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Tortoiseshell Cats have a beautiful tapestry of wonderful interweaving colors!
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Luigi - 2010-10-08
Two weeks ago my wife found a tortie cat in the street and was crying looking for food. My wife took home and now in with us and with the other cat of the family. The cat lovely and very sweet. We are very happy to stay with him and the other cat.

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  • Ann - 2010-11-03
    I found my tortie on the street also back in 1992 and she is still living and doing well, except for some recent deafness. She will be 18 this year.
  • Tara - 2010-11-13
    That is very sweet I'm 12 and we just found one she's about 8 months and she was just like yours always wanting love and when I found her she was crying for food we just got her home from the vets today. We still don't have a name for her yet.
Cyndi Childers - 2010-11-05
My tortoise shell cat is named Phoebe. She was born a stray and is now about 10 years old. My cat is truly one of my best friends. I honestly believe that she speaks English. I can ask her if she wants to go to bed, and she will go straight to the bedroom and jump into bed. If I tell her I'm going to take a shower, she will wait for me in the bathroom. Whenever I tell her I love her she slowly blinks her eyes at me, which I have read is the way cats say I love you. When my son was born, Phoebe immediately took on her rolled as big sister, and if we ask her for "cat sugars" she will gently touch our noses with her nose. The best "cat" I've ever known.

Mike Jacobs - 2008-09-17
My Torti's name is Chloe. She'll be 12 in 1/09. I've known her since she was born and became her slave when she was 2. She is the most demanding, complaining, controlling cat I have ever had. She starts meowing (more like "chirring") when the alarm goes off and doesn't quit till she's tucked me in at night. I'd go crazy without her!

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  • marcy - 2010-11-01
    I have a 2 year old female tortoise shell cat named Jessica, I have had her since birth. I have four kids and 2 dogs and four cats including her. I find Jessica to be a one person cat that's me in this case she has always been that way I was just wondering if this is normal with this breed she is also very talkative and very very smart she tells me when she's hungry and when she wants affection.
Astra-Maya Cantu - 2010-10-16
My tortoise shell cat is 6 mths old, a female named "Puddy"....she is hands down the most loving cat I've ever had. She is very talkative and will answer when spoken to.....she loves to play with my sons toys and she thinks she is my shadow, always following me around. "Puddy" also lives with two dogs and plays with them very well. She loves to cuddle, loves her food, loves to play with pens and is so very meticulous about grooming herself. "Puddy" is fascinated by running water and water in general and will always come into the bathroom at shower or bath time. "Puddy" is very intelligent, very loving and very funny....lots of personality!

stephani - 2010-10-07
I just adopted a female tortoise shell kitten and a red male tabby from the same litter. Both are the friendliest kittens I have ever seen. She has his tabby stripes on her legs and both have 2 stripes of brown exaggerated "eye liner" in exactly the same place on their faces. I handled them since they were one week old and now they're like my 2 little shadows. She is much more curious than her brother and dives in head first to everything, sometimes needing to be rescued.

Manda - 2010-09-25
I have a 9 year old tordie and she is known by most of my friends the "devil cat" lol. She is really nice and sweet most of the time, but giver her space. You can pet her and when she has had enough she bites you! She is my shadow and sleeps with me....I'd be lost with my Moxie!

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  • Marilyn - 2010-10-04
    Mine is 1 year old and she has just started biting. She is a real sweetie most of the time..wakes my husband up when he needs oxygen..amazing cat. Marilyn
mey - 2010-09-23
I have a diluted tortie her name is sheila and as well as all of your beautiful cats she is the cutest most sweetest and loving cat i ever had. She follows me everywhere i go she loves being carried a lot. She has the tortittude i read somewhere else because she gets mad fast but she also forgets fast why she is mad. She does talk a lot and her favorite word at least what i understand i no, lol. She sleeps under my feet since i'm petite she has room comparing to my husband. She loves to come and lay on my stomach every night and when i'm late for work she wakes me up too. She is my baby love and she does have the personality of a dog i think. I'm just to in love with my tortie. She was my birthday present from god and it's true cats do choose the owner they want. She was in our front porch skinny and tiny we decided to take her to the vet and she was healthy but hungry. Don't regret keeping her she makes us happy.

Bettye F. Mouritsen - 2010-09-22
My husband and I got our kitten from a rescue home in the Faroe Islands (part of the Danish Kingdom). She was very small and afraid of any noise, we have had her for 2 months now and she has doubled in size and loves catching flies and small bugs, she tries for birds but isn't quick enough, as she is a tortoise shell cat, we have given her a Færoish female name of Tordis.

karen harris - 2010-09-01
My sis kath has a tortie who was a stray. Our father befriended her, he passed away, and my sister rescued her spade her and she is a grand kit kit - Sparks, Nevada! is her name. She catches mice, gophers, bats.

Kacee - 2010-08-17
I got my cat Sassy when my best friends cat had kittens when I 12 . Sassy is a gray and black long haired tabby. She has been my cat for 13 years. She is a great cat. Very stubborn and sweet and loves to sleep in enclosed spaces. Baskets, and sinks are your favorite. She loves cat nip and treats very much. She will stand up to any cat or dog that looks at her. She can be a BIG scardy cat but is very strong and is full of pride. I love her sooooo much and I will never have another cat like her.