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   The word "society" suits these little birds to a tee, as they are very social and like to get into everybody's business! Society Finches make great pets for the beginner. They are one of the easiest birds to care for, very hardy, inexpensive, and are prolific breeders.
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Paula - 2008-09-20

Wonderful bird pictures. Thank you so much.
Shall incorporate them into my new desktop wallpaper.
Very much appreciated.

Paula - South Beach, Florida

Hassan - 2008-09-05 visit my id to see my pets and comments plz

Hassan - 2008-08-15
I have number of finches; black cheeks, orange cheeks, cream cplored, as well as only one society male finch paired with white albino zebra finch having 4 small cheeks. I don't know who crossed that female society male or other zebra male finch. I have a couple of spice finch having eggs as well as a pakistani silver bill couple, also laying eggs. One couple of red berry finch and one couple of tri colored finch, male try to charge female but female not charged. My only wish is to get owl finches and society finches. Of may ALLAH, I couldn't get them here in the pakistan market. In my city still they are not available.

Janelis - 2008-03-17
I have 3 chocolate pied finches. One is crested and the others are not. They are building a nest as a "group". lol I provided them with soft yarn and they have used the "millet husk" to pad the nest as well. When I purchased them I was aiming for 2 females and 2 males but I have heard all but one of them "sing" making me believe the majority of them are male. It will be interesting to see who lays the eggs. lol They are quite fun to watch. They all have there own personalities. The one male sings a different, longer and louder song than the other two. I also have 3 Gouldians that hopefully soon will mate. Finches make great, low maintenance pets. :)

rochelle - 2007-08-14
I have 2 very special finches and the reason why they are very unique is because they will sit on my finger when I go to reach for them. They will also sit on my shoulder when I move around.

Guillaume - 2006-04-17
I have a society finch flock of 75 in a huge, (1,000 square foot), aiviary. They constantly are chattering away with each other.

E.C - 2006-03-13
I own two Zebra finches and I also own two parrots, and a varity of other animals I can't help bt love them all! :)

Oren Siegel - 2005-06-17
I have both Zebra and Society Finches, and while I love them all, the Society Finches are much friendlier, and their singing is much softer on the ears and very unique.
Sweet birds, as can be seen due to the fact they take care of other finches' babies. :)

Jeri - 2005-06-16
I have 4 finches in the cage on a screen porch in southern FL. so that I may observe their quarky behavior thru the passs-thru kitchen window. They love banana peels & 1/2 of hard boiled egg still with the shell. Last month they raised 4 young babies, with 1 out of the nest at a time until the baby went from a hopping stage to fluttering stage. I gave them a little ladder to hop from the cage floor back to the nest in the top of the cage. One finch is always the most curious, another the most scared. They definately have their own personalities! The birds are a great gift for a sick friend! But I suggest that you clean the cage when you visit. To minimize the scattered seed mess, I put 4 inches of window screen around the entire bird cage & hold it closed with a wooden clothespin.