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Katelynn - 2013-08-05
Okay so in the message it says beef is not recommended for a chihuahua and poultry is better but my chihuahua is really allergic to poultry, like chicken and turkey. Should I try switching him over to chicken or should I keep him on beef?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-22
    If he is allergic to chicken I wouldn't switch him over to it! It might be a good idea to ask a vet what the optimal diet would be for him.
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Trinette - 2012-10-22
Hello folks, I have what I suspect is a Chug. His name is Benji. A of a friend of mine needed to rehouse him and I accepted. I believe him to be about a year old but I'm not sure. I have a 13 yr. old female black pug that is blind in one eye and going blind in the other. He is a bit much for her but they are learning to get along. I can tell he is very intelligent and learns quickly. I'm looking forward to many years of bonding with him. As he is unaltered I wonder if this will be a problem for him or if neutering is best. I believe in neutering my animals as I am not a breeder nor want to be an accidental one. My pug is spayed so no accidents here. He doesn't hump people and has figured out that my pug doesn't want to be humped for dominance or pleasure. Thank you for your earlier comments about your chugs.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-23
    I think it is always good to spay/neuter a pet if you aren't intending to breed.  The two pups should bond and get along quite well and I think you will find the Chug will lead the Pug around helping with the lack of sight which is a good thing.
  • Anonymous - 2012-12-09
    We just got a chug a week ago and she keeps biting and nibbling. How do I reduce the nibbling and biting?
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Kim Wood - 2012-09-03
We adopted an approx. 5 year-old chihuahua-long haired mix from the shelter about 1-1/2 years ago. His name is Reese and we love him to death. We visited the shelter, adopted him and came back to pick him up a few days later after mandatory neutering. He has adapted well to our loving home and new environment. We suspect he was abused at some point by men as he is a little leary of men until he meets them. He is a mama's boy. Loves Daddy for the walks and playing, but sleeps with Mommy all of the time. He has some kind of allergy and we have spent $1,000.00's trying to get a grip on that problem. We feed him Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet (Natural Venison Meal & Potato Formula) after many tries with other vet-recommended dry foods. We no longer use dryer sheets or fabric softener in our laundry and have tried all the expensive flee medications (now using Advantage) although we have not seen any flees on him. We now use oatmeal shampoo and have him bathed regularly. We are hoping this works. Next, if the constant itching problem persists we will try Natural Balance as recommended all over this site. He does, however, have one other problem that I have not seen addressed here and it is really an addiction for him because he never stops!!!!!! He suckles, or wubs (as we call it) on blankets and does this for hours on end! It doesn't bother us, but I am wondering if anyone out there knows why he does it??????????????

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    Wow, that's very curious. You are very dedicated to the little fellow, and that is really great, but you do have to wonder what's up with the suckles. As you've mentioned, he was in another home before yours... and maybe not all was as great as it is now for him. Also there's no way to know when he was pulled from his mother. So there could be a combination of things going on, learned coping behaviors for early traumas perhaps? Sounds like he's going to be fine with you though even if he does still have his quirks:)
  • Amanda - 2013-01-19
    Sounds like my chi. GiGi sucks on her thigh for hours at a time.... Strange but kind of cute :) If we try to stop her it is very upsetting to her. So we let her do it and clean her leg so it isn't moist. I think it comforts her and the habit developed as a lack of socialization in her previous home. She had fleas when we got her and has been on a nitro diet for 3 weeks. She is recovering from bad fleas and has missing patches of fur and scabs that I wish would just heal so she looks as cute as her personality. She is also learning to be house trained and have human interaction... Her first two years were not in a loving home, but we love her to death.
  • calvin - 2013-07-28
    My long hair chi itched constantly as a said dry skin partially because I had to bathe him every two weeks because of my house dust allergies....I was told about epi-soothe made by virbac by the vets's for dogs,cats, and strangely enough horses (although you'd have to be rich to buy enough for a horse or even a lab)., lather it up and leave it on 5 to 10 minutes then rinse well...a friend who'd had to shave his yorky mix cause of hot spots found washing with this every week for a month then every 2-3 weeks has cured and controlled the hot spots...they also make a conditioner which I haven't had reason to try since this has worked so well.
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michelle - 2009-12-31
Oooh, he is so cute...... But my maltese is cuter then all malteses in the world!

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  • Desmari - 2011-02-19
    Pom Pom is the best.
  • Sapphire - 2011-06-09
    Yours may be cute,but my Aunts has got to be the bomb!
  • luis - 2013-07-28
    Hahahaha, you must be kidding me, my toy maltese is the most beautiful in the milky way. haha
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lexi - 2011-01-05
I don't have one.

