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    Zebra Finches are great birds for a beginner or any bird enthusiast! These attractive little creatures are hardy, inexpensive, active, and one of the easiest birds to keep and breed. They are long-lived, with a life span in captivity of about 12 years.
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Eddie - 2008-07-05
Yo I'm a 12 year old boy and i just bought 2 finches. They are pretty awesome: I'm planning on breeding them and giving them to my friends.

jim - 2007-12-19
I've had a number of these fine tiny birds. It is such a comfort to hear them beeping throughout the house. They are remarkable little birds, and very lively. The Zebra eats a significant amount of food for his size, and will not last long without daily feeding. Update: My old male grey is now 14 years old and still beeping regularly and eating like a hog.

Annie - 2007-05-30
I have 1 pair of these cute little birds. they are so cute and i love the sound that they make. I have a huge cage for them and they are happy and they are always playing with each other. when i come up to the cage to feed them or to put in a new toy they start talking to me! it is so cute. The boy is named Brown Sugar and the girl is Cinnamon. Right now they have about 5 or 6 eggs. It was kind of funny the first time they laid eggs, they didn't really know what to do. I gave them the nest for finches but they wouldn't go in. i tried so many different types of birds nests and finally found one that they like (a canary nest!). i am happy now because before the eggs would fall down at the bottom of the cage. i can't wait until the babies come! :]

cynthia syers - 2007-03-16
I have a large aviary with 30 mixed types but only 2 pairs of zebra. Before I knew it, it increased by 4 babies acting like they own my aviary. My problem is no one is paying this one paticular male any attention. Oh well, so there is an odd-ball even among birds.

Steven - 2007-03-04
hey im from scotland. i have just bought 1 pair of zebra finches, they are great. i got a nest and everything and i noticed the male starting to build the nest. i was so excited. he seems to build it most, in fact i haven't saw her build 1 part of it, lol. their names are brooke and cade after my niece and nephew. any way ill get back to you if i see any eggs, i hope i get some.

jim - 2006-11-26
Zebras are a great household pet. Take good care of them, feed'em daily, give them a comfy room, keep'em warm during the winter months, and they will live a long life - even 12 or 15 years in exceptional cases. (My oldest is a male gray, 13 years old this December--outliving his mate, and all his children, the little dude is a virtual methuselah).

debby jennings - 2006-09-04
I just purchased a perfectly matched pair of zebra finches, and I must say that they are adorable and I enjoy hearing the sounds they make. they are very busy building a nest so babies will be coming. I love to hear the male sing, he sounds like he has a toy trumpet he's tooting on. I named them Jack and Jill. I'm hooked!

squeak - 2006-07-08
i have 8 pairs of zebra finches and more eggs on the way. i love each and every one of them as i have 1 CFW, 1 WHITE, many PIEDS, and many NORMALS. i have a large aviary and at least 15 nest boxes. i have around 5 eggs from my current 3 clutches

Ethan - 2006-05-31
my zebra finches just hatched a few eggs! i am very excited! im new with having birds and i love it!

Jamie - 2006-05-29
I have 2 pairs of finches. All 4 are zebra finches. We just got another pair today. The pair that we got are babys so its going to take a while until they can breed. I can't wait till night to see if they start fighting. Their names are George, Kiara (1st pair) and Jack, Linda (2nd pair). Every time I wake up I always here George singing. When we got George I could tell he was scared. Kiara was also scared. When we put them in the cage they both started to fly around. They are so cute.