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The Turkish Angora is a rare cat breed and a valued treasure in the cat fancy community!
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erica guy - 2008-02-05
nice cats

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  • Luc - 2011-01-22
    Here is a picture of my cat which I rescued at four months old. I believe that the closest feline he resembles would be the "Turkish Angora." I would like to report some behavior that I would have not expected, having being raised by a couple of cats and dogs as I grew up. This feline, opens up cupboards and turns off lights, loves the water and even enjoys canine company. I challenge anybody to tell me that this isn't the cat that I think it in the photo. Anyways, would love to have more advice on this obscure breed- lucgreen
  • Imiseannie - 2014-10-09
    Sound to me like you got the Turkish part right, but I think you might have a turkish van. If all white; then a Turkish vankedisi. I have two and they have exactly the same behaviour. They are rare and I call mine my precious little gems. They are super intelligent and are so loyal to their human. Congrats, a special little one you have there!
Kelly Curtis Spangler - 2013-05-21
I adopted a 5 yr old Turkish Angora. She is white with one blue and one gold eye. They say on here (the video) that they don't need much grooming, however, my Lilly sheds like crazy leaving the chair she claimed as her 'throne' white. Also I find balls of fur everywhere lol. Well I also have two black British Bombay cats and one Black and White long hair cat and they shed a lot less. Other than that, she is the best kitty ever. She licks you and hugs you and she loves to what I call 'Happy Paw' for confort. She def. took charge over the other cats as the Alpha cat. LOVE this breed, just wish the fur would stop flying. ahhahah!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-21
    She sounds adorable, but then... I'm partial to long-haired gorgeous cats too:)
  • Kelly Curtis Spangler - 2013-06-05
    She is !! :)
  • Jase - 2014-02-26
    I have a bombay and he is the coolest little kitten. My daughters talked me into him after years of hating cats and never wanting one, I have to say I am glad we adopted him. I have READ that the Angora breed does not get its full coat till around 2 years old which might be when it stops shedding so bad. I also read that they will shed a lot more in hotter climates. If that helps I don't know.
  • Leela - 2014-07-01
    You should get furgopet comb, it helps A LOT. I tried many different brushes and mitts. This one works so well and even my other short hair cat likes it. I found two angora kittens so I have a lot of brushing to do ^.*
ranamaria - 2014-04-19
I own a sweet and adorable Angora :) Her name is Beauty. Today is her birthday. Beauty turns one :D

jessica - 2009-12-27
hi i have a black angora and he is a rescued cat. someone threw him into a snow bank, two police found him and brought him to a shleter, and on christmas eve my mom got him for me, so he got a good home. my question is he dosent use the letter box and i have had him for 3 days, what can i do to get him to use it and not use my room as one. he is loving,gets along with everyone. but if there are a few tips could anyone let me know.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-09-01
    Build a really big cage and line it with plastic.
  • Terri - 2013-09-30
    Keep the cat in the bathroom with the door closed along with a litter box. Make sure there is no clothing, or carpet for it to urinate on, it should start using the litter box while being confined to the room. *Once the cat gets used to using the litter box you can now put the litter box in an area where you would prefer it to be. Then show the cat where it's new location is by putting the cat in the box. If the cat still urinates in an area other than the box in the new location. Then... Repeat step 1. You just need to work with this confinement method until it clicks with the cat as to where it should be urinating. Lastly, you must know that once a cat urinates on something you almost always need to throw it out or replace it. Otherwise the cat will smell it and repeat the behavior again.
  • PJ - 2013-10-12
    Residual odors from 'accidents' prompt pets to reuse those areas for that purpose. I use white grain-based vinegar to *NEUTRALIZE* residual odors with. On a tile floor, I would mop it on & dry it off after a few minutes. On carpeting, I would spray it good, and *after* allowing it to set for a few minutes, try to dry it with an absorbant, non-lint cloth. Cleaning does NOT neutralize odors! Residual scent left from urination &/or defecation *MUST* be neutralized away, after cleaning the area as thoroughly as possible, first.
charly kh - 2012-08-16
hi. I have bought a turkish angora cat when she was about 2 months .. she is now almost 3 months.. She is white and very beautifull but I still have some questions about her living. I live in a street plenty of cats (don't know their kinds) so if she went outside does she come back? Even if she mate with another cat? Is it normal if she was active in the morning and less in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening? rply plzz and thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-16
    I would not let a Turkish Angora cat outside - possible exception is if your yard is completely and securely fenced in or if you have a porch she can go out on.  It is not a feral cat.  They are a highly domesticated breed and although some feral cats will and have made wonderful pets - they are used to surviving on their own and the Turkish may learn that but most of the survival instinct has been replaced with being a very domesticated, loving, easy going and fun loving pet.  2 months - 3 months is way to young to be out on its own and they don't know any dangers.  Cars?  Non-domesticated female male?  Racoon?  Also, why would you want her pregnant?  This young should could be seriously hurt.  Some cats - in fact many are indoor/outdoor cats and do great and no problems at all - I just don't think the Turkish or some breeds such as persians, Siamese, Balinese are outdoor cats.  Yes, real normal for cat to play during the early hours, nap/rest in the afternoons and then a second wind at night.  That is nature behaving.  Turkish are a beautiful, soft, fun loving mischevious cat and attached to their human.  Just love her and keep her safe.
gary smith - 2012-12-30
my turkish angora has a ear problem. one ear is folded and the other is normal.

