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The Tonkinese are lively but gentle creatures that they fit very well into families with children!
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Thai Dye Cattery - 2012-07-24
Tonks are mystical, adventurous, goofy, thoughtful, loving, interactive and just plain wonderful! I love reading all these people's comments about how their Tonks have affected their lives. I can't see being without one!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-25
    They must be.  More people write in about a Tonkinese than any other cat.  I guess it takes them awhile to train their human but when the human finally understands what they are supposed to do - all works out wonderfully.
gaeila - 2013-05-20
Pretty good story, but the price information is somewhat out of date. As in way low. I have been breeding Tonks for many years, and last year (2012)we lost too much money selling them for $600 each. We only want to break even--we are a tiny, closed, non-show but still pedigree cattery, and I'm not posting our web site, 'cause this isn't about advertising. Plus, our wait list is already getting too long. :) We get a lot of people from both coasts, and oddly enough, Chicago too, where the price for a pedigree Tonk runs $1K - $2K, and the sky can be the limit. BTW, my very first Tonkinese lived to be 23 years old! In my experience, the more sturdily, stockier built cats tend to be healthier and live longer. If anyone knows of an actual pedigree Tonkinese kitten for only $400 I would definitely like to hear about it. (at least 6 generations Tonk only; mating a Burmese & Siamese does not meet the current definition) Thanks and good wishes to all!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-20
    Thanks so much for the updated info on the price of these little beauties. And awesome that you devote yourself to this wonderful breed!
Susan Moore - 2007-10-08
We love ours. He is so playful and very smart. He is like a person. He does sound like an elephant running through the house and swings like a monkey! I would have a 100 of them if I could. Love this breed. He likes to pretend he's a dog by copying our dog. Lays down right beside our dog and tries to lay in the same positions. When the dog hears someone at the door, she barks and they both go running to the door to greet whom ever is there. Our Tonk tries to play with our dog but the dog is too old to get into it. He will play with our friends dogs. He loves to run around and make his cute little noise when he is playing. Other than that, he is very quiet. He is very lovingly. He is our baby!

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  • Miranda Haley - 2012-02-17
    I wish I could have a cat like that... :( but my sister is allergic to animal hair, and my mom is only allergic to some animal hair but they won't get a cat, not even a kitten and I love cats and especially cats that love dogs. Well, I hope your cat will have fun with the dog. And I might even become a vet assistance if I study harder. But I got a long ways to go because I'm only a sophomore.
jules - 2012-10-17
we had a gorgeous blue tortie tonkinese called Martha. We got her when she was twelve weeks old, i remember her ears were far to big for head, and she hissed at our then one year old cat Jem when we first brought her home. They soon became the best of friends. She had a very naughty side to her, chewing electrical cables,(she chewed through a hairdryer and my husbands play station) we had to put cable tidies on everything in the house but she also had the most loving personality i have ever known in a cat, she was my baby. she followed me everywhere, talking as she went. Very sadly, five weeks ago we had her put to sleep, she lost a lot of weight through a thyroid condition and developed a kidney infection, she was fifteen and a half, we are devestated, the house feels so empty without her, my heart feels like it has broken into a million pieces.We miss her every day.

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  • Juliet - 2012-10-29
    I know how you feel. I had a cat named Minnie I loved very much. But she died recently because she had a disease.
  • jules - 2012-11-07
    Oh dear, really sorry to hear that. What colour was Minnie and how old was she?
Rachel - 2012-09-22
My beautiful boy Lyon is 12 years old. I came on here to see what the average age of a tonkinese might be and am so pleased that hopefully, I may have him around for a nice long time yet. He really has been the most wonderful boy, gentle, affectionate, funny everything you could ever want in a cat. When I went away recently to visit my daughter for 6 weeks, I left him with my parents who adore him, when I walked into the room where he was asleep in his basket, he heard my voice and immediately jumped out, said hello very loudly and came bounding straight to me....he had missed me, it was very obvious. He has always given way more than he has taken, I thank him every day for that.

John Green Cabbo Cattery - 2010-11-19
Hi everyone I am a Tonkinese breeder in Toowoomba, Australia check out my website we have pics and information on Tonkinese.

