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The Maine Coon is known for its massive appearance, lush coat, and luxuriant, plumed tail!
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Kelly - 2009-09-29
I just got my 1st Maine Coon 6.5 months ago and she is such a joy! She really is like a dog since she follows my husband and I around the house, plays fetch, and brings us her toys to play. Patches also LOVES to "help" us around the house too, and it is so so cute! EVERYTHING I have heard and read about the breed is true. It's a dream come true, since I always wanted a Maine Coon and now do. My condolences to those of you who've lost your babies to the rainbow bridge. I am sure one and all will find new babies in due time...

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  • Margaret Lewis - 2010-06-15
    I note your comment 'over the rainbow bridge', therefore you must be a Kirks Folly fan. Are you on the Kirks Folly Forum? My name on there is 'Meg'. I have two Maine Coon cats, one Tabby and one Silver. They are both l0 years old and are really true to breed with their characteristics. The male (silver) follows me round endlessly and is still acting like a kitten. The female is more superior!
kyle - 2009-12-21
We got our cat about 1 year ago and hes a real joy to have in our house he loves to follow me around into my room and lay with me. He doesn't mind behind picked up or sat on a lap he just loves to be around people and likes to stare at the fish for around 20 minutes a day. BUT he is a little goofy if you play with a paper ball throwing it over him he will do flips trying to get it and eventually get frustrated and just act like hes walkin away but when you set it on the ground he shoots back like a bullet. ironically enought before we knew what type of cat he was we named him Coon cause he has black fur with gray spots and striped and looks just like a ratcoon.

Vincent - 2009-08-21
My Maine Coon - Alibaba, lived for 15 years until he went quietly to Feline University nearly 2 years ago. He was one of the greatest cats I've ever had in my life. He was the gentle giant, very smart and loving. He would sleep in bed with us and sit at the table during dinner. He always waited by the door every night when I got home from work. Like many who posted, He too would also chrip. He also loved water and being outdoors. He was a very brave cat as well, he feared no one. Most times people would call him cat-dog. He also knew who was afraid of him. He could smell it on them and that was his favorite type of person. Which I would have to rescue everytime from the end of the hallway when they came out of the bathroom. I would hear my guest shouting out my name and the cat would not let them leave. Everyone who was afraid of him was. And I would tell them different and they would not believe me. One person dubbed him Terminator cat. Alibaba was very caring and playful to the end. Alibaba was a thief of hearts and he stole mine. He would lick my arms and if I had a nightmare, he would come running lay on my pillow and lick my head until I fell asleep again. I miss his strong back leaning against mine when I would wake up at night or waking up and finding his head resting on my pillow like a human. He loved laying in boxes and hopping into paper bags and even my luggage. However, he was not one too leave alone for a long time. He gave me the cold shoulder when I went on holiday for 10 days. 7 he could do but certainly not 10! So the stage was set. And let me tell you, he was a fierce hunter. Nothing got past him or through those furry paws. His favorite time was when I cooked. He love the smell of the house and always sat by the entrance of the kitchen and watched me and chirped. All in all a great companion. It took some time to get use to him not being around. Especially the first few weeks because he was such a hugh presence. I've never been so heartbroken in my entire life. His pictures grace just about every wall in my house.

Dan Mcdonald - 2009-06-19
I have had a Maine Coon for about a year and a half and he is the best cat that I ever had. He follows me everywhere in the house. I would not trade him for the world. He sleeps with me and sits with me and he even comes to me when I call him. Once again, he is the best. I love him to no end.

Marie - 2008-08-21
We have a young Maine Coon cat (18 months old) who is such a joy! She gets along beautifully with our two older cats (ages 12 and 9), and has even got them playing and exercising again. While she does not like to be held or sit on laps, she LOVES being petted and is very affectionate. She keeps herself clean and well-groomed at all times, and just knows how beautiful she is. I've never had a Maine Coon before, but would definitely get one again because they have lovely personalities!

sanette de wet - 2008-01-04
I had the most gorgeous "Blue" Maine Coon, his name was Thomas. I live in South Africa and there is not a lot of these cats around. He was huge, gentle, extremely loving and had the tiniest voice. I unfortunately lost him to poisoning in a spat of such events in the neighbourhood. Nobody is none the wiser about who did it. All I can say is that he was the most wonderful pet anyone can have. He was playful, walked on a leash (believe me, a cat that size causes comments), and was just wonderful. I have been looking for one, but they seem to be rather rare in RSA. I have two other cats, but none so absolutely loveable. It is the best cat to own as they are playful. The only down side was that he had a rather sensitive stomach and certain commercial cat food gave him diarrhea and that is quite a bad thing on a cat with hair that long. He didn't mind bathing much. He didn't scratch or even complain! He was 8 yrs when he died and still played like a little kitten. Thomas is sorely missed. There is no other cat breed like it!

Carey Fox - 2007-12-27
My Maine Coon Cats' name is Ferdinand. He vocalizes the most witty and setimental words through his meowing. When he was a kitten he would run up and down the yard to my sports car and back, with his tail curled up over his head "plumed up mightily". He would do this over and over again until he got to get a ride with me. Then he would, when I asked him if he wanted to bring home a "new" kitten, meow and jump to the top of the passenger side seat hanging on low, level, to the window lookin at the free kitties signs in their yard. He would look in the exact direction of the exact yards with the signs!... AND START BEGGING! (He knew before I did every new litter in the neighborhood) Adorable, huh? yeh.