Mickey Newman - 2010-11-08
We found a mouse at krogers a month ago it was cold so we took her home she was sooo hungry and she ate up all the food in our auto I found out today she is a turkish angora. She's a wonderful lil kitty and she is a blessing in our home. The vet said she is about 8 mos old and is in great health. Her name is mouse because she's timid and cute. Shes not deaf and she's just wonderful! We love her so much I don't want to think what would have become of her had we not found her!

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  • Deyshia Tubbs - 2010-12-22
    I love my Angora Oreo.. He is very dog like.. He begs for food and is very vocal when a cat food can is opened.. He is very warm.. Perfect to sleep with.. LOl.. He also HATES baths for some reason.... ( I wonder why :P) So ya and for those who haven't figured it out yet NO HE ISN'T BLACK AND WHITE HE IS BROWN,..... JUST KIDDING.. HE IS BLACK AND WHITE WITH GREEN EYES WITH A YELLOW RING AROUND THEM.... HE IS NOT DEAF! BUT HE IS ADORABLE!
Heather McGlothlin - 2010-03-15
Hi my name is Heather McGlothlin, Richlands VA. I guess you can say I "adopted" an Angora. She was dropped off the highway at my house as a kitten. She is soooo adorable, her name is Sugar and she is sweet as Sugar. She has one green eye and one blue eye. She is deaf in the blue eye side. I also have Lab/Chow mix dog and they absolutely love each other. They were meant to be together. I found Sugar on July 23rd and adopted the dog on September 30th and she was nine (9) weeks old so when we go back to her birthday it would be the same as when I found Sugar. You put them together and you have OREO's! Sugar loves her toys and is so very sociable. She even knows how to do tricks such as showing her tongue, giving five, begging, sitting, meowing on response! I would love to submit a photo of her to show her off! Thanks soooo much for listening to our story. She will be so happy that people really love her breed!

