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Hyacinta - 2013-09-16
I have a 4 year old Silver shaded persian male cat and a 9 mth. old chocolate point Himalayan female, they are both fixed. My Persian is beautiful but very slim and I have tried everything to add weight to his slim build. If there are any suggestions, I am open to any. He is a little over 7 pounds. My Himalayan is big, at least 9 or 10 pounds already, and very active, she is very smart and affectionate, loves to play, but my persian doesn't like her. What am I to do, I want them to be company for each other and I love them both. They are a lot of work as they require daily brushing, which I don't mind doing. Just want my Persian to get a little heavier. Cats in Canada.

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  • Anonymous - 2013-12-21
    Hi my name is Angel, I am a breeder of Persians, the silver Persians do not succeed over 7-8 lb there is nothing wrong with your fur baby..they are the smallest of the different color shades in the persian breed via. golden , Tabby , smokey etc.
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Sharon - 2012-03-03
I just got my boyfriend a 2 months old Scottish Fold. She's adorable but we are both new owners of cats and could use tips on how to raise her. She's playful and active. Sadly left alone most of the day as we're both at work. I only see her over the weekend. We've had her for three days now. Her loo is the laundry room and she knows where to litter but twice now when I'm over and spending time with my boyfriend either cuddling or watching tv she's litter in a corner in the kitchen. Could she be jealous? Should he disipline her in a any way?
She comes around us on the sofa and plays but when we touch her she'd runaway. I think she's getting used to us. I just want insure we get the ground work right with her.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-03
    She is a kitten and they are funny. I would put a second litter in the kitchen where she went. She is young and at least this way you are insuring that she goes in the litter. She's so young yet - sometimes by the time they realize they have to go - they already did it. So put a second litter in and after a couple of months remove one of the litters. Of course she runs away - that's called 'catch me if you can'. Of course she will jump out and catch you and that is called 'pounce' It is just natural play and the more she is around you - the more she will play and of course just lay around at times. You are at work - she is just amusing herself but for the most part, she is probably sleeping. They don't tell time so don't worry.
  • thurley - 2013-11-05
    if she is dirtying in the kitchen corner put another litter box their but, first clean it really good the floor where she did her business with bleach and a deorderizer then put the box on top of that area so she can not do it their again she will do it in the litter box.2 litter boxes are a good bet because cats will have accidents just like people do. she will get the idea.
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jessica - 2009-12-27
hi i have a black angora and he is a rescued cat. someone threw him into a snow bank, two police found him and brought him to a shleter, and on christmas eve my mom got him for me, so he got a good home. my question is he dosent use the letter box and i have had him for 3 days, what can i do to get him to use it and not use my room as one. he is loving,gets along with everyone. but if there are a few tips could anyone let me know.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-09-01
    Build a really big cage and line it with plastic.
  • Terri - 2013-09-30
    Keep the cat in the bathroom with the door closed along with a litter box. Make sure there is no clothing, or carpet for it to urinate on, it should start using the litter box while being confined to the room. *Once the cat gets used to using the litter box you can now put the litter box in an area where you would prefer it to be. Then show the cat where it's new location is by putting the cat in the box. If the cat still urinates in an area other than the box in the new location. Then... Repeat step 1. You just need to work with this confinement method until it clicks with the cat as to where it should be urinating. Lastly, you must know that once a cat urinates on something you almost always need to throw it out or replace it. Otherwise the cat will smell it and repeat the behavior again.
  • PJ - 2013-10-12
    Residual odors from 'accidents' prompt pets to reuse those areas for that purpose. I use white grain-based vinegar to *NEUTRALIZE* residual odors with. On a tile floor, I would mop it on & dry it off after a few minutes. On carpeting, I would spray it good, and *after* allowing it to set for a few minutes, try to dry it with an absorbant, non-lint cloth. Cleaning does NOT neutralize odors! Residual scent left from urination &/or defecation *MUST* be neutralized away, after cleaning the area as thoroughly as possible, first.
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Peter Trapasso - 2013-08-27
My take with video - African Serval cat: Big cat killed in Detroit (Video)

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faith parkhurst - 2013-08-06
i owned a japanese bobtail named taz. We named her that because I had a parakeet named guitar and every day she would try to knock him off the tv!

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Bev - 2013-07-04
My Devon (Jasmine) will be 10 next month and has never had a sick day. She is very curious and when a cupboard or door is opened then whoosh...she is on your shoulder looking around to see what is going on. She loves the sun and cuddles between the sheet and blanket. I am handicapped and she never drops in front of my walker but walks to the side. She is less than five pounds and a wonderful pet. Her best buddy is my miniature Schnauzer.

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Annie - 2010-04-18
I have 2 right now I took in because if I didn't take them they would have given them to a farm and they were too little to survive winter outside. They're brother and sister born in August of 09 they love to cuddle and sit on your lap. One time I woke up and Miyu was in my arms like a teddy bear. I just weighed my cats and I was shocked Buzz is almost 3 pounds bigger than his sister she's about 6 and he's about 9 pounds, she's so skinny her legs look so twiggy compared to his muscular build. (This is my first female cat and my family seems to think its because females are supposed to be smaller than males. Also they are both fixed and males tend to weigh more if you're not careful after they're fixed.) Miyu thinks she's a princess and when you correct her for doing something she knows not to do she tilts her head and looks at you with this expression that says "Who me? No! This is the face of an angel!" and she will rub against you so you get your guard down and then she goes right back to doing what you stopped her from doing.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-19
    Sounds like you are having fun
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mandy rt - 2010-04-15
These are the cutest kitties ever! I MUST HAVE ONE!

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  • peyton - 2010-12-30
    I have a dog so I barely know anything about cats. I barely like them also but I think this one is SO
    to die for! I hope you get one that IS to die for!
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Thai Dye Cattery - 2012-07-24
Tonks are mystical, adventurous, goofy, thoughtful, loving, interactive and just plain wonderful! I love reading all these people's comments about how their Tonks have affected their lives. I can't see being without one!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-25
    They must be.  More people write in about a Tonkinese than any other cat.  I guess it takes them awhile to train their human but when the human finally understands what they are supposed to do - all works out wonderfully.
gaeila - 2013-05-20
Pretty good story, but the price information is somewhat out of date. As in way low. I have been breeding Tonks for many years, and last year (2012)we lost too much money selling them for $600 each. We only want to break even--we are a tiny, closed, non-show but still pedigree cattery, and I'm not posting our web site, 'cause this isn't about advertising. Plus, our wait list is already getting too long. :) We get a lot of people from both coasts, and oddly enough, Chicago too, where the price for a pedigree Tonk runs $1K - $2K, and the sky can be the limit. BTW, my very first Tonkinese lived to be 23 years old! In my experience, the more sturdily, stockier built cats tend to be healthier and live longer. If anyone knows of an actual pedigree Tonkinese kitten for only $400 I would definitely like to hear about it. (at least 6 generations Tonk only; mating a Burmese & Siamese does not meet the current definition) Thanks and good wishes to all!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-20
    Thanks so much for the updated info on the price of these little beauties. And awesome that you devote yourself to this wonderful breed!

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