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Benjamin Aunger - 2012-12-05
I want to get a Rottweiler but I am afraid of how much it sheds and if I train it as a guard dog will it attack non bad people?!?!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-06
    A Rottweiller really doesn't shed a lot and its hair is very very short.  Easy to keep clean without odor.  However, they are a little stubborn when it comes to training.  Treats are great and  playing/training is good.  Example you are both running inthe yard and you yell 'STOP' and you both 'STOP' or 'SIT' and you both 'SIT' because as pups they have a big amount of energy.  You don't have to train a Rottweiller to be a guard.  The Rottweiller will love you, your family, people you allow in your home etc.  They should be well socialized to be around all people with you.  Take them to town and walk around, let people pet him etc.  The more socialized the better.  As for guard - anyone who does not know your pup - is not going to go near your pup just cuz Rottweiller so automatically a guard dog.  They also know what is their territory and will stand guard.  But socialize him well to as many people as possible.
  • Anonymous - 2012-12-06
    Thank you so much!!!
  • jun morano - 2013-06-17
    I have a 5 months old male rottweiler with certificate, but his hair is somewhat thick and curly, base from what i read, their hair should be short and straight.. any comments on this? what should be the average height of male puppy at 5 months, mine is 17 kgs now. Thanks
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-18
    I think their coat can be 'wavy' looking, also  on size and height at 5 months, here's a  Rottweiler Growth Chart, enjoy:)
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F.D.Maloney - 2013-06-15
Your comments concerning breed standard height/weight for German Shepherds is a colossal joke.Show people,breeders have ruined the breed...period. Furthermore, using policemen,of all groups, as knowing anything or having a bond with their dogs is a poor example of dunderheads understanding such highly intelligent creatures. Sending their partners into harms way, the epitome of cowardice. I have owned one German Shepherd Dog at a time for 50 years and each of them were my constant companions[pink papered]between 28 and 31 at the withers and weighing a lean 100 to 120..straight backed and gorgeous'best friends'several had movie roles and did tv commercials.God's Creatures.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-17
    Dog 'breed standards' refer to what the various breed clubs have set as their guidelines for specific externally observable qualities in a dog, such as appearance, movement, and temperament. The standards vary from one club to another and many dogs are also outside these standards, so won't be used to show or for judging. Theses standards also have little bearing on the quality or ability of any individual dog being kept as pet or for working. Although some people do enjoy sharing info about standards here (most likely for a particular club), the article doesn't list standards for any  particular clubs. If you want that  info your best bet is to get it directly from the breed club your interested in, for example, here's a link to the German Shepard breed standards set by the American Kennel Club,
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luv GRs! - 2013-06-12
My uncle had 35 dogs before (ya I know wayy too much dogs)in his house. One of them is golden retrievers and I think they're great! They love to stick by me, really welcoming! My uncle is going to get me a golden retriever baby soon.

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laurie - 2013-01-05
I love the feisty demeanor of this breed. They are very smart. Some are couchpotatoes, some Need lots of play time. They are very entertaining. Mine is long haired & often confused with Papillions. It took 2 years to housebreak him. He knew better but was stubborn. Thank you to the family who rescued the pups. I'm sickened by human behavior.

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  • Jim - 2013-06-11
    It took our dog about a month or two after we got him. At the time we got him he was 4 weeks old. He goes on his 'puppy pad' all the time. One thing.....sometimes he will miss but don't we all miss once in a while? He's very good at sleeping at night. he will go into his cage when he's tired(10-11pm) and won't wake up until 8:30am. My wife walks him twice a day and if he had his way he'd live outside(nice weather).
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Cathy - 2013-06-02
My chorkie is about 7 lbs. and tan with dark highlights on her midlenghth coat, her ears and tail are dark brown. We recently adopted her and she warmed up to us instantly, though we think she must have been abused or traumatized in the past cause she doesn't bark at all. Giving her the love ,care and proper nutrition, i m hoping she 'll live and love us for a long time as she is the sweetetest and cutest creature i have ever cared for.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-03
    She's lucky to have you too, you're giving her an awesome home and I'm sure you'll both be rewarded with great companionship:)
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Anonymous - 2012-04-02
Hi, I have a very cute pomerainan. She is very active but I do need some help. She does not know her name. How do I get her to know her name and when to come and stay. Just wondering if you knew how to train her :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-02
    A trainer told me that when a pup comes to you to 'CALL HER NAME' out. Then be real happy that she has come to you and say good dog and wonderful etc. So when she comes to you for any reason - say her name and really make over her. That is what a trainer told me. I decided that the pup I had just didn't like the name I gave her. So I sat there and said a bunch of names. The one she responded to via jumping up and down and wagging the tail - she seemed to like it. So I named her SAM even though a gal but she always came when I called her after that.
  • migdalia - 2012-09-15
    I found the most beautiful miniature pomernian. It stay with me for three years. All of the sudden it died. Losing him was very hard. He was family, my baby.
  • Donna Lake - 2012-11-11
    Poms are known to have what is called the goose call. It starts with a hacking cough like their trying to cough up something. It actually is a thicking of the tricka. that leads to the tricka collapsing. Mine is 8 yrs old and, she's a mill pup for sure. she has it all that, the poms are known for. floating knees, tricka collaps. Her D.V.M. has her on rimadel & torbutrol 1 mg needed for what the call the tricka collaps a seizures. when it starts you need to move quickly to get that pill down the dog a.s.ap. to open the air ways. i have done cpr on her twice already. when it comes don't panic. Get the pill in and some air. I run mine out side and lay her on the grass and, waite. Sometimes it takes 2 to 3 min. After that and , it's still going i use another pill. if you can not get your dog out side . Put her or him on the counter and slowly breath air up their nose every few seconds. when it passes. the dog will get up on her own. Many people loose their dogs due to knowlege of this common pom issue and, it had a seizer over night. The best move is to get your dog started on rymadel and the torbutrol at 1st signs of gaging. I also use omega 3 from pet co or any pet shop or on line . It's a dietary supplement called grizzly salmon oil. it also is good for the coat, skin allergies, They love it. All they need is 1/4th tea spoon a day.
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Catherine - 2013-05-30
Just took in a 2 year old female Chug from a shelter. She is an amazing dog! 12 pounds of funny, sweet, cuddly, love. She has brought so much love. She rarely barks, and at that, the bark sounds like a sneeze. She is pretty funny looking, big eyes with the classic pug wrinkles, flat nose on the end of little snout, and what an under bite! Her bottom teeth usually peek through her lips. Folks cant help but smile when they see that adorable face. I always had larger dogs, but am not strong enough to walk a big dog anymore. She is a blessing!

