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Jenn - 2010-05-17
I have a 4 yo all white, blue eyed Turkish angora whom is not deaf! However, over the last several months I have noticed that she, Baila, has been calling out in a very loud voice during the daytime. It's as if she doesn't realize where she is or that she is scared or confused. Ever since she was a wee kitten she would call out in the same loud meow occasionally and only at night. Should I be concerned that she is going deaf? Or is this more of a behavioral sort of dilemma? Nothing else has changed in her environment, we live in the same house, she has a sister named Gabby who has been with her since she was a kitten, I have not changed her diet and otherwise she seems her normal very lively, happy self. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...

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  • Wendy - 2010-05-20 3year old named "Smudges" is doing the same thing. It's sooo sad to hear her. I right away go to her and reassure her that I'm present and not to worry. Strange....I hope someone has an answer on why?

    P.S. My little Girl is very protective of me...Thus the disclaimer I hang in my kitchen. "Beware of the Attack Kitten"....
  • Angel - 2010-07-03
    I was adopted by a red tabby that I've recently found is a Turkish Angora; he also likes to "wail" at the top of his lungs. I've learned it means one of two things. Either he wants to go outside (once a cat's lived outside they have a difficult time adjusting to being indoors only), or he wants me to call out in return so he can locate me. Personally, I think the second issue is just so he can reassure himself, since I'm pretty certain he always knows where to find me! Anyway, it is a loud and insistent meow, and if you don't know your cat well, it may appear to be one indicating fear or insecurity. Try just calling out in response. If she comes running to you with a "oh, THERE you are!" attitude, then I think she may just be playing the "reassure me, i'm a scared little kitten" game. And I believe it IS a game, lol. Mal, my cat, is a great trickster! Good luck!
  • Marsha - 2010-07-21
    I had an odd eyed white Turkish angora that the neighbors left behind back in 1994. He died last year between the ages of 16 - 19 years old. He also howled and it drove me crazy. I had to put him in his own room at night so I could sleep. He would stop if I picked him up, but at 2AM in the morning I wasn't in the mood! The vets could never figure out why he did it. One thought that he was deaf in one ear since he had one blue eye. He stopped for quite awhile, but then when he got older he started in again. A certain toy used to trigger it so I actually took away the toy. But the howling still continued off and on. In old age he had seizures and one vet thought that the howling might have been excess electricity in his brain causing pain. During the seizure he did not cry out, but would become unable to walk. The most severe one, left him lying down on his side as if dead. I really do believe that the howling and the seizures were related. Maybe the breed has this problem.
  • Stephanie - 2010-07-23
    I wouldn't be worried at all. My male Turkish Angora (white with gold eyes), Waffles, does this ALL the time. Day and night. I think its just a breed thing. His father did it, his mother did (who was a tortoise shell Angora) and so did his siblings and children. It doesn't mean they're going deaf, it doesn't mean they have any problems. Its just a thing they do. Waffles has never been outside and he is FAR from deaf or in pain from something. Its just a weird quirk that Angoras have. So yeah, don't worry. It might suck, but there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Joe - 2011-01-10
    I agree with Marsha, it's just an angora thing. My cat's the same, I just respond to his howl and then he'll come running and mewing aka complaining to me as if to say " where have you been, I've been looking for you all over"
  • Sharon - 2011-02-22
    I rescued a gorgeous white cat who has turned out to be an Angora - he has a blue and a green eye and is stone deaf! This does not prevent him from meowing (off key:-)) at the top of his voice. This especially happens when he's wound himself around the curtain and thinks he's lost. I take him outside on a leash so he can enjoy the great outdoors, but being deaf and pure white (hence skin cancer prone) he's kept indoors - much to his chagrin! He's an absolute gem and I am very grateful to have found such a luck!
  • Michelle - 2011-02-24
    If your cat starts howling, especially in the middle of the night, and you know it is not hormonal, please take it to the Vet for a blood pressure test. My 20 year old started howling in the night (I thought it was senility) and it turns out it was high blood pressure. After putting her on meds in 2 days she stopped. Now my young male Angora calls, but he is healthy, just a doofus. I leave the radio on for him.
  • Jenn - 2011-03-26
    Just an update about Baila from my comments a year ago...she has been having seizures for about 9 months now. I believe the howling was actually her response during the post ictal stage once the seizure was over. She now has frequent (2-3x week) grand mal seizures lasting about 1-3 minutes which she howls and cries afterwards. Completely heartbreaking to watch, but the vet said as long as they don't last very long and she acts normally afterwards there is no need to put her on phenobarbital. She is still funny and totally gorgeous, and so much more affectionate since the seizures started. Aren't angoras terrific little sweethearts! Thanks for all of your replies. It's great to see all of the helpful feedback!
  • margie - 2011-05-28
    She sounds like she might of got scared. My baby ellie is a angorian white kitten she is almost a year old now there was a real bad storm and my baby started hidng. Everytime it gets windy or starts raining so I got her some toys and she really loves to play with a lazer lite. I also have a gull breed manx and those two are constantly running and playing its like the manx her name is cookie just had a litter of kittens and I got her spayed so she can't have anymore but she has adopted ellie they are unsperable at this point. Ellie also has a distinct meow when she gets upset. It's just there nature just let her know that she is ok and she will be ok.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-29
    I had a Siamese cat named Ti. I thouht she wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack because she would seem to get lost in the house. She would find the kitty litter and her food, no problem. However, she would be in the master bedroom and start a meowing howl and I would go in and she would just be sitting there. It was like she was lost. Finally, when she did this meowing howl, I would call her and she would come. Then she would do things like fall off the sofa. I took her to the vet and the cat couldn't see. She wasn't completely blind but he said she couldn't see. Ti and I went home and I just learned when she meow howls to call her and when I had to go to work, I left her in the kitchen with the litter and food so she woldn't get lost. She was fine - she would just get lost and not be able to find her way back.
  • Sharon Dunn - 2011-07-10
    I had a female, white, short-hair cat that used to howl like she was dying or in great trouble. I would run downstairs in a panic to find her staring at me like I had some kind of problem! Now I have another female short-hair white cat with orange patches (like a Turkish Van) and she does the same thing. For no reason at all, she just sits in another room and howls or cries or makes weird noises. When I check on her she is just sitting, staring at me. We have other cats and no one else does this!
  • Michael - 2011-08-03
    I have a neutered male mostly gray with white Turkish Angora. Calvin is about 12 yrs old and has had few health ploblems. Like many Turkish Angoras, Calvin loves to be in high places, and he loves an open, empty box regardless of its size. Once he decides to jump in, he will manage to curl up in the box and sleep there for awhile. It's amazing how small some of the boxes have been that he has fitt into. And he loves ALL people, especially if they have a lap! The exception is little children, and I think it's because they are loud, move fast, and typically are unintentially rough with animals in general, and don't know how to gently pick up a cat.

