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The Maine Coon is known for its massive appearance, lush coat, and luxuriant, plumed tail!
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pat - 2010-02-21
I just love Pumpkin, my maine coon. He is about 6 to 8 yrs old and he is a wonderful loving friend for me and I did decide to keep him in as a house cat because of where I live. He sleeps by me and lays next to me wherever I go. At one time he must have been hurt because of his one rear hip, runs but has a little problem with that hip. But right now I am having a real problem with him not eating and it is mainly the dry food I cannot seem to get him to enjoy and today he came out from sleeping and meowed at me and was telling me that he was hungry. Yes he eats some moist food but I cannot get him to eat a dry food. He drinks some water but not enough I don't think, and of course his stool has not been much. Has urinated quite a bit. You say they are not hard to feed but he is giving me run for my money. Have fed him Friskies and Natural food from a pet store and he does not like any. Is it time to take him to the vet? He is my big orange and white fluffy buddy.

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  • shirley ross - 2010-07-08
    I'm sorry to say that he may possible have kidney disease. If you get him to the vet for test, and he is in early stages, you can continue to have him around for years. Or he could have a tooth problem, and need dental work. Dry food is not good for cats, no matter what has been previously stated. It can cause kidney disease. I know, because my 16 year old has had kidney disease for 6 years, and with careful monitoring.......testing, giving fluids with an i.v. under the skin,( you can easily learn to do it......she is your baby!) proper diet, and many trips to vet, she has held out 6 years past what she was supposed to. He has all the symptoms, drinking a lot of water, not eating, and urinating huge quantities. More goes out than they can drink........that's why the sub q fluids. It's very important to get his bowels moving so that the toxins that normal kidneys would filter. I just stumbled upon this site, so email me if you like.
  • casey Forest - 2014-09-27
    Sounds like a kidney problem how ever I am not a vet.!!!! PLEASE dont wait take him to a vet specaliazing in cats! I also have a maine coon cat a solid 36 lbs. They can have kidney heart or hip problems. Ask your vet to recomend a high QUALITY food. Most grocery store food brands w the exception of Iams is considered kitty junk food. GOOD LUCK a good vet is even better. Casey Forest
Debbie Clifford - 2009-09-05
I recently lost my beloved Maine Coon Baron Munchmausen to rainbowsbridge - he was only 3 1/2years old but in that short time he lived the life of 40 cats. He had a massive personality and made an big impression on everyone he met. He was my puppycat- he'd follow me on walks and scuff around a bit whilst I walked ahead and run to me at full pelt just like a dog when I called him, his magnificent fur blowing in the wind and his big tail sweeping. He would follow me to my neighbours house to try and steal her cats food and would follow me round the house if he was not allowed inside and stand up and paw each window and mew. - He didnt chirp but he had a tiny high pitched mioaw which was far too small for him. He once got on the same neighbours conservatory roof during a residents meeting and ran up and down like thunder before settling just above my head until the end of the meeting. He disappeared into the christmas tree last year and eventually out flew a bird - and he managed to carry a baby rabbit though the cat flap up a spiral staircase and put it into his bed at easter!! It was unharmed. Mice and Voles were not so fortunate -he was an expert hunter with his massive paws. He could turn the taps on the kitchen sink and loved to drink water from running taps lapping it until it went up his nose and he sneezed. He would sit on a big red blanket and let me pull him round the floor like a sledge and he'd wake me up in the morning at 7 am on the dot with rough kisses. I could never have anything other than a Maine Coon now, but filling his boots will be a hard task.

