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mary - 2010-10-12
We recently got a 3 year old Cornish Rex. We rescued her from the OSPCA. She's a wonderful cat. The only thing is that she does not have that much fur. She looks more like a Sphynx cat. Any one know why? But all in all she a wonderful cat!

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  • Jami - 2011-02-01
    Do not be concerned, cornish rex hair length and quantity can very greatly from cat to cat, plus the general nature of rex hair makes it more delicate. My own rex is also relatively hairless, however hers is due to over grooming. Some rex's naturally are mostly bald or have only a very light, soft layer of fur known as felt. Since your cat is a rescue it is also possible that poor diet/housing may be a factor and with time and improved nutrition a thicker coat may grow in.
  • dan hamel - 2011-10-24
    I got my 3 year old about 6 months ago and her hair was dull and very little of it but now she runs the house and her hair is wonderful and very full looks like a different cat. Eveyone who saw her when I first got her can't believe it's the same cat. Maybe love food and time will help.
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Brandon Sander - 2010-05-23
OH MY GOD! What the heck is wrong with some freaking people?! I am an animal lover (always have been) and although yet I haven't had the privilege of owning my own African Serval (mainly due to how expensive they are still) I have owned many other pets in my (so far) short life (I'm only 23) I've had different dogs, cats and reptiles and all have been a complete joy as my companions. I love exotic animals, the more exotic the better and more other people fear them the more I love them, and love to show those ignorant fools how wrong they are! Great example: I currently have a 7+ foot Jungle Carpet Python (Lacuna) and she is an absolute joy to be with. I am also a single father and go every day without fear of her being around my son (actually he holds her quite a bit!) They have a bad reputation for being one of the more "aggressive snakes" to own. But, she is so tame and loving and smart that she knows when I'm holding her it's not feeding time no matter how hungry she is! I can get and handle mice, rats whatever while holding her and she never even attempts to strike! I will take her out to "sun-bathe" and she always comes back to crawl up my leg to get back onto my shoulder, or even when I let other people handle her she only stays with them a moment before she comes crawling back to me. It just goes to show, if you show compassion, love and respect to any and all animals they with be your companion for the rest of their lives and return your love, compassion and loyalty! Again that goes for ANY and ALL animals! So all you ignorant people out there..GET A CLUE and GROW A HEART!

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  • Frank Chavez - 2010-07-22
    Your comment is Awesome and needs to be heard! As for me at this time I do not have good home for a serval yet. I have owned Iguanas & there sharp, also Tarantulas, Paranas. Blue nose pits for example are very loving dogs and get bad rap cause of Ignorant people. The responsibility & care of the animals simply must be taken seriously, and I can see you are one those owners, thanks Brandon for making this point!
  • Lady Cougar #40 - 2010-12-09
    So am I but this is for a class project.
  • Medic 80 - 2011-01-04
    I admire your love for animals as I do as well. It always bothers me when someone chimes in their negative opinions about owning wild or exotic animals. I owned my first wolf hybrid when I was your age. I did learn quickly though that she was no ordinary pup. I had to know her actions and movements, and to know when she felt threatened. Wolves are not aggressive, but ignorant ppl would say otherwise. What ppl fail to recognize is that majority of animals react upon what they know. If they are fearful, they are on the defense. Offensive behavior is not out of malice, but out of survival instincts. As for your snake, know it's actions and don't take it for granted. Taking it's natural instinct for granted is foolish. I love my hybrid, but I knew when she maybecome aggressive when timid and she did not like small children. I would've never let her around them without supervision. I would be very cautious leaving your child with a snake under the conditions of hunger or the handling of it's food.
  • HoosierDONK - 2011-01-13
    My only question for you is... if you are such an animal lover what has happened to the "many other pets"... if you are only 23 most of them should still be alive? How can you love and then give them away? Can there be love without an attachment a bond? Just curious... I'm an animal lover too, I own a pitbull, a german sheperd and four cats all indoor most of the time I could never dream of letting any of them go for any reason...
  • Rosalyn - 2011-01-21
    I agree with you totally. My Daughter has a Stafashire Dog (don't know if its spelled correctly but anyway she is such a big baby. I just love her.
  • Jim - 2011-07-27
    Exotic pets are wonderful if you have the proper training and time, but exotic pets are classified as exotic for a reason, and its not because they are easily adaptable to life with humans!! Describing your python's demeanor as docile and peaceful is not a description for all 7 foot pythons in general. That is your one particular pythons personality. And to suggest that 7 foot are all loving and smart and peaceful and safe around kids is just mis-leading, dangerous, and un-wise on your part as an "exotic animal lover". Peoples negative opinions on exotic animals don't come from animals themselves, they come from trainers and enthusiasts who tout these animals that are equipped for life in harsh jungles as being safe to bring in homes with families! That is not smart, it is not helpful, and it causes more harm than good. Instead of trying to sell giant snakes and preying animals as snuggly wuggly teddy bears, why don't you inform people of the proper care and techniques for keeping these animals safe and happy. I've considered exotic pets, but your fantasy description of a giant snake being an angel brought me not one ounce of reassurance, it swayed my opinion in a negative direction, and it made me nervous for your only son who you probably wouldn't let play outside in the mud with worms and bugs all day, but would trust around a giant snake....
  • Cheryl - 2011-10-03
    I agree there is no love like that of an animal,,,but personally it makes me feel a little ill when it is time for bed and I have to put my parot back in his cage,,I dont think animals deserve to be taken from tier natural habitat,,I would not want to be taken without consent and owned by anyone,,so to truly love an animal I believe allowing them to keep thier freedom is truly loving them,,owning them is just a selfish pleasure,,the more exotic the more bragging rights,,but lets b honest how do you love something and take away its freedom and ability to live a full live in the enviroment it belongs in. Not wanting to possess or own a crature of the wild in my opinion is loving it to the max it is far from ignorance. sincerely
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mary wilson - 2011-10-01
What do I do if my scotch fold cat has a cold in its eye or a steye? Can you help me in finding a way to help my cat?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-03
    I would take it to the vet. If you don't know what it is for sure as the little fella might need antibiotics.
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Jan - 2011-09-21
Wow, this is a very needy cat!! But beautiful. Lots to think about. You have a lot on your hands to keep them happy! and safe! Glad you have the time and knowledge to care for these cats.
My cat is cuddly, has runs up the carpeted stairs...etc.,