    If we have no guests, there are only three adults in the house: my daughter, her husband, and myself. In general he will follow me and find a place near me. If I suddenly leave the house, he will howl--back to the question that was raised--not for a minute or so, but for many minutes.

    If I'm the only one in the house (which belongs to my daughter and her husband, and they both work long hours), he will begin howling and wandering about. When he start this up, I will yell out his name, and his howling may continue, but a little softer (no, he doesn't have a hearing issue). When this happens, I will yell out his name emphatically, and he will comically make a very soft sound that I swear shounds like the word, "what?" By the way, no one has mentioned that Turkish Angoras are "talking cats". They do not meow, but they have a variety of vocalizations. Going back to the issue of howling, at least in Calvins case, I think it's because he misses a particular person. I say that because when I return, he obviously is happy to see me; and as soon as I sit down on the couch, he will jump up and snuggle up next to me. Maybe others have had similar situations. Sorry for the long reply, but I wanted to add some additional background information, that led up to my answer to the question: in Calvins case the howling seems to be an indication of lonliness or missing a special person.
js - 2011-07-05
My little Whitey passed away today at only 11 years old. No symptoms over a long period except for an aversion to his normal deli cat. I switched to fancy feast and he became ecstatic for about a couple weeks, then stopped eating that. He laid down and stared at his dish for half a day. Wobbly gait. When I tried to wake him today, he coughed and weased and tried to move, but by the time we got to the vet his heart was beating but he wasn't breathing. Just an occassional cough. I hope he passed away in no pain. I loved my boy. I got him 3 months before meeting my current wife. We are sick.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-06
    I am so sorry. I had my kitten for 17 years and I still miss her.
  • Sharon Dunn - 2011-07-10
    I cried when I read your story. I have cats too and have lost some in the past due to old age and illness. Please take comfort in knowing that your little "Whitey" knew how much he was loved and was adored by you both. What a lucky kitty to have such a loving home and such devoted owners. When it was time, you gave him the gift of a peaceful end. I am sure he did not suffer knowing that you were right there with him.
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Faith Temiz - 2009-06-17
Hi, I live in Portland, Oregon. My daughter will give away her two Van cats free, ther are healty and very clean. She has twin babies and can't take care of the cats. Do you know anyone who would want them? Thanks.

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  • Appalled - 2010-03-14
    Contact people on, portland area. Do not take them to the animal shelter, they stand a good chance of being destroyed.
  • adnan - 2010-04-26
    Still available?
  • German Pastrana - 2011-05-26
    Hi, I'm looking for a Turkey Van Cat because I love the caracteristic of these cat. I read a lot about them and its seems the are lovable. Will you send me pictures of the cats? Do you still seeking home for them? Please contact me via email
  • lynda jones - 2011-06-25
    A medical student is looking for such a cat. He is one of my employees,
    thank you
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Paul - 2011-06-17
Hi. Some years ago my mother found Turkish Angora in park bushes. The cat was bad in shape and it turned out that he's deaf. Some say that deafness affects mostly cats with blue eyes or mixed eye colours. This cat however has green eyes, so I wonder if it's the white coat among many other things in DNA which is the cause? Since we had other two cats at home, it was adopted by Pershian university students. To bad as it is one of the best looking cats we had at home. Faniest of all my ex-girlfriend being from western Iran and speaking also Turkish would propably love this cat - just one of life coincidents or mysteries.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-17
    Bet you that cat was gorgeous.
Michele - 2011-03-24
I have an 11 year old white angora cat named Tyler. He is and always will be the love of my life...He has been a joy since the day I brought him home. He is ill now but there will never be another. He really thinks he is a person...