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  • Niza - 2014-08-11
    Im sorry for your loss and my condolences go out to you 💋
Jeff Dubose - 2014-07-19
this is my boy ODEN live up to his name, fetches tin foil balls loyal , rotten spoiled, what kinda cat is he i've had no luck finding any thing like him, listens to what i tell him, tell him go to bed, he go's, any thing i say he does, (i don't like cat's, but exception to rule, goo friends and bud's, loyal to me only, not far from me, hates when i got to work, cries when i come in, pet me , scatch my belly..ect.. a royal pain til he get's that, monster of a cat, don't like when people raise voice to me, gets between me and them, will attack if they seem like there going to do harm(he was abused before i got him) amazing cat he is, some one tell me what he is ??  thought maine coon, not sure, like i said not a cat person, but wouldn't trade his fat butt for nothing..(not fat..big!!) jumps 3-4 feet to get tin foil balls, loves it, or plain string cord, and thats all he will play with, lets me do what ever, no one else, well i take that back, friend paul plays with him, loves him as much, i hate to say it, as much as i do, he's skidish about feet, and hands, except me and paul, like to get him rebel flag collar, can't find him one, i'm from south, and i think he's got southern attituide and he's a maine cat.. help me fig my boy out!!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    What a great cat! It's hard to tell what exact breed he is unless you know where he came from, and then you can ask the previous owner, but he does look Maine Coonish. And what a unique and special personality!  
  • Niza - 2014-08-11
    It's a Maine coon cause I have one and lemme tell you she's the love of my life, and her name is tigger and I love her so much. shes a cutie she always comes to me when I call her, or pat my hand on my side, she loves playing with string absolutely loves it, and my siblings think I spoil her to much compared to the other cats we have (it is true) but Maine coons choose who they want to be closest to in the family and mine chose . Its hard to explain how much I love this cat, I always give her kisses and she always listens to me and people might think Im crazy for spoiling a cat and completely loving her too much but I think she deserves it she nothing but the best to me I hope this helps and sorry for rambling on about my cat but yeah so your cat IS a Maine Coon make sure you forever love him and always take care of him and give him the love he needs when and how you want to and he will forever love you 😋😊✌
Jo Bueckers - 2010-07-12
What great Maine Coon stories!~ We, too, love our silver tabby, Fantasia /Fancy. She is 11 1/2 and still going strong. She weighs around 15# and has brought untold joy to us. Every-one loves her, and she chooses those who will be graced with her attention. The chirping is so cute! She bonded with our Husky as they were raised indoors together and still remembers her even though Xena is now outdoors in her one acre corral. Three other cats share her domain, and she rules with an iron paw. They are, indeed the perfect pet for a family. Her main interest is her food bowl! She has an uncanny sense of time (when it's time for us to rise and shine) and won't quit until we do...yes, the tail is exquisite as is the gorgeous coat and eyes. We also love the tufted ears and paws---huge. All your stories mirror our experiences with our special girl. They have quite the purrsonality.

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  • Best Cattery - 2014-04-29
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maine coon - 2011-07-25
I like your post. And I would like to recommend one of maine coon cattery. Those kittens are very pretty and have a champion genes. One of the prettiest kitten for me are "Dacota Blue" but now it reserved.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-26
    Beautiful cats. I want one.
  • Johanson - 2014-04-27
    Also check for pretty kittens
Carla and kids - 2013-03-03
We got Chase 8 years ago from the ASPCA. He was just a tyke and running around with his friend and so we planned to take both, but couldn't :( Well, we got Chase home and he immediately got us wondering why we hadn't gotten a cat sooner. At the time we had a mouse problem and Chase earned his name because he snatched them up, brought them to us, which ALWAYS scared me to death, but he was always so proud! Needless to say, the Misee problem cleared up quick-fast! After a few months a friends cat had kittens- so in order for Chase to have company, we got Little, a female tabby. Chase was amazing with her. He accepted her immediately and whenever w couldn't find her, we asked Chase and he always led us to her. In July I got a daschund puppy for my daughter birthday. Chase once again showed he's a hospitable guy and welcomed her. She has since grown and has tried to prove her dominance as a dog, but Chase remains the true alpha male. Its the cutest thing, because Mocha is much smaller than Chase (she's a mini), she does a barking dance around him while he just sits. When he gets up, she runs sooooo fast. Chase has been the most loving, personable, beautiful cat. I can't imagine ever being without him. Yes, he's finicky-he refuses to eat hard food, but he's worth all the fancy feast in the world. He loves to be petted and told how beautiful he is, and he is! I massage his lush mane and tell him that he's my 'big handsome'and he loves that. People love to come see him and take pictures because he's so big and good-looking, easily the 'prettiest boy' they've ever seen. When he talks to me its with the teeniest voice, yet I love to hear that, as well as his big bear snore while sleeping. I know this is long, but as I type from my bed, Mocha is sleeping to my right, and my Big Handsome is sleeping on my left. I can't tell you just how much Chase is loved by the entire family.

