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The Devon Rex Cat is also known as the "Pixie Cat" for its elf-like features!
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Bev - 2013-07-04
My Devon (Jasmine) will be 10 next month and has never had a sick day. She is very curious and when a cupboard or door is opened then whoosh...she is on your shoulder looking around to see what is going on. She loves the sun and cuddles between the sheet and blanket. I am handicapped and she never drops in front of my walker but walks to the side. She is less than five pounds and a wonderful pet. Her best buddy is my miniature Schnauzer.

Rebecca Wheeldon - 2012-01-26
I have a 5yr old devon rex which i have had for just over a year now. I chose this breed due to previous history of cat allergy. He is a very friendly cat although sometimes a little overbearing as he won,;t leave me alone!! One downside is that where ever he sleeps he leaves brown staining despite having regular baths!
A fabulous breed for those who want a loyal companion but not for those who want an independent pet as they can be more demanding than a child.

April - 2013-01-19
Our little Devon Rex is just 7 months old now. She fits right in with our 4 dogs, 2 other cats, and 6 grandchildren. I wanted a kitten that didn't shed much and researched personalities and care before choosing this breed. Our 'Sugar' is our joy! She is unlike any other cat we've ever had. She is friendly with all, but strongly bonded to me as she sleeps cuddled up to me every night. I have a lung disease and have to take medicine early in the morning and wait an hour before breakfast. My cat wakes me up to take it and then she nuzzles my neck as we go back to sleep. My husband wants his 'own' devon and we plan to breed her in the summer before we spay her. I just hope we can bring ourselves to part with some of the kittens!

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  • Anonymous - 2013-02-05
    Sugar sounds like such a great companion, thanks for sharing, it will definitely help me when I'm looking for my next cat.
Joss - 2012-07-07
We have two Devons (boy & girl - siblings) and I honestly don't know why anyone would want any other type/breed of cat, dog (or animal for that matter). They're amazing. The cutest, most loving animals I've ever come across. We absolutely adore ours. They are naughty - kitty in monkey's clothing is right, but that's part of their appeal and I defy anyone to get even slightly annoyed with something jumping on your table that's that cute! They are VERY they know exactly what they're not allowed to do (whether they care is another question:). I was always a dog person & now I honestly can't explain why. These guys are awesome. Besides not having to potty train or bath them constantly, they're just as loving & human oriented. The boy especially (although the girl is super smoochy also). He's a lap slut lol If you even half-sit down, he's on it, hanging around your waist if you haven't quite got there. And he gets so smoochy sometimes, he properly hugs you (paws around/nuzzling into your neck). Also loves visitors (more laps to sit on). The girl (who's the most beautiful creature I have ever seen - white with chocolate points, she looks like a little curly-haired mini-sheep & has a coat softer than angora) loves my husband. Follows him around like a love sick teenager, meowing at him until he picks her up. Oh - and they also fetch & love paddling in water (in the sink) :-) They're cats - how brilliant is that?!!

Tuesday Curtis - 2012-05-15
We have two Devon boys both brothers, but so different in their natures. One loves to be with you in the toilet, cooking, washing and in your bed. The other brother wants to be outside all the time and cries till you let him out. Which could be 2am or 4am!!! They love to talk to you. My children think it is funny. They expect their food to be there in the morning when they get up, if it's not there they will come looking for you to ask why it's not there for them. Then they jump at you to make you get their food. They are fussy eaters only like tuna. One loves raw meat and the other cooked meat. It's funny they are like chalk and cheese. The one boy loves to get into our bed and sleep under the quilt, the other cat loves to be with my 11 yr old daughter he just loves her(that's the one who likes to be outside) they sleep together, he has his head on her pillow and his body under the quilt. The one who loves to be inside loves to give you love bites on your hand or cheek and gives us smooches at 2am!!! There is so much I could write about them, great family cat if you have kids, we have 4 so they get lots of attention.

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  • marta - 2012-06-22
    Wow that is sooo adorable!
Alexas Lee - 2012-01-08
I've had my devon rex for 10 years now and "Tara" my rex still runs around and plays like you did when she was a kitten. She loves to go where I go and sleep under the covers. She is always there and always knows when I'm upset. I just don't know what I would have done without her these past 10 years.

rather not b told - 2008-09-22
I have a devon rex, an exact look alike! I seriously think that's my cat! Same markings and everything! The breeder we got him from had that wallpaper too, I think it's my cat!
Editor's Note: Glad to know both you and your breeder like this cat, cuz we do too! And if your cat was in a Cat Show in Ridgecrest, CA it could be your cat, as that's where we took the picture.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-08-03
    What did you name him?
Devon Rex Owner in MN - 2011-05-13
I have had my Devon Rex for 3 years now. "Dex" is the best. A fun, loving, outgoing, curious kitty. (Plus, I never have to use a lint brush.) He is always by my side, whether cooking, watching tv and/or sleeping (a huge snuggler). He loves to play. If I'm not playing with him, he will follow me around hitting my ankles with his paws. The Devon is a funny...yet very smart cat. The breed comes with a price tag, but it's worth it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-14
    That sounds like my kitty and I loved her.