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  • coby - 2011-01-05
    Neither do I so don't feel bad k.
  • Milla - 2013-07-26
    Nor me.): (But i would love to get (a short haired) one)
  • Anonymous - 2013-07-26
    Nor me!
Milla - 2013-07-26
I can see that dachshunds worth sssooo much, but i would lllooovvveee to get one!! ;) So please write back if you know about any (short haired if possible) under £100, thanks! (:

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Jim - 2012-11-07
What's the best way to clip nails on a dog that....won't let you and/or hyper(without going to the vet)?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-07
    A groomer?  I don't know any other way except to place the pup in my lap and hold him still with my legs and just clip the toenails.  I don't try and do 20 toenails at one time - just a few here and there as he is calm and sorta 1/2 asleep in my lap. 
  • Jim - 2012-12-01
    Well I tried to clip his nails but he won't let me. I tried to hold his paw and he backs off. He almost bit me and I think he senses that he will get hurt. I tried talking to him and my wife did too. we tried giving him a treat but still NO WAY BUDDY! I pray for the groomer.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-01
    Will he let you file them - all you really need to do is take the real points off so he doesn't scrath you when jumping up.  Walking on the sidewalk will even do it.
  • Toni - 2012-12-03
    It takes two for my Bonnie's claws to get clipped. The groomer does the work while I hold her paws so that she can just barely touch the table top. Doing that keeps her mind on getting her feet under her and takes her attention off the clippers, which the groomer uses very quickly. Then she clips the long bunny feet Bonnie gets in winter, big, fluffy snow shoes on her delicate little paws. She doesn't like having her bunny feet clipped any more than having her claws clipped.
  • Jim - 2012-12-04
    All IS good now. My wife took him over to her sisters place (walked the dog there...less than a half a mile). She clipped them. It took both of them but it got the job done. My wife said he pulled her all the way going there, so he knew where he wanted to go. She has 5 dogs, 4 long haired chihushuas (our dogs mother,father, and his brothers so he has one heck of a time when he goes there. :) OH, the device we tried to use was 'Pedi-Paws.'
  • Mary Goodwill - 2013-03-24
    This method works well for me...I wrap her in a small blanket all legs except the one I am clipping. It limits her squirming. If there is someone else around I have them hold her also which is a help.
  • Debbie - 2013-07-24
    I have had dogs of all sizes. Nail trimming can be a challenge. Telling you to start early in life is probably too late for some of you, but you can get a fabric muzzle that fits comfortably on them and do it to keep from getting bitten. The worst thing is after someone has accidentally cut into the quick. They have long memories. I know it sounds horrible, but I had a rescue Doberman that we had to give a sedative to do her nails. She was the best dog I could have ever had but just wouldn't let me do her nails and the vet was scared to do it without doing something. I play with the babies feet from the time they are born, massaging them with lotion and getting them used to the touch of a human hand on their feet. Then they don't mind as much. Don't cut them too short. I just cut them back far enough that they don't disfigure the way the feet touch the floor. My babies sleep on my bed. I do it right there a little at a time - a few here and there as needed - so they are always willing to let me do what I want to do. And it is best after a bath when the nails are soft.
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Anonymous - 2013-07-18
Dear Christina we would like our dog back. The one in this photo. Been lost for 2 yrs and 2 months call us 1(414) 433-5701 or 1 (413) 433-5732 ask for Bob or Kim.

Anonymous - 2013-07-18
This mini greyhound is Bob Mitchell's this photo taken from i guess a girl a girl christine...luigi ran off on us may 2,2011 ive text you described him too you he has family and a sister, princess-poochanella. We would like too give a reward for him, when he vanished he also had a red flea collar on wasn't neutered, all black nails but a few, has scares on both knees from when he was a pup, he tryed climbing the stairs, we bought him with a bent tail, his eyes are green, his nose is grey...we'd like too be 'UNITED'...with a happy ending. I dont have my email hooked up, so please from the bottom of our hearts... Call or bob (413)433-5701 or (413) 433-5732...Luigi drove in the big rigg with us all...

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-24
    The source of this photo is Wiki Commons. If you want to contact the author, try going to that site. It appears that this photo was uploaded in 2007 though, so I am not sure how much luck you will have proving this is your dog?
Anonymous - 2013-07-18
'LUIGI' got lost on the Mass pike....we never saw him again ran 35 miles an hour under a guardrail under a 53 foot trailer, made it to the other side and was gone. In the woods. Please contact me, we have his sister, 'PRINCESS POOCHANELLA'..I never gave up the search... Kim @(413)433-5701 or Bob @(413)433-5732.


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