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Renata, Trinidad, W.I. - 2010-04-20
I lost my very friendly cat Fletcher with name tag and all to an "evil" man (a tenant), who stole him and maybe killed him. Thank God that man is gone now. I was very afraid to get another pet, as I am very protective of them - that's why I don't have dogs anymore (my first love) - because of tenants downstairs. But I visited my local animal shelter and cried over my missing cat. Then a woman directed me to this little shiny grey quiet cat, who turned out to be the best behaved cat ever! She does not go to strangers, she does not eat scraps nor eat from your plate nor interfere with the garbage - she will drink your water though, she does not go where I don't- she has never yet ventured into any of the other apartments open doors or windows even if she is bribed. She loves to stay inside even though she is free to go out. She communicates with me in sound - she calls to find out where I am in the apartment. She is very serious about being fed to her leisure. Once I'm home, she stays close to where I am approx. 80% of the time. And if I'm out, she stays inside approx. 95% of the time. If I'm out she waits until I come home to go outside to hunt and do her 'business'. The point is, she's safe from dangerous people. And for this I am so grateful. When I get up in the morning she walks beside me and guides me to her bowl to feed her first. You can't help but develop a very close and instinctive bond with this cat. She helped me in dealing with the grief of losing my previous cat. I was afraid of the man, but I am not afraid anymore. God gave me victory over him - I smile and wave hello whenever I see him - he is so confused when I do that. But you see because he killed my cat (which belongs to God) for whatever reason, I now know what a dangerous person he was. He broke my water line on purpose during the early hours of the morning then called me @2:30am then again @3:30am to come downstairs - the plumber confirmed it was tampered with (twice). So while I still grieve for my cat Fletcher I am grateful to have overcome this dangerous threat to my life in the likes of this man- because I lived alone at the time. But now peace has come and my new lovely cat Smokey is my new room-mate - she has her own identity/ demands privacy, etc. In fact, she's a lot like me!

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  • Felicia - 2010-08-27
    What a lovely story :) I am so glad you found peace and happiness with this new cat that the Lord gave you. However the man in this story sounds VERY scary (oh my goodness!) - praise God he's gone too! I'm not sure I could wave to someone that sounds so evil. Good for you and I wish you well. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

    ~Felicia, Griffith I.N.

  • Lorraine Dutch - 2011-03-08
    My little girl, Bella is a rescue cat, who also consoled me after I lost my beloved blue Oriental, Nicholas, to kidney disease at age 12. Her nature seems much like your cat's although I have to monitor her food intake as she is very fond of her food. Lorraine, Qld, Australia.
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SP - 2011-02-19
I have a traditional siamese, named kenzo. He's an absolute angel at times and a terror, he has so much energy, always looking for something to do, he's broken a lot of things at home, you need a lot of patience with siamese cats..he's always bringing gifts, if it's not a birds head, then it's their wing. I do let him outdoors even tho I was not supposed to, but my house is small, he gets bored very quick. If you're planning to get a siamese be prepared, they not like your normal cats, but they very fun to own, he's very good with my little nieces, and with my moms two cats, but I introduced him early to them, he somehow made friends with a neighbors dog lol....he's full of tricks....but I wouldn't have two have them his a handful already, if he pass on, I'll most def get a siamese again.

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Barbara Adams - 2011-02-01
I used to have a great angora named Samantha. She was white and odd-eyed (one blue and one gold). She has long since passed on but I do miss her a lot. She acted more like one of kids in my family and was always loving and very playful. She was always very protective and kept dogs and other cats out of our yard.

erica guy - 2008-02-05
nice cats

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  • Luc - 2011-01-22
    Here is a picture of my cat which I rescued at four months old. I believe that the closest feline he resembles would be the "Turkish Angora." I would like to report some behavior that I would have not expected, having being raised by a couple of cats and dogs as I grew up. This feline, opens up cupboards and turns off lights, loves the water and even enjoys canine company. I challenge anybody to tell me that this isn't the cat that I think it in the photo. Anyways, would love to have more advice on this obscure breed- lucgreen
Trish - 2011-01-03
I own a white Turkish Angora, who is 5 years old. I adopted her from the SPCA. She is very attached to me and will follow me from room to room. She seems to have separation anxiety because if I am gone for longer than a day or two at a time, she will start pulling out her hair and wailing. She will do this even if another family member is at home with her. Is there anything I can do to ease her anxiety while I am gone?


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