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  • carol - 2012-08-19
    Hi John, I have addopted one of your breeding cats cabbo sandy dee from Mr and Mrs wilkinson ( I also have cabbo moet blue) I adore them both, but I am having trouble finding food that sandy dee will eat. I have tried all the good wet food, but she eats very little, could you please tell me what you fed her when she was with you, moet will eat everything, loves chicken necks, but daily does not seem to like anything she has to chew. please help many thanks carol
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-20
    Sorry if i am eaves dropping but have you check her teeth/gums in case of abcess?  If she won't chew - possibly a bad tooth of infection or abcess.
Miranda Haley - 2012-02-23

Pauline Lindley - 2011-08-24
I have a Tonkinese cat who is 14 years old but still thinks she's a kitten. She answers me when I speak to her, knows the word "no" and purrs loudly when I praise her. Sadly, now, she has slowed down quite a lot, and her back lags aren't as strong as they were. She has always been a House cat , only going into the garden when a member of the family is out there and follows us around. When I go into the bathroom, she sits outside the door until I come out and runs to greet me every day when I return from work. She is the most loving cat I have ever known and will sit for hours on my lap being cuddled and stroked. I would recommentd this breed to anyone who loves cats

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  • susan paulsen - 2012-01-14
    Hello Pauline,
    I love your comment about your cat. I have always wanted a tonkinese cat! I first saw one years ago in San Luis Obispo, Ca. The cat was walking with its owner and stopped at the curb as owner told it to and wouldn't cross the street until give permission to. So intelligent. Beautiful. My cat is a DSH tiger and loving, sits on my lap, is happy to see me when I return from work. I think a tonkinese would be a great companion for Tiger who is gentle and sweet.
    Can you direct me to a breeder in Dallas/FortWorth area.
linda - 2010-08-24
I have had 2 siamese one 18yrs, one 17yrs. I now have lilly, a tonkinese, she was 2 yrs when I got her. This is the most wonderful cat I have ever had or seen, she is so gentle, loving, funny, follows me like a dog, sleeps against me,comes when I call her name, would highly recommend the tonkinese to any cat lover!

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  • Dale and Janet - 2010-11-23
    I got my first Natural Mink Tonkinese, Cheesecake in 1985 -he was bred from a Sable Burmese mother and a Seal Point Siamese father - Cheesecake was 17 years old when he got lympho sarcoma-cancer - it broke our hearts but we had already fallen in love with Tonks - we also had Sasafrass Marie at the same time - she was a Seal Point Siamese girl that lived until she was 19 years old - we lost her to heart and kidney failure. Again ours hearts broke. We now have two Tonks - Charlie is a Champagne Mink 8 year old sweetest kitty boy with the kindest heart and soul we have ever known. Oliver is a Blue Point 3 year old very active and loving kitty boy. Both are very athletic and extremely smart and always polite to everyone including the vets. We wouldn't be without our kitties whether they be Siamese or Tonkinese - you just can't beat them!
  • Sharon Fox - 2011-06-16
    We have a blue point Tonkinese called Oscar, he is only 9 months old and is the best cat we have ever had. He is so affectionate and loves lots of cuddles. At night we carry him up like a baby and he settles into sleep with my children taking it in turns which one he will sleep with and there he stays until the morning. When he is hungry he is very vocal and he does eat alot ! He is just so adorable.
  • Stan Scheider - 2011-06-19
    I am a resident of Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa and live with two female Tonks and a wife, affectionately known as "the three blonde bitches", who are all amazingly adorable. The older Tonk, Lulu (Talulah) a solid lilac is 6 years old, a bit skittish and shy, who loves as much human attention as she can get. She grew up with a Bengal, who has since passed on due to kidney failure, and both grew up in our garden where they learnt to climb the highest trees, catch birds, guinea fowl, moles, rats, mice, chameleon's and any other insect that moved. The only problem is that their catches were brought into the house either as gifts or to be ripped apart which eventually required many carpets to be replaced. The younger s a 2 year old caramel named Kapri, full of mischief, gets constantly locked into a wardrobe or cupboard and is the most affectionate animal we have ever owned. I've never seen her climb a tree nor catch prey, and basically spends her time indoors unless we are outside. She's also the official greeter to any visitor and in fact friends often come to visit and cuddle her. Thankfully we have king size bed so there is space under the duvet for all of us at night especially during the cold winter months. If you haven't owned a Tonkinese you haven't lived with a cat yet!
Julie - 2008-01-14
A Siamese and Burmese mated together produce First generation Tonkinese. Two first generation Tonkinese cats mated together will produce all second generation Tonkinese. Also, Toninese cats do not need to go outside. They are fine inside.