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Tortoiseshell Cats have a beautiful tapestry of wonderful interweaving colors!
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Stephanie - 2008-12-23
We have 2 torties! (no relation to each other) They are very loyal cats. Our baby, Kiki, loves to follow my husband around and sits on the tub while he showers. Our old lady, Steph, used to be more like that but she is getting up there in age so she likes to stick to the couch :)

sarahjane - 2008-11-23
beautiful tortoiseshell

renee - 2008-11-22
My Tortie is named Jaye-Bird (JJ) and she is absolutely beautiful! I found her as a kitten prowling around the parking lot at my work, looking for food. Her personality is so open and affectionate...I have never had a cat like her. She gets along with everyone, including dogs. I met another tortie cat and her temperment was similiar to my JJ's...very easy-going and flexible. Are other Tortie's like this also. Thanks for letting me share about her! :-)

Nancy - 2008-11-03
My tortie is named Gabby, she was found in the middle of the road barely able to get out of a laundry basket i kept her in.. I just love her, she is so playful, and also follows me around and comes running when i call Gabby Goo! they are wonderful cats.

Shelley - 2008-10-19
My Molly is a naughty tortie!
Unlike most other tortoise shell cats I've seen she doesn't have big patches of colours, she's mainly black with very subtle brown marbling. But she has a little white chin and a white paw which gives her a pink pad.
I have two other cats, and I know it's wrong but I have a special soft spot for mol-mol.
She and I have a special bond that everyone can see, she even has a special meow that she uses for her mama!

Marvin - 2008-10-12
I have a Tortie called Ariel. I have had cats before but I didn't have them for hours at a time. Not Ariel! She follows me around my house. She follows me to the bathroom. She has to sit at my feet or on the desk in my office. Before I go to sleep at night, she hides under the bed because she knows she wont' be able to stay with me in my bedroom at night. In the morning I open my bedroom door and she comes right in meowing and jumps on my bed. I am not sure when she sleeps. What a cat.

michael - 2008-08-29
I have a Tortie named Sorella. She is the sweestest little girl in the world. She is very affectionate and absolutely gorgeous.

Nelson R - 2008-08-22
I have a Torti also, I got her from the SPCA five years ago, they told me she was about two years old at that time. I believe she was much younger as she grew to almost twice her size since I got her. Her name is Riki and she doesn't let me out of her site at any time, she is totally an inside cat. The last Torti I owned was 22 years old when we finally had to have her put down due to kidney cancer, she too was such a sweetheart and I still miss her. All Torti's are such nice pets.

annette - 2008-05-28
I have a tortie cat also. Her name is Sephora. She is just over a year old. When I first got her she was grey with light color on her paws. On her first trip to the Vet for her kitten well-visit the tech said "Oh you have a tortie"! I never heard of her type before. I live on a dairy farm. Her mother is all black and her father well who knows. All I can say is my Sephora is crazy as heck, but I love her.

Leigh - 2008-05-21
I have a tortoiseshell named tatty. I love her a lot!