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   Spice Finches, also called the Nutmeg Mannikins, are excellent for the beginner. Besides being gentle and hardy, they are inexpensive and adjust easily to cage or aviary life. They are easy to keep and will live for many years.
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khubaib - 2013-12-18
Hi what is the difference between male and female spice finches?

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  • abdur rafay awan - 2014-02-25
    The male has a light orange beak and the female has a dark orange beak. This differernce can hardly be seen.
burton - 2010-11-08
Dear sir, How can we identify spice finches male and female?

Teresa - 2011-11-29
I had two finches got home last night both had died don't understand want cold, the temp, was normal can anyone give me answers?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-29
    The only thing I can think of the possibly happened is that something frightened them in the night. They both took immediate flight and possibly broke their necks against the cage bars. I am sorry but this does happen more often than people realize. I use a night light. I really am sorry.
  • Anonymous - 2012-05-24
    dont listen to this guy, he doesnt know what he is talkin about. i am terribly sorry ABOUT THE LOSS OF UR BIRDS AND I HOPE U FEEL BETTER
  • Anonymous - 2012-05-24
    omg i am soo sorry and i hope u feel alot better. charlie is porbably right, something frightned them and the paniced. i hope you feel better:)
ballantine hutchinson - 2010-11-28
Had a pair of spice finches, went in the countryside there I saw one of the nest in the wild with seven young ones all feathered, took them home and placed them with the adult spice finch and lo and behold I was quite surprised to see them feeding these young ones and all survived so they can be good parents.

AFFAN NIAZI - 2009-07-31
I have all types of finches like zebra finches, stawbery finches, silver bill, spice finches, and tricolor mannakin, but my favorite is zebra. And how the sweet melody of stawberry, I can't forget.
All are happy, ready for mating, and making nests. But zebra's not allowed to them for nesting...

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  • haji - 2010-08-07
    Hello! Can any one provide info about moving pets zebra finches from India to Dubai.
Hassan - 2008-09-01
Hey, man I am very happy that I have succeeded in breeding my wild birds (spice, silver bill, and red strawberry finch) in my cage. My spice finch laid two eggs but only on baby came out. The silver bill laid 4 eggs and I got 4 chicks. But one, I don't know how, died. Now only 3 chicks there. And the strawberry finch laid 5 eggs. She did not hatch the eggs she laid the until the final, then I got 5 chicks. My finches are wild in Pakistan. People caught them in fields, then sold them in the market. I also have a wild tricolored nun pair, many more zebra finches, and only one society finch male. I don't know from where I will get another society one, in our market there are no society finches.

ximan - 2008-07-23
Found a spice finch nest in a busy street in Maldives, the nest was blown away from a tree by the strong monsoon winds. I have brought them home and I have been hand feeding them, two of them almost fully feathered, others half. it's very easy to feed them by syringe compared to all the species of parrots and finches I have hand raised. I know these little birds are very active and wild, but its been few days already and they beg for food every time they see me. I'm sure they will fly to me when they can, it would be a nice feeling. I hope to release them to my huge planted aviary, since spice finches are rare here and were introduced years ago for pet trade.

Hassan Farooq - 2007-09-18
My spice finch has started nesting, while the male every time remains singing. These spice finches are wild, not pets. I have a wild silverbill pair, male and female, both are heated but no mating. I also have red strawbery finches and they have started mating, but the zebra finch tease them when they start mating. My zibra finch is a great prblem for my red strawberry finch pair. I decided to buy society finches so that i can get hybridization production. I put all these finches in a cage, not and aviary room. My cage vertical size is 4 feet while horizental wise it's 4.5 feet and it's width is 3feet. I know its small but not too small.

Ariana Kam - 2007-08-22
I was disappointed to learn that I could not handle my spice finch, but this is a very informative guide.

If I do manage to teach it how to perch on my hand, I'll definitely come back and share it with everybody. Thanks for the extra help!

abigail - 2007-07-21
Hi, I am really young but I wish I could save up my money for a little bird; but I would have save up for all of this stuff like it's cage, a LOT of food and of course it's play toys, because I know that finch's need a LOT of things to play with. (I learned from reading!) I would also like a small bird for a pet. I just hope my dad lets me! So, I would just like to thank this website for giving me this information and it has really helped me want a finch MORE! My parents will definitely love that! Hehe. Thanks a lot!
-Finch Lover