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The Turkish Angora is a rare cat breed and a valued treasure in the cat fancy community!
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gloria allen - 2009-07-31
We have two turkish angoras, one spaded female named Alice aka allie, and newie. He is neutered, he got his grand championship before he was retired (they couldn't use him for breeding because he was sterile). We love both of them so much, they are so entertaining. They are both deaf and stay indoors. Even if they could hear I would never let them outside because it's not "if" something bad will happen, it's when.

~L.K. - 2009-06-09
We were discovered by a little Turkish Angora Maine Coon mix, with more prominence to Turkish Angora. She quickly grew to be a large cat and very intriguing. Of all our cats, she is the most strange. She doesn't meow, but chortles. She never learned to use the cat door, however we're sure she's aware of its existence. Unlike our other cats, as a kitten, she was never headstrong about getting to the outdoors on her own. Instead, she prefers to be let out for a few hours at a time. She's highly curious and loves to talk to people, especially if they talk back. She's great friends with our only male (generic tiger tabby) and Maine Coon, unlike our Himalayan Persian mix, who tends to be a little hostile. Our Angora mix is highly intelligent and loves to play. Like our Maine Coon, she uses her paws a lot. She's very quirky and fun-loving.

Brooke - 2009-03-30
My cat is a mix between a turkish angora and a flame point siamese cat and she is the prettiest thing I have ever seen before! She likes to sleep inside of plastic bags and she won't drink any water unless it's coming out of the faucet, or if the water is in someone's cup! She's very talkative and always thinks she needs to be scratched!

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  • kristin - 2010-03-25
    That is so funny because my turkish angora kitten only drinks out of a glass too , she loves wine glasses and will actually try to hold it with her paws like hands , she won't drink from a bowl so we give her a ice cream glass to drink from cause it looks like a glass but has a wide opening, lol it must be somthing in the breed to wanna drink out of glasses.
Phyllis Hefner - 2009-02-18
I adopted Snowhite and Prince Charmin at a local rescue shelter. They are brother and sister and are almost 1yr. old now. They are amazing! They treat my Malteese as one of them. The male has one blue eye and one green. The female has green eyes. I just found out they are Turkish Angora's through reserch. I have owned cats all my life and knew these two were special. I thought it was unusual that they came running to play with the water coming out of the kitchen faucet. They run to the door to greet each guest and have to check out every shopping bag brought into the house. The male is larger then the female and has longer hair so far.They are BEAUTIFUL!!

Chris Elford - 2008-10-17
I wrote towards the end of last month about us losing Snowdrop. Well since then we have taken in 2 Turkish Angoras (Ice and Snow)!!
I think at first my wife hoped they would be just like Snowdrop but its amazing how different in character they are!! They are so funny. We think that they are father and son and let me tell you the son gives the dad a hard time!!
We will also shortly be bringing home a Westhighland Terrier. I am convinced that it was Snowdrops legacy to make us once again a happy home.

Chris Elford - 2008-08-26
Snowdrop came to us as a young cat no more than 6 months old. She turned up on our doorstep. We took her to the local vets and posted signs around our village where she could be found. No one ever claimed Snowdrop and she has been with us for 4 years. During this time she amazed us with her personality and antics - opening lever handles on doors and even partly bathing with my wife!!
Unfortumately she was run over and killed last week. We are all devastated by this loss especially my younger son, Tom and Liz my wife. She was a most loyal and loving companion. We have lost one of the family.

Vicki in Caracas, Venezuela - 2008-08-03
We rescued "Kati" from a school yard where she had been dumped as a tiny kitten. In a matter of days, she had taken over our house and our hearts, and has been bullying us for 7 years now. When we ran across the Turkish Angora breed, we recognized her immediately: eyes (bright blue), length and texture of fur, personality. There is no doubt that she belongs to that breed. Being white and adventurous, she would get very dirty as a kitten and so became accustomed to being bathed at an early age and is brushed often also. She has brought a great deal of joy to our lives.

Kahlanlocknar - 2008-05-14
My Turk is about 3 years old and she is the sweetest can ever. She had bright emerald eyes which attracted us to her in the humane society. She is the most cuddly, sweet cat I've ever had. If we don't give her attention when we get home, she gets anxious. I would never give up my Lizzie for anything. I would definitely get another of this breed.

Gina Steber - 2008-03-31
I have a black turkish angora. He weighs about 20 lbs. He is the friendliest cat I ever had. He survived Hurricane Katrina and 5 ft. of water with our other persian. We adopted him from a humane society when he was about 2 years old. He crawls in my arms every night like a baby. Of course, he has to sleep with me too. I wouldn't trade him for anything.