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   The African Serval is a medium sized cat species, with a long body and very big ears!
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Frank Chavez - 2010-07-21
My new pet kittie I hope it doesn't eat my pet Chupacabra! I am seriously considering this at some point when good 4 the animal and it makes positive difference!

annie leach - 2010-04-12
What is a physical description of this animal?

DuckMan - 2009-12-26
Claire, I bet you don't like WC Fields either... you know he said children are great, especially with a little barbecue sauce.

Sonya - 2009-11-20
I am starting some interesting research on the African Serval Cats and was wondering if anyone out there could answer my question. What, if any, is the difference between the Serval and Savannah? Is it that the Savannah is breaded with domestic cat and Serval is pure bread from Africa? Are they considered hypoallergenic cats? How can I get intouch with a proper breaderand get more info?

Claire - 2009-09-03
Servals shouldn't be pets. They're wild animals, they could hurt a person if they got angrey, or worst case sernario maybe even eat a small person ex. baby. I'm not exactly sure. But my point is servals are wild animals and don't belong in our homes. The same goes for other big cats and other wild animals, they don't belong in our homes and our neighbor hoods!

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  • 9mm - 2010-03-21
    whats the diff between owning a wild animal or a dog, a dog could easily kill a person, but they dont because they are taimed from infancy , if u get a baby servel it will grow up taimed. there is no difference. "domestic animals" are not "domestic" when they r first born, they are trained.
  • Ted Nugent - 2010-05-13
    Are you a member of PETA? Because you sound like a far left-goof ball. A Serval is a medium sized cat that eats small Rodents. Instead of worrying about a cat that stands 20 inches tall eating babies you should be worrying about our border control and dirt bag criminals being released daily from jail that are repeat offenders of aggravated charges.
Jean Good - 2009-03-11
I have had two servels and I dearly loved them. I bought them as kittens and they were raised in the house with my family. My grand children played with them. Their names were nan'de and kenya, one was a female and one was a male. I lost both of them in different years. The female got sick, had to take her to OSU medical school for surgery, she later died. Now I have two cougars, but I loved my servels. I could keep them in the house. I got these servels when they were three weeks old and raised them on a bottle. Would love to have another one but can't find one.

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  • syd - 2010-04-09
    Wow! Like a real cougars! That's so cool!
  • Damien - 2010-04-30
    Hi my name is Damien and I will keep you in mind when my servals are born. It won't be for about 9 to 12 months but I'm sure I will have them sooner or later. Sorry for your loss on the servals. You can contact me by email.
Bee - 2009-02-23
Would it be ok to use an electric harness on your serval? My family is thinking of getting one, but we dont want to cage him. There is a website that sells them... Thanks

Danusia Paw?owicz - 2009-01-29
I love the serval cat! I have one F2 ALC bengals and she is very sweet!

Armando Lara Nogueira Neto - 2008-11-16
Hi, my name is Armando and I live in Brazil. I just got a Serval and she is much more than I can imagine, but I did not find a treat that she really loves,
Can you help me?

Tks a lot

mckayla - 2008-05-17
My grandma has an African Serval and his name is Kossack. He is so sweet and loving. She really loves him and I do too. He has a good home. She has had him since a baby. People should treat servals with respect and give them a home, food. and make sure you take good care of then.