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  • Heather - 2012-11-01
    Well it is me Heather McGlothlin as of 10-22-2012 my sweet little Sugar went missing! She is the love of my life and will always be the best little ball of fur ever! She learned how to do so many tricks such as giving you five or ten (five two times), turning in a circle, showing off her tongue, begging, laying, sitting, and dancing. My little baby will always be the best thing ever that existed in my life! I love you Sugar Elizabeth McGlothlin--do not ever doubt that for one second!!
carol - 2012-05-31
We have a Turkish Angora cat, about aged 14, whom we adopted from Humane Society when she was 7. Her fur was in terrible shape, and she was scrawny. Her people had moved and left her at Humane. We scissored the knots out of her fur and let her do her own thing in the condo. She hid under the bed for about a year, coming out at night to eat. Gradually, she has straightened out, fattened up. She is a beautiful cat, blue eyes, LOTS of fur - but very picky. She wants what she wants when and how she wants it, only eats dry food, and will howl for no reason in the day time. I came to this site after searching for 'Turkish Angora howling for no reason!' is a pathetic, periodic howl - one would think she was sick or stuck somewhere, but that is not the case. She loves water, and likes to be petted but only in certain places (her chest) and only at certain times (when I am in bed trying to read a book). She resists any grooming, but I have tricked her by using my fingernails instead of a comb. She likes to have secrets - she will go outside on the condo deck, but only if no one is has to be a secret. If she sees that we see, she runs back in. We have a dog and another cat (also a Humane adoption). Finally, after 7 years here, she begins to try to play with the dog, sniffing him and wanting his attention. By this time, of course, he is more or less indifferent. She will wake us up in middle of night wanting our hands to stroke her - lousy timing. She is fat, but can spring to counter heights. She loves drinking water from faucet. I think she would go swimming if we had a pool. Although she is skittish about many things, she will - inexplicably - suddenly become 'Miss Affability' when guests are here - guests who probably do not WANT white cat hair all over their clothes. Then she enters the living room as though the party is all about her, and parades around, presenting herself. Her name is 'Princess' - probably should be 'Empress'... She is an interesting and inconsistent combo of indifference, seeming fear, social avoidance, self-containment, assertiveness, social, anti-social, dietary mono-kibble. We have taken her boating in Canada - she loves the boat and the ocean. She fell in once, and just paddled around! If we let her, she would leave the boat at night and explore. She did get out once when we were moored at a dock. We were lying in bed, looked up at the skylight, and thought 'there is a cat outside on our deck that looks just like....Princess!' then 'It IS Princess'. We could see her footprints all over the dock and the boat. Her adventure had to be a secret. She had gone out the porthole opening above the kitchen stove. So this is NOT a cat that is fearful in fact. But she sometimes acts that way - one of a kind! but I think a lot of it is the temperament of the Turkish Angora!

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  • Brooke - 2012-08-01
    My TA does the same thing. My family and I will just be having a normal day, and he will sit in the middle of a random room and just howl, and howl, and howl..... He isn't hurt or sick or anything (like you said), he just does it for no reason! I have to admit though, it is kinda funny. XP
Liz O\'Reilly - 2010-07-26
I grew up with cats, but decided I didn't want them in my home because of the hair, scratching the furniture and the thought of a litter box. So, I told my now 17 year old daughter no for at least 2 years. BUT let me tell you....One year ago right now, she brought home this totally white kitten (he and his siblings had been left behind by someone moving away, he came to live with us, the others are on a farm, in a barn to keep mice at bay), litter box, toys and food in hand. At first I said no, you have to take it back, as she did. Two days later, she brought him back, and NOW, I have the ultimate love of my life, this gorgeous Angora cat with the softest blue eyes. We named him Q-tip. He adopted me as Mom, which he should have, as I am the caregiver, litter box cleaner, and buy all of his toys. When my girl goes to college in 2 years, she is somehow thinking she will take him with her, but she will be hit hard with reality when the day comes. He has many nick names, Mitters, Mit Mit, Mittens, Le Purr Le Furr...and on and on. We adore him, as does our Schnauzer. He thinks he is a dog, but you can only love a cat this much with this superb soft fur..He attacks our feet under the covers in bed. We just laugh and stroke him until he falls asleep with us. I am completely in love . I watched a short film of a cat someone had lost, the love of their life, needless to say, now I will take as many pictures of him as I can. There will never be another Q-tip. Wish you could meet him. If you are ever in S.W. Kansas, Come to a town called Hugoton, Mitter Mews and I will be right across from the hospital....On Jackson street.