving her the love ,care and proper nutrition, i m hoping she 'll live and love us for a long time as she is the sweetetest and cutest creature i have ever cared for.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-03
    She's lucky to have you too, you're giving her an awesome home and I'm sure you'll both be rewarded with great companionship:)

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