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Kelly Coleman - 2013-04-22
Just bought an 8 week Chion little girl yesterday with my two teenage boys. Anything we can do to be sure she doesn't become aggressive to any of the three of us? She has a very sweet temprament right now.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-04-22
    My biggest piece of advice would be to just make sure to keep on top of her discipline. If she starts acting up discipline her right away so that she knows what she can and can't do and forms good habits while she is young. If you let her get away with bad behaviors (nipping, barking, etc.) she will grow into an adult doing these things and will be harder to change her.
  • Gayla - 2013-05-27
    I'm interested in getting a Chion puppy in late June or later--may I ask where your little girl came from??!! Thanks!
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Anonymous - 2009-09-23
So cute!

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  • shamar - 2013-05-26
    i agree so cute and manly
  • sakira - 2013-05-26
    so cute not manly girly
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GSDGenes - 2010-09-06
A GSD should NEVER weigh 140 pounds! The breed wasn't meant to be gigantic. Neither the AKC or SV breed standard calls for a dog taller than 26 inches at the withers for a male, 24 for a female. GSDs are meant to be agile and versatile, in fact some of the most knowledgeable police or working dog handlers will tell you the best working dog is a small quick tough bitch. Dogs within the standard of size are much better able to do such tasks as search and rescue, especially in sites such as WTC 911 where dogs had to be small enough to get into small openings and agile enough to balance themselves on precarious footing. Standard size dogs are also more adept at drug searches because a smaller dog is more agile and athletic and can go where a dog who is too large cannot go.
Oversize also contributes to health and soundness problems. Contrary to popular belief, the GSD is not one of the breeds most prone to hip dysplasia. Breeds such as the St. Bernard and English Bulldog top the list, dogs who are broad and heavy in body build.
Many people exaggerate the size of their GSDs too. Who is going to check and see if someone's claimed 140 lb dog really weighs that much?
Longcoated GSDs appear to be larger and heavier boned because of the illusion of size added by the longer coat and heavier quantity of undercoat. Likewise a very short slick coated GSD can appear small and fine boned because of the short slick coat.

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-09-06
    That does seem to be very large! Here's what we know from the experts...

    The American Kennel Club (AKA) does not have a weight for these dogs, either on their website, nor in their official publication "The Complete Dog Book / American Kennel Club" (20th Edition). In the standards for the German Shepherd they do state "...ranging in size from 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder"

    60 to 140 pounds, however is stated as the lower and upper weight limit for these dogs by author Kristine Mehus-Roe in her book "Dog Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Dog".
  • Rebecca - 2010-11-12
    I have a 90lbs 3yr female. She looks huge *L* specially as she is a black longcoat. All her siblings are large, her sire being a big male (he'd be over close to 120lbs. She is from working lines, some of her siblings work in security etc. My girl is a pet but does do obedience training, which she loves!
  • Bekas - 2013-05-20
    My family has had four genrations of GSDs. Each one was a delight and joy .once they were about 18 months old. Puppy obedience school is essential and you must have someone in the house who is Alpha. We found that the dogs did well when they sort of belonged to a single family member, particularly when it came to going to obedience school. By dog #2 we figured it out.You do need patience with puppies. One jumped up on a child's desk and chewed up her homework. (The dog really did eat the homework. She had to redo the chewed/torn pages, but was allowed to take a few pages with teeth marks as evidence.) Shoes were found with pieces missing in the back of closets. Digging was a past time of one of the dogs. We woke up one morning to find the arm of a sofa slightly munched.But yes they are wonderful with kids and love to play chase and tumble and being in a tent made from two dining room chairs. Lots of great memories.My dad now has a Rottweiler that stole his heart the day my brother brought him home as a puppy. The puppy parked himself on my dad's foot & fell asleep.Dogs are the best;-)
  • Chance - 2013-05-22
    Every dog and breed is different but 95% of the time the dog is mean is becsuae it was trained to be or it was raised bad most people think Pitt bulls are all vicious killers witch is so not true its how u raise them. German shepherd s are the 3rd most wanted dog in the country and the first in military and police work, that's got to mean something!

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