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   The word "society" suits these little birds to a tee, as they are very social and like to get into everybody's business! Society Finches make great pets for the beginner. They are one of the easiest birds to care for, very hardy, inexpensive, and are prolific breeders.
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Bill - 2010-08-08
I have a zebra finch and a society finch. They have just laid 4 eggs. How can I tell which is the male and which is the female? And how long will the eggs take to hatch?

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  • jay cleeve - 2010-08-16
    My normal zebra cock and white fawn bengalese hens eggs hatched a few days ago! There are 8 little chicks! Mine took 14 to 15 days to hatch! Good luck with your crossbreeds!
Jeanie - 2010-03-13
I was just given a finch yesterday and i love her already, i have been trying to figure out her breed and the society finch looks the closest like her, but mine's hair is actually parted on her head, reminds me of one of the 3 stooges that has his hair parted in the middle lol, could she be a society and look slightly different than the tan one shown on here? She looks exactly the same except for her hair on her head. Thanks

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  • mandy - 2010-04-02
    If she looks like her hair is parted in the middle she is probably a crested society. I have several breeding pairs and the do look like the stooges or one of the 80's hair bands. One of my pairs are named Axel and Rose because of this!
  • Donna - 2010-07-06
    The three stooges look is called a Crested head or Mop Top.
  • Barbara - 2010-08-08
    I have one with the same "hair do" as well. I call her Alfalfa after the character in The Little Rascals.
Gayle Johnson - 2010-05-22
I recently bought two Society Finches. Bought a nesting box with the cage and they started nesting and mating within two days. They have 2 eggs laid 3 days apart. Once we do have a batch of eggs hatch out how do I eliminate the problem of interbreeding? Or having physically or mentally handicapped birds? How can I possibly keep Moms and Dads, sisters and brothers separate?

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  • jerry - 2010-06-25
    I use split leg bands and keep records of when they were born and band parents with the same color leg bands as the offspring.
mohammad - 2010-05-31
I have 2 societies, I think they didn't mate because they didn't prepare a nest, the female doesn't look that fat, it a little fatter then the male, how do I make them mate without buying more?

Athena - 2010-02-16
I received 3 finches for my birthday. Within about three weeks, they had laid four eggs. Okay, I thought, they aren't all going to hatch...
Guess what. They all did.
So now I had 7 finches. My cage was beginning to look awfully small, so we were gifted with a much bigger one from a friend of my father's. There was a catch, though; we had to adopt a new finch, this time a Zebra Finch.
So now I had 8.
They recently hatched another egg, I believe about four days ago.
So now I have 9.
Lovin' every minute of these wonderful pet birds.

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  • Dave Brough - 2010-03-06
    So cool! Im very happy for you. Now I am looking for that deal where you gotta take a new Zebra finch in order to get a cage! How cool is that?
mark - 2009-12-17
I took eight finches from a friend that was no longer able to care for them and although she was sad to see them go, she was happy that they would be going to a good home. I now have four adults and four adolecents, and they are so much fun to watch as they go about their daily routine. I am really appreciative of all the good tips that I am getting from everyone. Two of them are now showing signs of nesting behaviors, so this will be something to watch as they go through the process.

Lisa - 2009-12-06
Good Morning,
I hope i am not out of line here. I am new to this site. My son was recently given a pair of finches.They have bonded well nested and have 6 eggs due to hatch any day now. I was wondering if some one could tell me what chances might be that they are related the female is brown with specked chest and the male is brown with white chest and head. I was unprepared for this so soon after getting them. the nest was already in the cage when given. I am hoping the previous owner would have told us if they were and why the nest if they are not a breeding pair? can any one help me here?

Denise - 2009-03-11
I am getting three Society finches tomorrow and they sound like delightful birds. I can't wait to get the little guys.

Nancy Brown - 2009-02-25
We purchased 2 society finches Nov 2008 and they had their first babies Jan 2009. They laid 4 eggs, but only two babies were born. We watched the mother and father feed the babies, and at one point one of the babies had been thrown from the nest and landed in the food bowl. I picked up the little pink body and put it back into the cage. They didn't throw the babies out any other time, yet I was always anxious as I looked into the cage numerous times during the day. I was amazed how fast they grew and how they were the size of the parents in 4 weeks! We watched how the mother taught the birds one by one how to fly and eat. Now they are 5 weeks old and the mom has laid 5 more eggs. It is interesting to see how all 4 birds get into the nest while there are 5 eggs inside! We love our finches.

Husam - 2009-01-21
I am also from Pakistan. I have many types of finches like Green singing , strawberry , society , black rump, zebra, spice and lady gouldian finches. And some diamond doves too.
where you live Hassan?