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Tortoiseshell Cats have a beautiful tapestry of wonderful interweaving colors!
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Mary Mack - 2009-04-18
I adopted a baby tortie from our shelter. She is very demanding. When she was weeks old, she cmpletely skinned a sratch post. She will cry and slam her body against a closed door. She is obsessed with water and licking, makes me wonder if anyone experienced this with thier cat. She is about 3 years old now and not as crazy as she was when she was a kitten. Her fur is like touching velvet. I wonder if this also something with her breed. Have never owned one before and she is the sweetest thing. I would be interested in finding out more about the breed.

Patricia - 2009-03-13
My female tortie looks almost exactly like the one on the top of this page. She is a real rambunctious character. We got her last summer, a neighbor found her and her sister stuck up in a tree out in the country. One thing I find unusual about her markings is that she seems to have a line of separation down the center of her body.

debbie - 2009-01-31
Enjoyed reading the comments. We just brought a 12 week old, gorgeous-face little tortie girl into our family. We have adopted her from our local Humane Society. She was found as a very young kitten, trying to find food and survive on her own. We have only had her for 6 hours... She needs to integrate with our 11 yr old male, traditional-Applehead Siamese, Max. I'd love to read more comments about their usual behaviour if anyone would like to write more on that subject. We just lost Max's litter-mate sister to cancer, so he has never been alone. We hope he and the tortie will become good buddies!

R. Yates - 2009-01-12
We recently had a tortoise shell kitten that would fetch a toy mouse. She taught us the trick. When it came time to have her spayed, she died from the anesthesia. We were so heart broken that we were fearful of getting another kitten. But we went to the same people and brought home 2 kittens from the same adult cats. One of those kittens being a tortoise shell. We talked about options for neutering and then discovered that our little tortoise shell was a little boy. Males are almost always sterile. The female will be given a different type of anesthesia when she goes to the vet. We will let you know how it goes on that one.

Nancy France - 2009-01-11
My granddaughter found our Tortie outside her work a few months ago. She is now about 4 or 5 months old. "Bella" is beautiful, sweet and loving. I have never seen such a cat as Bella before. She loves to perch on my husbands tummy shelf and sleep, she loves the grandkids to play with her.
Wasilla, Alaska

Libby - 2008-12-31
After owning two exceptionally wonderful tortoise shell cats I don't think I could ever have any other kind. I have one traditional black and red tortoise shell and one dilute lilac and fawn tortoise shell and white. Sweet, sweet girls.

Stephanie - 2008-12-23
We have 2 torties! (no relation to each other) They are very loyal cats. Our baby, Kiki, loves to follow my husband around and sits on the tub while he showers. Our old lady, Steph, used to be more like that but she is getting up there in age so she likes to stick to the couch :)

sarahjane - 2008-11-23
beautiful tortoiseshell

renee - 2008-11-22
My Tortie is named Jaye-Bird (JJ) and she is absolutely beautiful! I found her as a kitten prowling around the parking lot at my work, looking for food. Her personality is so open and affectionate...I have never had a cat like her. She gets along with everyone, including dogs. I met another tortie cat and her temperment was similiar to my JJ's...very easy-going and flexible. Are other Tortie's like this also. Thanks for letting me share about her! :-)

Nancy - 2008-11-03
My tortie is named Gabby, she was found in the middle of the road barely able to get out of a laundry basket i kept her in.. I just love her, she is so playful, and also follows me around and comes running when i call Gabby Goo! they are wonderful cats.