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John Green Cabbo Cattery - 2010-11-19
Hi everyone I am a Tonkinese breeder in Toowoomba, Australia check out my website we have pics and information on Tonkinese.

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  • carol - 2012-08-19
    Hi John, I have addopted one of your breeding cats cabbo sandy dee from Mr and Mrs wilkinson ( I also have cabbo moet blue) I adore them both, but I am having trouble finding food that sandy dee will eat. I have tried all the good wet food, but she eats very little, could you please tell me what you fed her when she was with you, moet will eat everything, loves chicken necks, but daily does not seem to like anything she has to chew. please help many thanks carol
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-20
    Sorry if i am eaves dropping but have you check her teeth/gums in case of abcess?  If she won't chew - possibly a bad tooth of infection or abcess.
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gerhard - 2010-05-31
My copper eyed white persian is deaf, how can I be sure? one year old

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-19
    Not terribly unusual but they aren't real cooperative with hearing tests.  OK - when he is napping just sneak on over and clap your hands.  Come up behind him and clap.  Throw car keys against the wall when he is close by.  You want to see if he follows the sound. 
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Allison - 2010-01-13

I have a Turkish Angora too. I have had no problems with him and litter boxes, but I have recently brought in two feral cats who did have problems that way, which briefly caused the Angora to become inconsistent and start peeing about the place too. Someone suggested I get a pheromone 'cat calming' diffuser. Feli-way from the vet, or Nutri-vet Pet Ease (for cats, there is a dog version too) from a pet shop.(Cheaper than the Feli-way.) Also comes in a spray. I was sceptical, but this did work. I used the Nurti-vet. All of the cats stopped inappropriate peeing within 24 hours.

Your Angora is likely traumatized due to his background so 'scent marking' your room, to make sure it is claimed as his own. Hope this soon stops. Keep reassuring him and showing him to box. I am sure it will soon stop. The spray and diffusers do work.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-16
    Turkish Angoras can be free to upwards of $800.  The higher prices is based on show quality of the Turkish and its awards.
  • alexis - 2012-08-16
    I have a turkish angora and I want to know how much money do they cost?
Jacquie - 2011-10-19
My 6 yo white turkish angoian died 10/16 and I have been heart broken ever since. I got him when he was 5 weeks old and spoiled him to no end. I bathed him brushed him slept with him, played in the yard with him while he was on his leash. He loved going out on his leash and would get it for me. He loved the snow and would sit and watch the rain outside his favorite window. I truly miss him. I was surprised to read of how many are deaf. Amadeus (aka Buttons/Gato Loco) was definitely not deaf and would appear from where ever if he was called. If anyone knows of a kitten available please feel free to contact me.

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  • Karen - 2012-01-12
    Jacquie, I wanted to express my condolences on the loss of your Angora. I too had a Turkish Angora as white as a newly fallen snow. He had one amber and one blue eye. His name was Cutimus Maximus because he was cute to the max! Oddly enough he too died in the early morning hours of October 16th, 2011. I found his body in one of his favorite resting spots. My heart is broken over his passing just as yours is over Amadeus. I wanted to let you know there is a heart defect that can cause sudden death in Angoras between the ages of 2 and 6 that is what I suspect took my Maximus. I hope you find a new companion even if it is not a Turkish Angora. - Karen
  • Brooke - 2012-08-01
    I am so sorry! I know how it feels to lose a pet. I was so heartbroken when my 7 month old cat managed to get outside and he got hit by a car.
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Memory - 2012-07-23
From the comments listed already I've come to the conclusion that my kitty is indeed a Maine Coon. She's fiesty, 15 years old now and still plays :) she has a snowy white tummy and a gorgeous block calcio pattern on her back. I was wondering, about how long does this breed live? I've had her since I was 2 and I know she is old and that I need to prepare my self for her death. But she is still quite healthy, I look forward to any answers!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-23
    They say on an average the maine Coon will live between 12 and 15 years but many have healthy lives longer than that.  Enjoy.
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Joss - 2012-07-07
We have two Devons (boy & girl - siblings) and I honestly don't know why anyone would want any other type/breed of cat, dog (or animal for that matter). They're amazing. The cutest, most loving animals I've ever come across. We absolutely adore ours. They are naughty - kitty in monkey's clothing is right, but that's part of their appeal and I defy anyone to get even slightly annoyed with something jumping on your table that's that cute! They are VERY they know exactly what they're not allowed to do (whether they care is another question:). I was always a dog person & now I honestly can't explain why. These guys are awesome. Besides not having to potty train or bath them constantly, they're just as loving & human oriented. The boy especially (although the girl is super smoochy also). He's a lap slut lol If you even half-sit down, he's on it, hanging around your waist if you haven't quite got there. And he gets so smoochy sometimes, he properly hugs you (paws around/nuzzling into your neck). Also loves visitors (more laps to sit on). The girl (who's the most beautiful creature I have ever seen - white with chocolate points, she looks like a little curly-haired mini-sheep & has a coat softer than angora) loves my husband. Follows him around like a love sick teenager, meowing at him until he picks her up. Oh - and they also fetch & love paddling in water (in the sink) :-) They're cats - how brilliant is that?!!

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nicole - 2009-11-07
A serval is not going to eat a baby! Their game is usually small rodents like mice. A serval is an exotic cat but don't think of it as a tiger or lion! Do your research on them before you post... and I suppose you are against dogs too because there are cases where they have attacked babies.

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  • sue - 2012-06-29
    I own 2 servals and they are the most compassionate animal I have ever owned.They are not able nor would eat a child or baby.Maybe bite one if unattended but a domestic cat or dog will also.These cats are very much like a domestic cat they do have some traits such as the sounds of a wild cat but thats about it.My grandchild plays with both of these cats and has never been hurt by either.
Kali - 2012-06-26
I love these cats there awesome! =)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-26
    Hi Kali,  I don't believe it is an age thing in any of the states.  However, some states do require that you have a permit or Fish and Game License to own one.  You can call Fish and Game for the state you live in and ask them if a permit/license is required and if so what you have to do and requirements you have to meet to obtain one.  Have fun
logan - 2010-05-20
Where can you get this cat?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-05
    Easy way to get started is just look up on the Internet Serval Cat breeders - Serval Cats for sale. There is a magazine on CATS called Cat Fancy and they have a list of breeders in the back in the classifieds. You can start by calling breeders in your area - most breeders know where you can purchase a particular breed of cat and that way you have a recommendeation. Cat shows.
  • chris - 2012-06-24
    I don't even think they should take 'Servals' out from the wild! It's just mean!
  • Kali - 2012-06-26
    Yeah but it would be cool to have one.
  • chris - 2012-06-26
  • Kali - 2012-06-26
    What age do you have reach to get a Serval? To: Charlie Roach From:Kali
COOL-CAT - 2012-02-05
Hi Guys
I've got a African Servel and his name is -Mr. Pudd- (cute name, HUH!) He is not quite but nearly pure. He is also approx. 5/6yo and I love him too bits!


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