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-21
    Just curious but why do you say this cat is needy - really don't understand. Size, personality, just curious. Always wanted one and who knws might put it on my humans buckett list. Yes, I know they might have a problem with the birds but my human can figure that on out. I just think so gorgeous.
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shanaye - 2008-03-19
I love serval cats!

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  • gevihno - 2011-09-09
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Peddu - 2010-10-12
Hi It's nice to see this Cat...
Where can I buy this cat and how much it costs..

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  • gevihno - 2011-09-09
    Thank for write. We still have this kitten with us if you insterested you can contact us with this email
    thank for writing
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Url - 2011-08-27
Last December, a week before Christmas, sone fool dumped a female Van
by my house, out in the country, East Texas. The first cold spell drove the little kitten into my green house, where I found her. Obviously used to human touch, she came right to me and, I'm happy to say, took right up with me and now, August of 2011, has become a most joyous addition to all the other "dumped" cats, living with me.

Not my first Van, she is very typical in behavior of a Van, taking over the house and home. Pitty the fool, who dumped her.

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    W8N4Wings - 2011-01-21
    Hello cat lovers, nice to meet you! Please meet a very special family member, my soon to be 14 year old blue eyed Turkish Angora, Casper. He was born 2/9/1997, the exact day my husband went home to be with our Lord and Savior.

    My Mother became very sick in 1995 with pneumonia and was on life support for 3 months. This left her disabled and she became lonely not being able to lead the active lifestyle she was used to. My Mother needed a friend, and Casper was sent from heaven to fulfill this need. I brought him to my Mother when he was 7 weeks old. They became inseparable.

    On November 30th 2006 my Mother was called home, Casper grieved right along with the rest of my family. My Father couldn't care for Casper due to needing a knee replacement, and I gladly brought Casper home with me.

    Casper can hear well, another reason I know he was heaven sent. God don't make mistakes, and I am honored that Casper is a part of my family.

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    • Sharon Dunn - 2011-07-10
      Casper is a very lucky boy to have had two loving homes! I too believe that God sends us animal friends when they are needed. I had a beloved dog that I knew was running short of time and I could not have imagined what I would do without him. About three years ago in December a stray dog showed up at our home whom I adopted. This wonderful dog loves our cats and they adore him. My beautiful old boy passed away six months later. While I missed him terribly, my new boy helped fill the hole in my heart. I am sure that God sent him to me knowing that my beloved old dog would be called home soon. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, inspiring story.
    • RA - 2011-08-22
      God sent my daughter ASHVARYA a guardian angel in the form of ZUZU-MALIBU , a 2 month old turkish van kedisi kitten which she rescued from a group of rowdy children. ZUZU is the most well behaved she kitten , a precious member of our family and loves to talk to us riding on my shoulders around my flat.One night my second daughter had a dream that my elder daughter(the one who had rescued the kitten )had fallen from our fourth floor flat at night and broken her leg. She was very upset. A week after this ZUZU MALIBU fell down in exactly the same way from our fourth floor flat and broke his leg. Both my daughters were inconsolable, saying that ZUZU had saved Ashvarya from the mishap of falling and breaking her leg, by taking on the mishap on herself. We showed ZUZU to the best vet, who performed world class cross wiring surgery on her small front leg. She is perfctly well now and runs like before, as if there was no mishap. We are sure that ZUZU is Ashvarya's GUARDIAN ANGEL.
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    Judy - 2008-02-10
    I just adopted my first Siamese from a local animal shelter (yesterday). The name she went by there was "Blondie" but I have changed it to Numiko. She is a lover and purrs all the time. I love her so much. My husband gave her to me for a Valentine's Day gift.

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    • Makaila - 2011-08-18
      Keep on writing and chuiggng away!
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    Jane Brader - 2011-08-13
    Our beautiful Havana Brown, Hershey, who is three years old, has been looking more and more black in the past three weeks. We've had an extremely hot summer in St Louis and he does enjoy going outside in his back yard, but not in the heat of the day, of course. Back in the winter he developed a reddish color around his neck and we thought maybe it was from the sun streaming through his favorite window. That coloring disappeared and now his coat his almost uniformly black. What is happening?? Will the wonderful chocolately color return? Has anyone seen this type of thing in their Havana Brown?


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