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Vicki in Caracas, Venezuela - 2008-08-03
We rescued "Kati" from a school yard where she had been dumped as a tiny kitten. In a matter of days, she had taken over our house and our hearts, and has been bullying us for 7 years now. When we ran across the Turkish Angora breed, we recognized her immediately: eyes (bright blue), length and texture of fur, personality. There is no doubt that she belongs to that breed. Being white and adventurous, she would get very dirty as a kitten and so became accustomed to being bathed at an early age and is brushed often also. She has brought a great deal of joy to our lives.

Kahlanlocknar - 2008-05-14
My Turk is about 3 years old and she is the sweetest can ever. She had bright emerald eyes which attracted us to her in the humane society. She is the most cuddly, sweet cat I've ever had. If we don't give her attention when we get home, she gets anxious. I would never give up my Lizzie for anything. I would definitely get another of this breed.

Gina Steber - 2008-03-31
I have a black turkish angora. He weighs about 20 lbs. He is the friendliest cat I ever had. He survived Hurricane Katrina and 5 ft. of water with our other persian. We adopted him from a humane society when he was about 2 years old. He crawls in my arms every night like a baby. Of course, he has to sleep with me too. I wouldn't trade him for anything.

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Fatimah - 2008-02-13
My cat looks exactly like the one in the picture. We call her Musang. She is very playful, active and seeks attention. She likes to hide inside cupboards and sometimes we cannot see her since her fur is like a camouflage. She takes boiled or raw fish daily. She does not like friskies or whiskas. She roams about in the garden and catches mice, cockroaches and even insects like the mosquitoes and flies and keep them in our shoes.

She is recently friendly with a brownish male cat looking a bit like a junior lion which we call Samba. We are very happy with her and love her so much.

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Anna Rivas - 2008-02-05
I once owned a siamese kitten name Princess. She was mix. She was so cute. She liked to play and chase her tail. She is like a dog; she would carry her toys in her mouth. She ran away and never came back for a whole month. I loved her more than anything. She is very sweet and enjoys sleeping in warm places.

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sanette de wet - 2008-01-04
I had the most gorgeous "Blue" Maine Coon, his name was Thomas. I live in South Africa and there is not a lot of these cats around. He was huge, gentle, extremely loving and had the tiniest voice. I unfortunately lost him to poisoning in a spat of such events in the neighbourhood. Nobody is none the wiser about who did it. All I can say is that he was the most wonderful pet anyone can have. He was playful, walked on a leash (believe me, a cat that size causes comments), and was just wonderful. I have been looking for one, but they seem to be rather rare in RSA. I have two other cats, but none so absolutely loveable. It is the best cat to own as they are playful. The only down side was that he had a rather sensitive stomach and certain commercial cat food gave him diarrhea and that is quite a bad thing on a cat with hair that long. He didn't mind bathing much. He didn't scratch or even complain! He was 8 yrs when he died and still played like a little kitten. Thomas is sorely missed. There is no other cat breed like it!

Carey Fox - 2007-12-27
My Maine Coon Cats' name is Ferdinand. He vocalizes the most witty and setimental words through his meowing. When he was a kitten he would run up and down the yard to my sports car and back, with his tail curled up over his head "plumed up mightily". He would do this over and over again until he got to get a ride with me. Then he would, when I asked him if he wanted to bring home a "new" kitten, meow and jump to the top of the passenger side seat hanging on low, level, to the window lookin at the free kitties signs in their yard. He would look in the exact direction of the exact yards with the signs!... AND START BEGGING! (He knew before I did every new litter in the neighborhood) Adorable, huh? yeh.

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Kenzie - 2007-10-25
My cat Mac looks a lot like the cat in the picture. Hes not so fat and his eyes are sweet and innocent though. Hes not really our cat. His old owners moved and left him. Everyone who plays with him never think he was never stray because he's so sweet! We've been feeding him ever since. He also has two kittens. We think the mom died because Mac brought the 3 skinny kittens to us! After feeding them for a few months Mellow stopped coming. Mator and Marly are always sitting at the door waiting for their food though.
We also have 3 other cats; Maisy, Moe Joe, and Milly. They're all females. Moe Joe is all black and everyone calls her evil. Maisy, the sweetest of the three, is always meowing at you to pet her. Milly is the adventurous one. She's always bringing live chipmunks into the house!


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