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    Zebra Finches are great birds for a beginner or any bird enthusiast! These attractive little creatures are hardy, inexpensive, active, and one of the easiest birds to keep and breed. They are long-lived, with a life span in captivity of about 12 years.
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Edwina - 2010-07-23
I have a male and female who have produced 4 babies. The babies are now flying but not eating on their own yet. The last one hatched came out of the nest today. Almost immediately, I found a new egg in the nest. What should I do? Leave her to continue to lay more? Take out the nest? Put the male in a separate cage? I don't know the sexes of the babies yet, they are still grey, no adult colors yet. They are not yet eating on their own. Please help!!

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  • Sandra - 2010-08-14
    The mother and father finches feed their young until they are ready to eat on their own. I think it takes about 3 weeks for this. As soon as baby finches are born I start putting cooked scrambled eggs (without salt and milk) in their cages and the parents love to feed this to their babies. Finches also love raw spinach!
  • J.MCD - 2010-08-19
    Edwina it is ideal to allow the colours of the fledglings to develop until you can tell the sex's apart and they are independent but may still call for parents to feed them, it would be ok to allow the new one to hatch and fledge over two to three weeks hence the others would be independent, leave the egg to hatch is my personal opinion and deal with the birds then definitely halt the nesting.
Jill - 2010-06-16
Please can you tell me whether zebra finches are part of the parrot family?

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  • Syamanth Sreejith a Bird Lover - 2010-07-17
    No it's not at all a part of Parrot Family!
Bob A. - 2010-07-11
I have 2 fiches , male and female. They are blue in color. My question is, Why does the male peck at the female? Is this a common thing? Is he hurting the female?

Cathie - 2010-06-26
I had a male and female zebra finch who mated and had 3 female finches. All 3 lived and matured. About a year later one died, no idea why. Another 2 yrs. later the mom finch died. The male finch and his 2 female offspring remain. He and one of the females have paired up, usually sleeping together at night. All seem harmonious during the day. My question is, if I put a nest in the cage, will the father bird mate with his female offspring that he's been cozy with or will he recognize the female as his hatchling and not mate with her? I would like a couple more finches so that the 3rd finch is not the odd finch and breeding is the easiest way, but I want to make sure that the father & daughter breeding is ok.

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  • Dominique - 2010-06-27
    They will mate and it is not a good idea. It adversely affects the species to have them inbreed. They need to be separated from their siblings and opposite sex parents after 2 months old. Good luck.
  • Ludovic Prevost - 2010-07-09
    Yes it is ok for now but since your original birds might have been also a father-daughter pair my advice is to introduce soon at least one new bird from a different provenance or pet store to keep your small flock healthy. If you think their space will become limited, just band the new bird(s) to differentiate later them from their offspring that should be removed first.
mike - 2010-05-30
I have 2 zebra birds they lay eggs but they don't hatch, every time I don't find the eggs.

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  • ecie - 2010-07-06
    They might eat the eggs once my canary laid an egg and her friend zebra finch helped to eat it!
leslie - 2010-05-05
We just got 2 female zebra finches, mother and daughter. We were told they were quiet, just chirping first thing in the a.m. Well they are at it all day. Short periods of quiet but then they'll start up again. It is annoying because it is constant and loud. Is this normal?

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  • The Bird Lady - 2010-05-09
    Yes, it is normal. Birds chirp when they are happy. It is good.

    If the noise is such a problem, a bird isn't the best pet for you.
  • kimrichards - 2010-06-30
    Have you ever been outside?
    Birds chirp...
Karen - 2010-06-02
I have a female Zebra that has been puffed and obviously sick for a while. I put her in a hospital cage with heat, gave her Ornacycline (Tetracycline) and she seemed to recover. I then put her back into her cage with her sister (who has diarrhea but seems well otherwise) and she became puffed and lethargic again. She has been back in the hospital cage now for 4 days with the antibiotics and just seems to be holding on. She eats but stays on the bottom of the cage very puffed. Any suggestions? I am afraid to try to catch her and take her to the Vet will be too much for her and she will die (she seems that sick). Also I am currently not working and really can't afford the Vet bill but I want to do what I can for her. Can anyone help me?

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  • Lamya - 2010-06-15
    Hi Karen,
    We have two, one of them was sick and tried the bio-Vitamin from the pet store, it worked very well the next day Sophie was playing back to normal.
    All the best.
Mia - 2010-06-06
Hi, I've got two finches both female. I took their nest out yesterday as it was old and I put in a new one.. Today I let my birds fly in my room for the first time in a while and ever since I put them back in cage one of them has been sitting on the floor for the rest of the evening unable to fly! I'm so worried about her as one of my finches died of a chest infection.. Please can anyone help ?! If so ask me for further details on today ..

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  • tameka - 2010-06-11
    We brought my nephew a zebra finch and he fell in love with it. He took cc every where (that is what he named him) but anyways he was always letting him fly around the house, giving him baths, and taking him out. cc died about a month ago so my advice to u is don't let the finch fly around the house. Keep them in a set tempurature place and keep them in pairs. We think cc died because we let him out to much and he was in different tempatures so don't let them out anymore.if you see that your bird is fluffing up they are about to die so take to them to a vet. Ok. My nephew was heart broken when cc died he came home from school and found him dead and he couldn't stop crying for 2 days so please don't let them out. Hope this helps...
charmaine korff - 2010-06-10
My zebra finch is blocked from behind. Seems that her droppings is blocking her.Is this normal?

Eryn - 2010-05-16
We have a pair of zebra finches who have four babies, the babies will be 2 weeks old in a couple days. The parents are now trying to build a nest in a resting place in the cage. They're even trying to use feathers from themselves to line the nest. We're afraid if we take this resting place away and hinder their nest building and possibly more egg laying they'll start kicking the babies out of the real nest they're in. The parents seem to be feeding the chicks because they don't squawk for food all the time. The parents themselves aren't very old. We had them seven days when the female starting laying the first egg. They were pretty much mating in the pet store before we left. No shame there. I'm thinking the only solution is to supply them with a bit of nesting material so they don't pluck each others feathers and if they lay eggs just take the eggs away because at this point we don't need any more babies ! Plus these two need to know they have to look after the ones they have. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Theresa - 2010-05-25
    I'm a new owner to 2 Zebra Finch. I have a male & a female.I'm hoping for babies. They have a nesting basket. Can't you just let them mate & have their babies then sell them? Or is it about the space? I'm hoping my cage is big enough for even just the 2 of them.vI read that they need at least 3 perches,va bath,& some hanging toys or swing.vI think I may need to upgrade a little on the cage size just to give them enough space to move around in.
  • angie - 2010-05-30
    A lot of space is always better. I am new as well. Sorda. Two years with two females. Now only one. I do know they like swings and will play with a bell with their beak but do not need all the toys that of a parrot. Babies? wow. I can't help with that. I get no response here so I decided to add what I do know. I didn't even know I bought two females till they both laid eggs. Silly me. My first birds.