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    The Parrot Finches are so named because of their beautiful coloration, much more showy than many finches!
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June Bronger - 2005-06-21
What a very intersting article on Parrot Finches. We have about 25 in our garden aviary and they are breeding well. We hope to sell some pairs this coming season. They are delightful little birds and are first up in the morning and the last to go to roost at night.
Our aviary is quite large and houses about 80 birds. So the Parrot Finches spend their days with conures, turquiosines, elegants, bourkes, and doves etc.

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  • shanice - 2012-03-27
Matias - 2007-03-06
Con respecto al diamante papagayo (erythrura psittacea)para mi no es dificil de criar,el secreto esta en la dieta dando una buena mescla de semillas ,frutas y berduras mas el alimanto balanciado para pollos bb,conchilla ,carbon de leņa y arcilla, que es lo que yo uso y me da muy buen resultado.No uso calefaccion ,los crio en un jaulon, barias parejas juntas pero no les dejo los huevos los recolecto y se los pongo a los mananes, auque no sea natural ,los manones son mejores padres. (Y lo mas importante de todo ponerles baņadera todos los dias sin importar la temperatua ambiente).
Translated to English: With respect to the diamond papagayo (erythrura psittacea) mine is not difficult to raise, the secret is in the diet giving a good mix of seeds, fruits and berduras but alimanto balanciado for chickens bb, conchilla, coal of leņa and clay, that is what I use and gives very good resultado. No use me heating, crio in jaulon, together even baryes but I do not leave eggs them I collect them and I put them to mananes, auque is not natural, manones are better parents. (and but the important thing of everything to put to them all the days without concerning temperatua baņadera atmosphere).

Myra Welsh - 2012-04-10
Just got a pair of parrot finches. Finding them to be very agressive with my Gouldians. He is much more agressive than her. Any suggeestions as to what I can do to help them settle in?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-11
    Yes, the new finches would be a little agressvie toward the Goulidaisn. The Gouldians are a little more laid back. Finches are a little more high energy and flight. The male would be more agressive as he is probably thinking he is protecting the female or he is protecting the female. In any case, these birds should not be housed together.