BRITTANY - 2010-02-12
I've never really had pets in my life, until my family decided to adopt a tabby/siamese. I thought she was great, until I met my baby Santana! She was less than a year old when I adopted her from the shelter. She was rather shy and wouldn't acknowledge me, until I got her home. She's the prettiest gal I've ever seen. She's been very patient with me, starting my first semester in college, and moving out into an apartment. She used to go outside a lot, but as soon as I brought her to our new place, she knew she owned it (even though I don't quite trust her when it comes to the 3rd story windows). She wakes me up every morning with kisses,and crawls on my chest before bed or when I'm on the couch. When she gets fiesty she bites and claws at my hand for a brief period, then decides to wrap her paws around it and cuddle to sleep. She waits at doors for me to, and has the cutest chirp. At this point in my life, I can never see myself having any cat besides one of these big lovebugs.

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  • Spadoll - 2012-05-17
    We currently have 5 cats that we love and will take care of for the rest of their life... A year ago however, cat number 6 passed away. He was a Maine Coon named China. He was the most beautiful tabby coon cat in the world! He was Adopted from a Maine Coon rescue group/shelter. He ended up saving our children on several different occasions from scorpion bites, he found them, killed them and then he would alert us of their location. p.s. we live in Arizona. #RIPChina This post is in memory of China Doll our Big Coon daddy. We Love You Bear!
Dan Hager - 2012-07-21
I had two of these cats growing up, at different times. Our original one was a female tabby who was said to have simply curled up in the stroller with me when I was 2 and hitched a ride home from the breeder's. She was very sweet, but an excellent judge of character and could be shy around people she deemed untrutworthy (we found out about them later). Hated my aunt's pomeranian though. She lived to 16. Our second one was a ginger male. He was rescued by us at our old house, but eventually got adopted by another owner.

Memory - 2012-07-23
From the comments listed already I've come to the conclusion that my kitty is indeed a Maine Coon. She's fiesty, 15 years old now and still plays :) she has a snowy white tummy and a gorgeous block calcio pattern on her back. I was wondering, about how long does this breed live? I've had her since I was 2 and I know she is old and that I need to prepare my self for her death. But she is still quite healthy, I look forward to any answers!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-23
    They say on an average the maine Coon will live between 12 and 15 years but many have healthy lives longer than that.  Enjoy.
noel - 2010-03-18
We never had pet cats before until my daughter brought home a kitten. Since I never took care of a cat before, I resisted in having one in the house. But, it didn't take long for me to come around and see what the fuzz is all about; this kitten was so friendly, affectionate and playful! We watched him grew to a full size Coon, and weight almost 20 pounds. He was solid and can feel the strength of this gentle giant.

He loves hanging-out and be in the middle of our activities as a family. He sits there quietly, majestically, watching everybody with his mane shining. He loves smelling everyone's hair especially after shower. His favorite game is fetching a crumpled candy wrapper or a tin foil rolled like a little shiny ball and then he would kick it with his paws and chase it.

One morning when he was about 4 years old, he came to our bedroom door and started calling us with this tiny voice and as I opened the door, he ran towards the kitchen still meowing as if to say "pay attention to me" and as I got closer towards him; I noticed that he was sitting on the floor with something in front of him. As I looked closer, it was a mouse. It was Chino's gift to us. He was very proud that day and we were too!

Chino grew as an indoor cat, but, we let him out in the backyard when we're out there. He lived to the age of 9 years old and was still very active until his last few days.

Maine Coon Cat are great cats. He did act like a dog in terms of loyalty and they are so playful, even at 9 years old he was still acting like a kitten.

We miss our friend!